Well, this is the Epilogue. Where I finally give a conclusion to this story. I won't waste any time here, so I'll just say that I don't own Digimon, but I own the characters of Mina Kirahashi and Kazuo Hidekawa, even if I won't use Kazuo anymore, at least on this fic, or in the sequel (if I write a sequel, that is), so, on to the REAL ending!



Life is only about making choices.

Taking risks is something you can't run away of,

And if things go wrong, you just can try again.

But you have learned to face life with a smile,

And your bright eyes shining with a beautiful light,

That's why I love you, my nymph of the night.

Mina closed the small notebook, and her tears fell on the cover. She didn't to wipe the tears away, since she only wanted to cry. During her seven hundred years, she had behaved as a very feminine lady, of few words. That way she had avoided any problems, and she hadn't cried very much. It was incredible the effect Takeru Takaishi had made in her. She slowly placed the book of Takeru's bed and walked out of his bedroom, just to lean on the wooden door and remember herself she had absolutely nothing to do.

The house looked dark and sad that evening, like all the evenings during the last month. Since the day of the battle, she had been completely alone. None of the Digi-Destined would visit her, as they had their own lives, and they were too sad and confused to talk with her. It had been a silent month, which had become even worse when she found TK's notebook, where he had all his poetry, writings, and the short stories he wrote. Mina knew he wanted to be a novelist, but she never thought he had been practicing on his free time, maybe because he had no free time at all, with school and the magic training. Night after night she read the little notebook; night after night she cried on his bed, missing him. And she missed him even more when she found a whole set of writings, "just for Mina". According to the notebook, he planned to give her those papers soon after the last battle, as a way to apologize for choosing Kari over her, but she found them by herself, and remembered why she loved him so much. The papers contained all of his thoughts about her: how much he liked her, how much he cared for her, how much he appreciated her incursion on his life, and how he thought everything was better since he met her. He didn't love her as much as he loved Hikari Kamiya, but he really liked being with her, that's what the notebook showed her. And Mina dreamt of his return. He dreamt that one day, he would walk through the door, and look at her with his cerulean eyes, and his smile would shine as much as his blonde hair. And in the dream, she ran to his arms, and he would kiss her, as he kissed her that day, one month ago…

Mina's dreaming was interrupted by a knock on the door. Who might that be? She thought. Big was her surprise when she met with Koushiro Izumi, who had a slight smile on her face. A second later, she noticed the whole group of Digi-Destined, except for Matt Ishida (and Mimi Tachikawa, of course) was looking at her. However, most of them didn't have the same smiling expression as Izzy.

"Hey…what brings you here?"

"Well, it was Davis' idea, in fact." Izzy explained. "He thought you might be lonely and stuff, so he asked us to come give you a visit." That's when Mina finally noticed Davis. He was blushing. Mina giggled.

"Thank you, Davis. Please, come in."  Suddenly, a figure dashed inside the house and ran in TK's room. Mina sighed.

"How is she?"

"Not well."  Tai answered. "She hasn't been the same since that day. It has been tough for all of us, but it's just destroying her." Mina looked at the door again. She knew the others couldn't hear anything, but her enhanced ears could listen to a soft cry from inside. I just hope she doesn't find the notebook, she thought.

"And Gatomon hasn't helped really much. She also misses Patamon, and…well, this is something I still can't believe, but she misses TK, too." Yolei continued.

"What do you mean?" Mina wondered.

"Well, it seems like TK was the only human she liked, besides Kari. She wouldn't tell us why, but we can tell she misses him really much. Agumon said he watched her cry one day. He has a he scar on his face since then." Tai said. Mina, Izzy, Cody and Ken laughed a little, but the silence returned almost immediately. And it is that every Digi-Destined had his or her own reason to be sad. Izzy was typing on his laptop. The others couldn't believe he could be working at a moment like this. Ken had asked Yolei to be his girlfriend a week before, but they didn't want to tell anyone, with the whole TK situation and such. Cody's grandpa had fallen ill, and the doctors didn't give much time. Even Joe, who had checked the sickness' progress, didn't have much hope about it. And Tai…well, Tai finally found out the reason Sora had acted so weird for the last month. Kari had told him that Sora had decided to break up with Matt, because he spent too much time at the Air Force Base, and he spent less and less time with her each time. Sora told him that she couldn't have a boyfriend who wouldn't take care of her, who wouldn't share precious moments with her. Incredibly, Matt had accepted without complaints. Maybe he just wasn't ready for a serious relationship. Tai knew this was his chance to make a move, but the two of them had more important things to think about at that moment. He knew he had to do it at the right moment, and that moment wasn't coming any time soon.

Finally, Mina interrupted the annoying silence.

"Anybody hungry?"

"I'd like something to drink, please." Ken said. Yolei, Joe, Cody, Tai and Davis also raised their hands.

"Cokes would be okay?" Mina asked.

"Mina, what's your thing with Cokes?" Izzy said; his eyes still fixed on the computer screen. "Isn't there anything else to drink at this house!?" Everybody but Sora laughed at Izzy's unusual joke. While Mina walked to the nearby kitchen, Tai slowly looked at Sora, next at the floor, and finally spoke.

"Kari never refuses a Coke…too bad she's not here."

Davis sighed and replied. "Well, we must leave her alone. She lost her ´boyfriend´, you know?"

Suddenly, Sora stood up, walked to Mina's room, walked inside and slammed the door.

"Hey, that's my room! Nobody enters my room!" Mina shouted from the kitchen.

"Sora! Sora! Damn you, Davis! You really screwed up now!" Tai shouted.

"Sorry…" Davis said softly, but Tai didn't seem to be listening. His face showed an inner struggle deep within him. Then, as suddenly as Sora before him, he walked to Mina's room and closed the door behind him.

"Tai, don't!" Yolei cried, but it was too late. She looked at his boyfriend and asked. "Do you think it's gonna be okay?"

"Don't worry." Izzy answered; his eyes still on the screen. "Tai is stupid, but not Davis-stupid."


"At moments like this he always does the right thing." Izzy continued. "Leave them alone. Something tells me things will be a lot better when they both come out."

Sora Takenouchi opened her eyes, and watched at the bed's silk roof. She had never been in Mina's room, and she only did it that time because Kari was in Takeru's room. But that was a really pretty room. It wasn't the kind of room she was used to, but that room could easily be Mimi's dream room. Everything was designed to show how feminine and lady-like the owner was. Different combinations of pink, scarlet and white dominated the whole environment, and made a really nice contrast with the beautiful and antique dressing table, and the gorgeous, old, full body mirror next to it. The huge double-bed, with its silk roof, the pink mattress and the heart-shaped cushions gave a sensual look at the place. It was the perfect place for a couple. As perfect as Mina and…

"Mina and…no! TK is not that kind of guy! Besides, he loves..."

She was interrupted when the door suddenly opened, and Tai steadily walked in the room. When he came in, he found the last thing he was expecting. He expected a crying Sora, and he would be there for her, but her eyes seemed as dry as a desert. Maybe she may be angry, and he would calm her down, but her face seemed expression-less, or maybe a little surprised. The only find Tai found was Sora laying down on a pink double-bed, looking at him.

"Man, she looks so sexy…dammit! What am I thinking!? I'm not here for that! Well…crap!"

"Tai, what's wrong?" Sora asked, while she slowly sat on the bed. Tai sat next to her and replied.

"I thought…I thought you may need someone to talk with…" Sora smiled a little.

"Thank you, Tai, but I don't think you can help me with this…"

"It's about Matt, right?"

Now Sora was indeed surprised. Was it that obvious?

"What…what do you mean?"

"You two broke up and now you don't know if you made the right choice, right?"

Sora looked at her best friend and wondered. She really wanted to talk about it with someone, but…Tai!? He was her best friend, right, but she never thought he was the best one for matters of the heart. However, there was nobody else in that room at the moment, and if she didn't say something, she would probably explode.

"No, it's not that…"

"Then it is…"

"I'm sure I made the right decision. My relationship with Matt wasn't going anywhere. It's just that…I…I don't want to be alone…"

"What do you mean?"

"I…well, when I was with Matt…the few moments I had with Matt…I was very happy…and I'm starting to think I'll never feel like that anymore. I want to find my special someone, Tai. I don't want to be alone anymore…"

There was an uncomfortable silence for a minute, but then Tai started laughing. Really loud.

"What's so funny!?" Sora said, and she looked really angry.

"It's just….it's that…hahahaha!" Tai continued. Only one of Sora's trademark smacks on the head ("Ouch!" Tai cried.) could stop Sora uncontrollable laughing.

"Now, what's so funny?" Then, Sora surprised after looking at Tai's face. He was very serious, and his eyes shone with a wonderful sparkle, or at least that's what Sora thought.

"Sora, you're not alone. You have tons of special people with you. You have mother…"

"Tai, that's not what I meant!"

"…you have…well, Biyomon..." Tai said, ignoring Sora's words. "…you have Matt, who's still your friend, after all. You have a lot of friends, not only at college, but with the Digi-Destined. And well, you have…you have…"


"You've got me."

When Sora looked at his eyes again, she finally realized the meaning of that sparkle, his smile, and his words. It was love. Pure and wonderful love. And it was all for her. Why didn't she notice it earlier?


"Sora, you're sad, and I can't stand it anymore. Tell me what do you need to be happy, and I'll do it. I just…I just want to see a smile on your face."

"Tai, do you…"

"Yes, I love you."

I said it…I can't believe I said it…what did I do!? It's not the right moment…but I guess it's better to go on…

"I love you, and I want to take care of you…if you let me."

After another uncomfortable silence, Sora realized she was crying. And she also noticed Tai was crying too. And finally, she realized the most important thing of all: she liked Taichi. Not because he was good-looking, or tall, or athletic, or funny, or independent. She liked him because he was honest with her, and because he was with her when any other person had been, she hadn't been so close to anyone or she hadn't talked to anybody that way. She slowly stood up, and spoke.

"Tai…I really had to think about this…" Tai slowly nodded and replied.

"I have waited since I was eleven…I'll wait as long as it's necessary."

Sora looked at her friend, her eyes wide open. "…since I was eleven…as long as it's necessary." Those words echoed in her ears, and deep within her heart. So, was it all about that? Love? All this time, when he was with me, was it for love? He has always been there for me…because he…because he loves me? Sora realized she was crying again, and she knew what she had to do.

"Tai! Oh, Tai!" she cried her friend's name as she jumped to his arms. A very surprised Tai softly hold her, but when she hugged her, he knew he had always wanted a moment like that. He hugged her tightly, and when their eyes met, and his lips touched her, he knew there was nothing else to worry about. With Sora by his side, everything would be just fine.

When Izzy looked at Tai as he walked in the living room, and the smiling Sora next to him, he knew exactly what to say.

"Well, well, well, if it's no one but Tai and his new girlfriend…"

"WHAT!?" Everybody shouted, when they saw the smiling Sora, they instantly understood. When Mina walked in the living room with snacks for her guests, she smiled at the couple, and offered two seats. However, when Tai sat down, Sora sat on his lap, for the pleasure of the formerly goggled boy.

"So..Tai's with Sora, Yolei is with Ken…what's next?" Cody wondered for the surprise of the ones present.

"Cody! How'd…how'd you know!?" Yolei shouted.

"Oh, come on…your face's brighter since a week ago and every time I say the name ´Ken´ you blush. Need anymore hints?"

Everybody laughed this time, but when the laughter stopped, a slight giggle could be still heard…from Izzy's laptop.

"Yolei's with Ken! That's wonderful!"

"Aaaaaahhhhh! The laptop talks!" Davis shouted.

"Of course it doesn't!" Izzy shouted. "Meems, they found you."

"MEEMS!?" Everybody shouted.

"What if they found me, sweetie!?"


Slowly, Izzy gave the laptop a turn, revealing a face on the screen. Mimi Tachikawa's face, to be precise.

"Mimi! Who did you get there!?" Sora shouted.

"It's called Net meeting, Sora." Mimi explained with the tone of voice of someone who knows something others don't.

"Oh, Mimi, I taught you how to use it." Izzy said.

"Not that you regret it, huh?" Mimi replied with a sexy tone of voice.

"What does she mean, Izzy?" Tai asked.

"So you haven't told them, right, hon?"

"HON!? Izzy, I think you have something important to tell us…" Ken said.

"Well, the thing is…Mimi is… well, sort of my girlfriend…"

"SORT OF!? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH ´SORT OF´!?" Mimi shouted. "If you don't like me, then say it!"

"That's not what I meant…"


"Mimi, please, don't overreact…"


"SHUT UP, MIMI!" Izzy finally shouted, and it seemed like everybody moved a few steps back, even Mimi, who was in America. But Izzy returned to his calm self as soon as he finished. "I'm…I'm sorry you had to listen to that, Mimi…"

"Don't worry…I kind of like this aggressive Izzy…if you know what I mean…" she said softly, making the redhead get even redder. Mimi giggled when she saw him.

"So, Izzy, are you gonna explain to us or we have to ask Mimi?" Tai asked.

"Well, I kind of…began liking her since the last time we met, when I finally realized she had grown up…"

"What the hell's that supposed to mean!?" a very angry Mimi replied. Everybody laughed until Izzy decided to continue his story.

"…well, then I decided I wouldn't lose track of her this time, so I began sending e-mails to her, and we chatted very often. One thing led to the other, and here we are. It's not the most romantic story, but…"

"I don't really care; I got what I wanted…" Mimi finished with a wink. And it was in that moment when Mina and the Digi-Destined understood why Mimi had fallen in love with Izzy: the look he gave at her, the smile they could see on his face, showed all the love he had saved for his special one. And now that he had found Mimi, the others could see a face of Izzy they had never seen before.

"Well…those are wonderful news!" Mina said happily.

"Wonderful news, indeed." A familiar, yet unexpected voice said behind the group. Only when all of them turned their faces, and when a big smile filed their already happy faces; one of them talked.

"TK!" Mina cried.

"Really? Where!?" TK joked, while looking behind him. When he looked at his friends again, he realized Mina was already jumping forward, and he quickly caught her with his arms. The moment Mina felt his strong body hugging her, she knew she wasn't dreaming.

"So you're back…and this time is for real…"

"Unless Tomari suddenly appears and tells me I have another mission."

"If he does that I'll kick his old and wrinkly ass."

Mina looked at his friend's eyes, and she realized how much he wanted to kiss him, but for the first time since she had met him, something inside her controlled her impulse.

"What's wrong, Mina?"

"I'm…I'm just so happy to see you again…" she said as her face sank in Takeru's chest. "I'm so happy…" TK looked at his friends, who were probably waiting for the moment to say hello.

"Hello, Izzy, and congratulations."

"Thank you, TK. It's really good to see you again."

"Mimi, good evening, and once again, thanks for everything. It's always good to have a cutie like you by my side." TK said, smiling.

"WHAT!?" Everybody shouted.

"See, Izzy!? You should learn from him! He sure knows how to make a woman feel pleased!" Mimi said angrily, but she immediately changed her mood. "and it's good to see you again, TK. You've changed a lot since the last time I saw you. You look…well…cute."

"A compliment from Mimi…now that's something." TK said, and he began laughing.

"Ok, ok, now we're confused." Sora interrupted. "Mimi, what's going on between you two?"

"Oh, nothing at all!" Mimi answered. "How can you think that!? I have a boyfriend, and he has…well, he has Hikari!"

"Then what's all this chit-chat about!?" Davis asked.

"It's just that Mimi and I have been in touch during the last eight months. Just that, nothing else." TK answered.

"You mean…Mimi knew everything!?" Izzy wondered.

"Exactly. She knew how I was since the last time she came, eight months ago, when Magnadramon attacked." TK explained. "When I visited Izzy at the computer lab, I noticed I had an e-mail from her. Obviously I didn't tell Izzy about it. I read it next day, and we've been e-mailing each other since then. She's been a very big help. Mimi, I owe you one…no, a lot."

"Anyway, the thing is…you didn't carry out your part of the deal!" Mimi shouted.

"We all can see you didn't need me to get what you wanted…" TK said softly.

"Wait a darn minute! Does that mean…" Izzy said.

"Exactly. She wouldn't keep her mouth shut if I helped her with her ´Izzy´ problem." TK said, looking at the computer screen."

"But…you can still help me, TK." Mimi said with a grin.

"What now…?"

"Well, you owe me one, so…I want you to help Izzy to buy my birthday gift! If I leave him alone, he'll buy me a book or something….ewww…."

But TK only shook his head. "You're both underestimating each other. Mimi, you have to trust in your boyfriend. I'm sure Izzy can be very romantic…if he proposes it to himself…and Izzy, you have to accept Mimi is much more intelligent than what you think, she just focuses too much in appearances. Besides, if Izzy has problems, he's always got Tai."

"Wait a minute! Don't get me into this madness, Takaishi!" Tai shouted.

"Aw, come on! You and Izzy are very good friends and you don't seem to have his problems when it comes to making his couple happy…" Takeru said, looking at Sora, who blushed when she met his smile. "Besides, I don't think Ken, Davis or Joe could be of much help."

"Hey!" the three guys shouted at the same time, but Ken would be the only one to find comfort in the arm of a woman. Then, TK slowly got rid of Mina and walked to his room.

"Now, if you excuse me, there's something very important I must do." He said as he looked at his friends for the last time.

"But, TK! Kari's in there!" Mina warned him. TK gave her a slight smile and replied as he opened the door. "I know."

Darkness. There was only darkness in Kari's life in that moment. Why did her life have to be so unhappy? She only opened her eyes, but the darkness was still there. Then, she rolled over and faced the gray ceiling of Takeru's room. She stretched her arms and legs, so she covered most of the bed's space. But it didn't matter what she said, or what she thought, the tears wouldn't go away. She had already lost count of how many times she had thought about her miserable existence, and she didn't want to think about it anymore. But without him, what else could she think about?

She could clearly remember him. His hair, his eyes, his whole face, his smile. He had left her two years ago, and she had cried for him, and tried to forget him, without any success. How could she forget the only person who had loved just because he liked her? Yeah, she had her parents, she had Tai, and she had her friends; but they all loved her because they had to. They were almost made up to love her. His parents, Tai, her fellow Digi-Destined. But TK hadn't loved her because he also was a Digi-Destined, and they had had so many adventures together. He had loved her, and she had loved him, for their own free will. He had vowed to protect her, and he was always for her. They had reached a level of understanding and caring that went beyond any friendship, or engagement. Nobody understood her as he did. Nobody accepted her as he did. Davis had always wanted her, but she had rejected him because his life never was in a particular direction. However, Takeru's life always had one direction: hers. She knew he loved her, and she loved him too, but he had never tried to rush anything. He accepted her doubts, and waited patiently. She didn't know if he wanted to go further with their relationship, but she was happy to see that he never suggested anything, as if he knew she wasn't ready for that kind of things. She had loved him, but she had had so many doubts in her mind, that TK was never anything more than "her best friend".

And he had left her, two years ago. She had never realized how important he was in her life until he was gone. It was then when she began to miss every second she hadn't spent with him. Sometimes she thought she had met him too late in her life. Sometimes she wished that they had met before, that they had spent their childhood together. But it was only when they became Digi-Destined that their paths crossed.  When she was alone, in her room, she used to think about all the times she would have a great experience, and he would be with her, with his smile, and his supporting words. It was only there when she repented of not having more moments like the last time they were together, that night, in his room. They weren't friends, yet they weren't a couple. They didn't need fancy words, or kisses to show each other their feelings. She only needed the intimacy, and his presence next to her made her feel the happiest woman in the world. And she had never been able to tell him…

Kari heard shouting from the living room. How could they be so happy, after all the things that had happened? But their cheering and shouting didn't stop her thinking…

And one month ago, she found him again. But they were so distant. He had become something Hikari would have never being able to deal with. She had been crying in her room, blaming him for leaving her, and blaming herself for being such an idiot, while he had been fighting with all his might, trying to save our world. But this time, it was different. It wasn't like the old times, when the Digimon did all the painful work. This time, it was for real. TK had risked his life to save humanity, and engaged a combat to never return…

Kari's feelings were divided. A piece of here thought that TK would never return, while the other was still waiting for him to walk through that door, with his charming smile, and his bright eyes. Kari sank in the pillow again, as she was about to cry again. And it was then when she noticed it. There was a half open drawer next to her. Curiosity made her take out a small notebook, and very slowly, she opened it in a random page. It was a masculine handwriting, yet very organized and decent. She immediately recognized it as TK's handwriting. She couldn't avoid reading the text on it.

Today was one weird day. I'm not in the mood or writing, but I really want to remember this. I met all my friends today. Even Matt and Mimi were there! It was so tough not to unveil my mask and show them who I am…but, what would have happened if I'd done that? They would be happy to see me, or they would be mad at me for leaving them…that's what I wonder. When I saw Kari's smile, that's when I most wanted to do it. I miss her. Mina is great person, in fact, she's almost perfect, but…she just isn't my Kari. I really miss her. This house is so empty. I hope she misses me at least half of what I miss her…

Remember the day I last saw your face,

Yet I don't remember how did you look?

Were you smiling? Were those stars in your face a pair of bright eyes?

Or were they falling tears, crying for their lost one…

Look at me, oh, look at me,

And tell me that you remember,

Because no black night, no fiery hell,

Will make me forget

Your heart, filled with darkness…

Kari closed the notebook, placed it in the drawer, and watched the tears falling on the white pillow. Were those words for her? She had never thought about his life until that moment. She had always thought about herself, and how much she missed him, but now she realized he had lived the same pain as her. And not only that, he had had to look at her every day, and repress his desire of telling her the truth. He wanted her, as much as she had wanted him. Then, why did things have to end up that way?

Suddenly, she heard a sound behind her. Someone was opening the door. But she didn't want anyone to enter, not after listening to their cheers and happiness. Didn't they understand her pain?

"Go away! Leave me alone!" she said, almost crying.

"I'm…I'm sorry…I'll come back later." A familiar voice said. Could it be? Kari would never confuse that voice, no matter how much time they had been away. It had to be.

"No! TK, please!" But when she looked at the door, TK was still there. In fact, he had silently closed the door behind him. With tears on her eyes, Kari slowly walked to him. He was expecting her, with a smile on his face, and his eyes filled with a wonderful bright. But when she was in front of him, she did something he didn't expect. With all her strength, she raised her right hand and slapped him on his right cheek. To her surprise, Takeru's expression didn't change at all. He was still smiling, and looking at her with joy and happiness, despite of the slap, despite of her face, filled with tears, and a burning anger.

"Well…I deserved that." He said. And with those words, all of Kari's anger faded away, leaving only the tears. So sudden that even the Chosen One couldn't prevent it, Hikari Kamiya hugged him as tight as she could, and let the tears fall, as she knew that it would be the last time she would cry in a very long time.

"Promise me…promise me that you'll never do this to me…ever again…"

"I promise…I'll never leave you…"

"You always say that!"

"I know, but…have I ever failed you?"

"He has been inside for quite a while…do you think they are…well…" Yolei wondered, but Davis and Mina gave her such killing glares that she just swallowed the rest of the phrase.

"No way!" Sora said. "It's just that she must be really happy to see him. Those two must have tons of think to talk about."

"Like what?" Mina asked.

"Like…their future." Sora answered almost immediately. Suddenly, she heard a strange noise near her. Tai and Davis were measuring two of their most basic impulses: working for Kari's happiness, against the idea of knowing that Takeru and Hikari were together, alone. Finally, Davis was the first one to surrender.

"And what if they're…you know…making out or something? What will we do!?"

The whole group looked at him with a "What the hell does that mean!?" look, but for everybody's surprise, Tai was the one who answered Davis' question.

"You know what, Davis? I don't really care anymore." He said, as he looked at Sora. Immediately, she understood the secret meaning of his words and gave him a "thank you" kiss.

"Aww, isn't that cute?" Izzy said sarcastically.

"I just hope Mimi hadn't heard you." Joe said as he smiled.

"Oh, don't worry. She's at the bathroom right now." Izzy replied.

"No, she's not." Cody said, pointing at the laptop screen. And there she was, with the most menacingly, threatening, horrifying look a woman could ever make (and, in the case of Mimi, that's not so hard to imagine).

"I'll just tell you one thing, Izumi. You're there…and Michael's here!"

"Ooooooh…" Everybody replied to Mimi's horrible threat.

"You know what?" Izzy said. "I think I'll turn off this thing…" he said as he moved his hand to the power switch.

"Don't you dare doing that, or…"

Just before Izzy flicked the switch off, the group could easily hear a loud scream saying "I hate you, Koushiro!" Then, Izzy looked at the others, with a wide grin of his face.

"Hmm, Izzy, don't you fear that she might break up with you?" Sora asked the redhead.

"Oh, Sora, I thought you knew Mimi a lot better. I'll just send her a very romantic e-mail tomorrow, with a really cute card, and problem solved."

"Well…I hope you're right." Sora said. Suddenly, Davis sighed.

"It's just not fair! Tai's got Sora, Izzy's got Mimi and Ken's got Yolei! It's just not fair!" he shouted, but as soon as he said that, he looked at a pair of dark blue eyes with great interest.

"Don't look at me, Motomiya!" Mina shouted. Everybody's laughter confirmed that this day was indeed on the best days of their lives.

"What are we, Kari?"

"What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. What are we?"

TK slowly caressed Kari's hair as they both looked at the room's gray ceiling. They had been lying on the bed for almost two hours. During that time, none of them have moved, not even an inch, while Takeru calmly answered all of his friend's questions. About magic, about Evil, about everything he had lived during the last two years. That's what he had missed the most. All the afternoons he had spent just with her, in his bedroom, after making the homework. They would talk for hours, and they would never get bored, as they always had something to share. Before they could notice, the dusk had arrived, they would watch the sunset together, and he would watch Kari's hair, flowing on the evening breeze. She would lean her head on his shoulder, just as she had done right now, and he would feel her soft hair touching his cheek. Those little details, those little things were what he had missed the most. Now it was like the old times. The sun had left the scene long ago, and the bright moon had taken his place, but the two of them were still there, on TK's bed, Kari's head on his shoulder, and she was looking at him, with a beautiful smile on his face. It was in moments like that when he realized how much he loved her.

"TK, what happened with Patamon?"

"He's where he must be."

"In the Digiworld?"

"No, in your house."

Kari smiled at the idea. Gatomon would be so happy to see her friend. She couldn't wait to tell her that TK was alive and that everything would be perfect again. He would visit them almost everyday, and he would scratch Gatomon behind her ears while he rested his head on her lap.



"What are we?"

"Isn't it obvious? You're my best friend, and you know it."

"Kari, it's not that simple, and you know it."

Yes, he was right. It wasn't that simple. They did things a normal couple of friends would never do. But they weren't normal friends, they were best friends. But…was that enough to describe their relationship? How could she call a man and woman who love each other but haven't been more than friends since…well, forever? They love each other, that's a fact. They're very good friends, that's another fact. But they did lots of things friends don't do. No friendship is as close as theirs. Did that mean…? No, of course not. TK had never been his boyfriend. He had never kissed her, for example. They had never gone out on a date. Well, they have gone out tons of times, but none of them could be considered a date, according to her standards. But yet still, she liked him. Everything about him, and he made her happy. Yes, it was because of the little things. The little details he had for her. That's what made their "thing" special. When they walk together during winter, and he's there to warm her. When she says she needs to comb her long, brown hair and he spends hours and hours caressing it, so softly that it's almost tickling. And when Kari thought about those little details, she knew it. He had always been so close to her, as if he wanted to kiss her, but something pushed him back. But she knew that, if he had tried to kiss her, she wouldn't have offered any kind of resistance. She had to listen to him. He had to say it. She had to be sure.

"Do you love me, TK?" The blonde boy remained silent for a moment, but he eventually answered.

"After all this, you still ask me that, Hikari?"

Kari released a soft gasp when she heard those words. He had never called her by her name, never. Maybe, when she made that question, she touched something deep within Takeru's heart. But she still had one more question.


"Why!? You're asking me why!? I don't think I have to answer that!"

"Yes, you have, TK. Because you've other women, you've met someone better than me…"

"Kari…what makes you think Mina is better than you?" TK said softly.

So she was right. TK had immediately thought of Mina when she made that question. Then maybe…

"Then…why do you keep saying that you love me? It's obvious that she loves you. Why don't you just go with her right now?"

TK looked at his friend in a way that made Kari feel a horrible pain in her heart. His face clearly said "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because I don't want to be with her. I want to be with you. As simple as that."

Kari didn't change the expression on her face. How long will it take her to believe me? He thought.

"You're right, Kari. I could easily walk out of this room, ask her to be my girlfriend and I know she will instantly accept. She would probably kiss me and we would be on her huge double-bed in less time that it takes me to jump out of this bed. But that's not what I want. I want what we have, or at least, what we used to have, if you had forgotten it."

"How could I…how could I forget it?"

"You see? What we had is special, and even if a lot has changed, we may still recover the lost time. But it's just your choice. It's not mine anymore."

Kari felt happier with each word he said. Such beautiful words had to come from a heart filled with love, and all that love was just for her. But there was something, something really deep that made her doubt.

"What makes me so special, TK? I really need to know. Because…I don't think I'm half as good as you think I am."

"I don't know anything about perfection, so I can't say you're perfect. But you're more than anything I've found with any other person in this world. What makes you special? Tons of things. All those things that make you unique. The list is so long there's no way I can finish it today. But if you want it so badly, I can start it by adding another item to the list. But that is, if you leave me."

Kari didn't know what to say. How could she know what he planned? It was just what she wanted to know. But she knew she could trust in him, and that was the reason she slowly nodded. Then, TK gently placed his right hand on her cheek, and he did something he had wanted to do since he was 12. And something she had wanted him to do since she was 14.

Only after they separated, and the kiss was over, Kari could organize her mind, and try to describe the incredible happiness she felt at that moment, but it was impossible. His brain was spinning around, her heart was beating at 200 per minute and her whole body was shocked, as if she had kissed a high voltage generator. But she could still listen to Takeru's words, and smile at him, because what he said completely touched.

"The way I feel your soft lips when I kiss you, Kari. Please tell me you liked it as much as I liked it."

"It…it was a dream come true."

"Kari, if you let me, I try to make all your dreams come true. Please, Kari, be my girlfriend."

Unfortunately, TK had said the word Kari feared so much.

"TK…I'm not ready for that…no matter how I love you, I can't be your girlfriend…not yet…"

"Now I ask you, why?"

"Because…because I don't want to risk everything we have for a silly title! What if our relationship doesn't work and we break up!? It would never be the same for us! We would end up with something even worse!"

Takeru smiled at her, in a way she couldn't bear. How can he smile, when they were talking about something so serious?

"Kari, why do you think our relationship might not work?"

"Well…I…I don't know! But…I just can't take that risk…"

"Kari, life is about making risks. It's unavoidable. And you'll never succeed in life if look at things the way you're doing it right now. Sooner or later, you'll have to make a crucial decision, you like it or not. And if you keep thinking ´what'll happen if…´, your life will be very sad. Just make the choice you think is the best, and we'll deal with things when they come…together."

But it was obvious for him that Kari wasn't sure yet.

"Kari…exactly two years ago, I took a big risk. I had to go to the World of Darkness, to begin my training. I was supposed to be dead, and nobody was supposed to see me. Yet I left this house and walked through the city…"

"TK, that's got nothing to do with our problem!"

"Kari, please listen to me. The thing is, somehow, I ended up in front of your house. And up there in a balcony, I saw someone. Do you know who am I talking about, Kari?"

Of course she knew, because as he said those words, she revived the whole scene in her mind: what she saw, what she felt. Kari slowly nodded, and TK continued.

"I knew I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone, but I walked in the building, and wrote you a note, which I slid under the door. Now I wonder, what would have happened if I hadn't wrote you that note? Maybe, just maybe, you would have given up on me, and you would be going out with some superficial soccer player or something. Thanks to that paper, and I'm very sure of this, you carried the hope of thinking that I was alive all this time, and maybe one day I might come back to you." TK stopped for a minute to wipe out Kari's tears. When the last one came out of her left eye, he gently kissed her cheek, and stopped the tear with his lips. When Kari could look at him again, he was smiling, as always.

"That day, Kari, is today. And now it's your time to make a choice. Whatever decision you make, I'll agree with, as you know I'd do anything for you."

Silently, Takeru waited for his friend's words, but she kept whispering to herself. When he got a little closer to her, he could easily hear her words. "I can't…I can't…" TK looked at her for the last time, when he realized he was crying too. He had to put an end to this, and he knew exactly how.

"However, Kari, one good thing about making choices is that sometimes you can delay the final moment for as long as you need to. Maybe one day, you'll be ready to give me a definitive yes or no, but for now, let's just forget what happened after the kiss, and be friends again, as in the old times."

After an extremely long silence, Kari finally looked up. There were still tears on her face, and her eyes were red of the whole crying thing, but her smile was as radiant as in the best days. It was the smile Takeru loved so much. He patiently waited for her words, until she finally spoke.

"It will never be like the old times. Not anymore."

"And that's good or bad?"

"I mean…we're not best friends anymore."

TK looked at Kari with an obviously worried look. Had he totally screwed things up? Would he never be able to share his life with her? He had to know.

"Then…then, what are we now, Kari?" Only after another awkward moment of silence, Kari wiped out her tears, took a deep breath, and gave him the answer he wanted.

"We…we're…we're best friends in love." She said with a wink.

"And that means…"

"It will be like the old times, but with some extra…rights." She explained, with ah big smile on her face.

"And what kind of…rights are you talking about, Kari?" TK said, and he realized that for some reason, he was also smiling.

"Well, from now on, I…well; we have the right to do this." And before TK could react, Kari put her arms around him, and pulled him closer to her. The kiss was like nothing he had ever felt before. Not even 100 Mina could have made him feel what she made him feel. When the kiss was over, Kari spoke again.

"And, well…I think that's most of it. What do you think?"

"Well…wow. I…I think I have no problems with it."

When he saw his best friend's smile, and when he hugged for the last time before getting out of the bedroom (together), TK realized he had finally gotten everything he wanted, everything he needed. Because after two years of pain, of trouble, of darkness and battle; he had found his reason to live, his reason to give everything everyday. Now he had a new purpose in life, someone to take care of. He knew it would take time for Kari to overcome her fears and finally accept him, but he didn't care. Things between them were just like before, if not better. And when he walked out of the bedroom, and met with him friends, when he felt Kari's hand holding his, and looked at Mina's wonderful smile, celebrating his new found happiness; he realized his life was more than perfect. And it was like that just for one reason. Because in two occasions: the first one two years ago, and the second one in this very day; he had found his sunshine.


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