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Son of Darkness, Son of Light



"So, it is Matt's birthday"¸ Takeru thought while he got out of his bed. He checked out the alarm clock. 1:45 A.M. "Man, when is it going to stop!?" he said to himself as he looked for the cokeÒ he had left on his desk. "Where the hell is it? I'm thirsty!" The party had started at 9:00 PM the day before, and it seemed like nobody was tired. Matt had asked his mother to lend him her apartment, as his was very small. Luckily, she was on a trip, so TK was the one in charge. "If I had known this was going to happen, I'm pretty sure I'd had denied Matt's request", he thought. Now, his living room had become the perfect place for an orgy of alcohol and heavy metal, and that's just the kind of parties TK hates. He barely opened his door, and checked out the scene. Just as he thought: lots of hardcore music, weird dance moves, and beer, of course. Matt was "dancing" with a girl TK had never seen before. Two meters away from him, he saw an interesting scene. He made his best efforts to hear Sora and Tai's conversation.

"It seems like Matt's having fun", Tai said, as he sipped a cup filled with cocktail. "Hmmmmm, this is delicious!"

"Yeah………", Sora said, then she sighed, as she watched Matt's "unique dance skills". Tai started laughing.

"heh, man, if he knew we're looking at him…….hahahahaha!". Tai kept laughing. "Sora, isn't this one of this moments when you feel embarrassed with the idea of being his girlfriend?" Tai asked, sarcastically, of course.

"Sure it is…", she answered. "And you know what the worst thing is?"

"I have to listed to this…..tell me, Sora".

"Someone's taking tons of pictures." she said. Tai threw his entire cocktail, and started laughing again.

"Are you kidding me? Awesome! Now I can get a ´Kodak moment´ of Matt's dancing!" Tai said, as he kept laughing.

"Tai, I think you're drunk."

"I don't think so. TK prepared this cocktail."

"Oh…Let me try it……pretty good!"

TK closed the door, giggling. "Now that was interesting".

"What's so funny?" the girl asked. TK looked at his "party roommate", or at least that's how he called Kari. Kamiya Hikari, 14 years old, just as him. She had told him she didn't like that kind of parties, so he told her she could stay in his room in the meantime. Thanks to her, that night hadn't become in a night of total boredom.

"I just saw my brother. He was dancing."

"I hope the little brother is a better dancer. Tell me now so I can start looking for a prom date."

"After seeing that, I'm sure I'm better than him. And if I am not, there are still plenty of years to the prom."

"I'm relieved. I didn't want to be Davis' date", Kari said. Then, she giggled. TK smiled.

"……is Davis such a bad dancer?"

"No, it's just……Davis". Kari said softly. They both knew he probably was outside the room, trying to watch them. Kari sat on the bed, and asked TK with a gesture to sit next to her.

"He's probably trying to see us." TK said. Kari nodded.

"He wants to see if we're doing something naughty."

"And probably Tai's with him."

"And Matt"

"Nope, he's dancing." TK said, and then he laughed. Kari let herself fall on the bed.

"What would happen if we did it?" she asked.

"Are you kidding!? Tai and Davis would have a heart attack!" TK yelled. Kari laughed.

"Yeah, probably!", Kari said. They both began to laugh, but they both stopped when their eyes met.

"Can you see something?"

"I won't if you keep pushing!"

"You two are nothing but small kids. That way you'll never get a girlfriend, Tai!"

"But neither will my little sis"

"She won't be your little sis for much longer"

"Yeah, 'cause she'll be my girlfriend! Hahahaha!"

"I don't think so, smart guy!"

"Davis and Tai just shut up and let me look!" Sora shouted as she pushed away the two guys: Tai and the Tai-wannabe. Then she tried to look through the lock. She recognized two people. One was sitting on the bed, the other one seemed to be sleeping.

"Is that Kari on the bed?" she said.

"Say what!?" Tai shouted as he tried to look, but Sora pushed him again.

"Yes, and TK just stood up……wait a minute, I lost him. Where the hell is that……wahhhhh!", Sora shouted as the door suddenly opened.

"Now what were you three doing?", TK asked, with a soft but firm voice. The two boys and the girl were stunned. How could they get out of this one? It was time for Tai, the savior.

"Ahem, I had to tell Kari that we'll be leaving in 5 minutes." Tai said. Kari waved her hand at him. Davis was about to answer but Sora stopped him at the last moment.

"Ok." TK said. "Then I'll be fast."

"Alright…….wait a minute!" Tai shouted. "What the hell is that supposed to mean!?"

"Whatever you want it to mean." TK answered, and then closed the door. Tai got the chills.

"Are they just about to…?"

"Hell no!" Sora said. "TK and Kari are not that kind of teenagers……….are they?" But it was too late.

"My sweet and innocent Kari………no, I won't allow it!" Davis shouted. "That door is down!"

TK had closed the door. Then, he walked a few a steps and sat next to her. Finally, he smiled. You know, that cute and extremely sweet smile that made Kari's heart melt. Then, her heart regenerated, but just to begin beating faster and faster when his lips started approaching hers.

"Five centimeters… four and a half… four… three… two and a half……" Her heart kept beating faster and faster, pretty close to her limit.

"Two centimeters………one!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then, it stopped.


"Did my heart just explode or what?"

"What was that?" She asked.

"Someone's trying to take the door down. According to the sound, I'd say it's Davis' head, used as a battering ram." TK answered, with his calm and soft voice. Kari laughed. TK was the best when it came to making her laugh.

"I guess I should go."

"Not before you get your appropriate good night kiss." TK said, as he started approaching her, again.

"Oh, my god! So he's going to kiss me!" she thought. When she thought about TK, she never saw the image of a boyfriend, but she was sure they were more than friend. So, what were they, after all? However, she knew that if he asked her to be his girlfriend, she would say yes without a thought. Did she love him? Maybe that kiss would help her find an answer.

"Two centimeters……one centimeter……half a centimeter…………" Kari closed her eyes, and then, she felt his lips……on her cheek. Any other girl would have thought "What!? Is that all!?" but this was Kari, and she would probably dream about this moment for weeks, maybe months.

"Good night, Kari."

"Good bye, TK", she said softly. And she left. As she left the apartment, with an impatient Tai walking next to her, she asked herself why she didn't say good night to him. Why good bye? She had the extremely unpleasant feeling that she would never see him again.

Kari and Tai woke up a few minutes past noon. The first thing she saw was her Digimon partner, Gatomon. She had cuddled next to her, and felt warm and comfy. She didn't want to wake her up so she made an effort to get out the bed without making any noise.

"Don't worry, Kari. I'm awake."

"Gatomon! I'm sorry."

"What makes you think I would be sleeping at noon? I just wanted to stay next to you. Matt didn't allow any Digimon in his party, you know."

"Awwww, you're so cute! That's why you're my favorite cat!" she said as she hugged her Digimon.

"Kari, please! I'm too young and cute to die…" Gatomon said as Kari released her. "So, how was it?"

"The party? Come on, you know I'm not into that kind of stuff."

"That's not what I meant. I asked you how was it…with him." Gatomon said, and Kari sighed. She hated when her Digimon referred to TK as "him". She made it look so important.

"Look, we just talked the whole night. We talked, and ate, and joked. Enough?"

"……did he kiss you?"

"………sort of." Kari whispered, as the scene returned to her mind. "And why do you ask, anyway?"

"Because you were calling out his name while you were sleeping, and you seemed to be enjoying it……" Gatomon said, not without her daring look, the "so, what are you going to do?" look. Kari blushed (N/A: but I think that's pretty obvious.

TK/N: Daneel!!!).

"Gatomon!!!!!!! I have you!!!" Kari shouted. But the Digimon hadn't finished.

"Thank God your brother didn't hear you. That was probably because he was pretty busy dreaming about Sora." She said, and Kari got even more embarrassed.

"That's enough, Gatomon! I'm going to take a shower."

"Tai's already there."

"Then I'm having breakfast!"

"You mean lunch, right?"

"Oh, just shut up!" Kari shouted, as she left the room and slammed the door. Gatomon did the only thing she could do at a moment like that. Laugh. A lot. She stopped laughing when a sleepy Agumon appeared from below Kari's bed.

"Mmmmmm, what happened?" he said. Gatomon looked at him for a moment, and started laughing again.

"What? What happened?" the confused Agumon said, as Gatomon was victim of an extreme laughter attack.

Kari was already washing her dishes when Tai finally came out. It seemed like he planned to leave jeans aside for a while, as he was wearing black pants. The problem was that he was also wearing a Hawaiian T-shirt and sandals. Agumon and Gatomon, who was still laughing, came out next to him.

"So you finally came out, huh? I thought you were staying at the bathroom forever!"

"Oh, calm down, Kari. It's Sunday, and I have a headache. And before you say it, no, I'm not drunk!"

"If you say so… but it seems like you can't trust in anyone anymore." Kari said as she stared at Gatomon, who finally stopped laughing.

"Could someone tell me what happened between you two!?" the still-confused Agumon asked.

"Anyway, I'm gonna take a shower. Don't bother me." Kari said as she walked to the door. Then, something stopped her.

"Tai, could you please change you T-shirt? I'll throw up if I see it again." She said. She was about to leave when the telephone rang. (N/A: Tatataaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!  TK/N: *Plays mysterious music on a synthesizer* N/A: Whoa, TK! You're pretty good! TK/N: I know)

"I'll get it." Tai said as he picked up the phone. Kari walked next to him. "Moshi, moshi. This is Tai."………

"Oh, hello, Matt! That was a great party last night"………

"Oh, what happened?"………..

"Say what!?" Tai shouted as he left the phone fall on the floor. Kari immediately knew there was something wrong. As Tai picked up the phone, Kari whispered.

"What happened?" she said, but Tai stopped her with a gesture.

…."I'm…I'm sorry Matt. You're not kidding, right?"……….

"No! No! I'm sure you wouldn't joke about something like that but……."……….

"I….I don't know what to say….."………

"You….you need her?"…..

"Yes, I understand."…..

"Okay, we're going right now. Just…..just calm down, ok?" Tai said as he hung the phone up. Kari was next to him, waiting for Tai to tell him what's going on, but, he just didn't want to.

"Tai, what happened?" Kari said, softly. Tai's heart was filled with pain. He knew he had to do it, but……

"Kari, it really sucks to be the only who has to tell you this. But I beg you: whatever happens, be strong."

"Taichi, what happened!?" Tai knew Kari was in the limit. She hadn't called him by his name, well, never. She was about to cry, and he was sure he wanted to do it, too.

"Sis……TK died last night." Taichi said. "He never woke up today. I'm really, really sorry" he said, but his thought were completely different. "This is the end. I…I don't know what to say, Kari. I just……can't believe this happened. I knew…I knew you wanted to be with him forever…but now…it's the end."


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