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Forever a King.

Chapter.1 – Just a distraction.

Troy Bolton was the king of East High, not literally but close enough. Even if he didn't know everyone in school, they sure knew him. He was what some people would call a star. Captain of the basketball team and voted MVP both sophomore and junior year, it came naturally to Troy. Being the coach's son also had its advantages…and disadvantages.

For the last three months the wildcats had been training hard for the championship game. Having won against the West High Knights two years in a row, the pressure got worse each time, everyone expected the team to make a clean sweep and leave East High victoriously. Troy felt the pressure most of all. His dad being a retired champion himself saw the potential Troy had and therefore pushed his son. He expected him to train tirelessly and work to turn that potential into a college scholarship. Scouts had been to previous games and it was basically a given that he would continue on playing for the Red Hawks at the University of Albuquerque.

Troy's life revolved around basketball, if he wasn't training he was either at school studying, sleeping or spending the occasional free moment he had with his girlfriend Gabriella. Troy's life was going at such a raid pace, he could barely keep up himself.

Troy woke up to the sound of his phone vibrating. After spending a few hours celebrating their third championship win with the team and his friends from school, he had come home exhausted. Months on end training for last night had finally taken a toll on his body and he had fallen asleep on his bed still fully dressed in his white wildcat track suit.

Hoping that it was just a message coming through, Troy rolled over and tried to go back to sleep. He had just started to doze off again when for the second time his phone rang. "This better be good." Troy thought to himself. "If it's Chad just being a pain like he sometimes chooses to be, I'll kill him. He of all people should know how I would be feeling this morning."

Troy turned over and reached for his black flip phone. It was teetering on the edge of his bed side table where he had basically flung it the night before when he came home. Squinting his eyes because of the brightly lit screen in front of him, he looked at the caller ID, His face lit up. He knew that this was one call he probably would want to answer. "Hello?' Troy said trying his best to not let the caller hear his croaky morning voice.

"Aww honey, I didn't wake you did I?" Gabriella said knowing full well that she had woken him and instantly feeling a slight regret for calling him so early in the morning. "No?" Troy replied, hoping that she would believe him, "I was already awake, just haven't got out of bed yet" he said.

Giggling to herself inside, Gabriella knew when Troy was lying. However she did think it was sweet how he didn't want her to feel bad. "I just rang to see if you wanted to walk to school together? It's a beautiful day and it will give us a chance to be alone seeing as there is practically no privacy at school and now you're the third time undefeated champion of the East Wildcats, everyone will be wanting to talk to Troy Bolton the King of the Wildcats" Gabriella grinned as she remembered the previous year. Every kid had basically begged to get an autograph or picture with the "superstar" that they had resorted to dodging people, in order to get away. They finally began to understand a little bit of what celebrities went through.

Rolling his eyes at the comment Gabbi had just said, Troy was very keen to spend some time alone with his girlfriend. Before getting the chance to say "yes" he suddenly yawned. Remembering how exhausted he still felt he let out a small sigh. "As much as I'd love to Gabbi, I'm still really tired from the game yesterday, I don't think my legs could take it." He probably would survive the walk he thought, but exaggerating a little bit wasn't going to hurt the situation.

"Well it was just a thought. How bout I come and pick you up then, at least we can talk in the car?" Gabbi said hoping that she might get to spend some time with him this morning. "Sure" he said, immediately feeling relieved of the suggestion "I'll see you soon" he replied hanging up and finally pulling back the covers and getting out of bed. It was going to be a long day, he thought. At least it was Friday and the end of the week. He could relax all weekend.

Half an hour later, Gabriella pulled into his driveway and made her way to the door. She was carrying two large coffees she had picked up on her way. Knowing caffeine helps to keep the eyelids open. Hoping he wasn't still in bed she finally managed to ring the doorbell. She was relieved when he answered the door, all ready to go.

"Thought you might need this." She smiled handing him one of the coffees she had in her hand. Taking a big whiff of the coffee beans he looked to Gabriella. "I knew there was a reason I liked you" he grinned following her to the car.

The ride to school in the car seemed to go so fast. They had barely gotten the conversation past the excitement of last night when they pulled into the car park. "Well it was fun while it lasted" Troy sighed as they climbed their way out of the car. "We should do it again sometime." Gabriella replied smiling as she and Troy headed into the building on their way to home room with Ms Darbus.

Turning around the first corner on their way to their lockers, Troy heard a loud voice coming from behind him. He immediately recognised it. Resounding so loud, it made heads turn. "That can't be Troy Bolton, the Wildcat superstar and captain of the, if I may say so fabulous championship team right in front of me can it?" Chad said as he came up behind Troy.

"Nope, just some cheap look-a-like" Troy joked turning around. "Pay no attention to him" he said, aiming his words to the people who were currently listening in. "I'm just a distraction".

"Well you got that right!" Chad replied looking back at his best friend. "I mean, as far as Gabriella is concerned." He grinned knowing that his comment would probably make Troy blush.

Exactly as he thought, Troy's face had taken on an appearance that was slightly more red than before which he knew he was also embarrassed about."Come on man" Troy said, pulling his friend along, "If we are late for Darbus, she will definitely make sure there is a distraction, in order to get rid of us completely" he continued, hurrying to get away from anyone who might have noticed his embarrassment."True, Very True!" Chad replied, hurrying along with his friend to class.

It had felt like a lifetime when the bell finally rang to indicate the end of the day, and the beginning of the weekend. Troy, Gabriella and the rest of the gang headed out the door into the fresh air and the scorching sun, so thankful that class was finally over.

"So seeing as how hot it is, I was thinking we should go to the food hall and practise our ice cream devouring skills" Chad suggested, hoping that his friends would recognise one of his brilliant ideas and join him.

"Oh my goodness, once in a while he can actually think of something worth while to do" Sharpay replied glancing around at the group and at Chad who looked back at Sharpay pretending to be hurt, when in fact in truth he did actually feel a little put down by her comments.

The others just ignored her comment as they went on to agree with Chad's suggestion."Sounds good" Gabriella spoke as she searched for her car keys in her bag. "we shall meet you there." Finally finding her keys she motioned to Troy to follow her to the car.

It was a fairly short ride to the food hall. Within five minutes they had parked and were preparing to get out of the car to head there would be air conditioning and more importantly ice cream. Noticing that they were the first to arrive, Troy and Gabriella took their time, undoing their seatbelts and getting out, slowly heading around the back of the car to keep an eye out for the others.

Turning their focus on each other while they waited, they blocked everything that did not concern them out, gently locking their arms around each other. Their continuous kisses and caressing of each others bodies distracted them from hearing the approaching footsteps.

Pulling their lips apart in order to take a much need breath, Troy lifted his head noticing the balaclava clad figure standing behind Gabriella, now looking him in the eye. Immediately pulling Gabriella around behind him and trying to shield her from the stranger, Troy came face to face with the man.

"Keys. Now!" he spoke, a certain and definite tone sounding through his voice. Troy, still trying to comprehend what exactly was going on turned towards Gabriella. "Let him have them" she said to Troy, eyes fixed on the man who was confronting them.

"Alright man" Troy replied, reaching around to Gabriella's bag. Fumbling around for a while, Troy wasn't able to find her keys. "This is why women shouldn't carry so much in their purses" he thought, still frantically searching. At that moment Troy felt the impatient man move, and before he had a chance to look up, he was greeted by a searing pain through his body, and a female scream that was deafening.

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