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Trinity Blood: Heir of the Night Lord

by Lil_Rahl

Chapter One

"Living for an eternity is the easy part." Abel Nightroad thought to himself, as he sipped on his milk tea. "It's living with yourself that's the hard part." He looked down at the stack of folders that Caterina had given him this morning. "It appears that Cain is trying to find recruits. What is he trying to do anyway?" He took another sip. "I wonder if she plans on sending me after him again." He looked over the files one for each member of the Rosenkruez. The first one was of his brother. The only reason Abel kept on moving. Abel was determined to destroy him. The man had lost his mind ages ago and had always been one step ahead of the priest. Abel had just return from a trip to Barcelona two days ago. He was sent there on a tip that the Contra Mundi had been spotted. It turned out though that it had been a bunch of teenagers trying to pull a prank on the resident church officials. Although they had another thing coming when Abel had transformed and made at least one of the boys mess themselves. Able closed the file and went on to the second, Liam Von Helter a.k.a the Doctor. Liam had been in the custody of the Vatican for sometime. He was usually trying to keep himself busy and look useful, hoping the higher officials would not execute him. Caterina had been keeping a watchful eye on Abel whenever he was around him; the priest hated the vampire. He didn't deserve to live for all he cared. Abel tossed the folder aside and went to the next one, Fury, the vampire spy that was still being held captive in the Vatican dungeons. The high officials had tried to hold a trial for the vampire, but the woman had made it difficult for anyone to get near her. Last the priest knew was that they had decided to leave her alone. Abel sighed and moved the folder over and grabbed the next, Dietrich, the Puppet Master. Never in Abel's entire life had he hated another living soul, beside Cain. He still remembered the rage that ran through his blood. Thankfully, with Liam in custody, there had not been any clones of the bastard. Abel threw the file aside and grabbed the next. He let out a small sigh. "Why? Why Caterina? Why is god's name did you give me this?" He opened the file marked Reaper. He looked down at the face of Esther Blanchett, the woman that he loved. "God how I miss her. What has it been? Four? Five years?" He shook his head and looked down at the picture of the pretty red head. Since the battle with Cain and the incident at the Vatican, many of his co-workers had told him that his attitude had changed. Though Abel blamed most of it on Caterina and the rest of the AX. They never left him alone. He knew that they had worried about him for a time. He had actually been banned from the catacombs for fear that he might lock himself in them. He shook his head. "Caterina would grow her own pair a fangs if that ever happened." He missed Esther deeply, her and the…baby. He lowered his had. Trying to control the forth-coming emotions, Abel closed the file and tossed to the other side of the room. "Make a mental note to give Caterina a few choice words."

"I thought that she was a little crazy giving you those." Abel looked up and was greeted with a friendly smile from Father Leon.

"I will admit things would be better if not for the last file." He took a sip of his tea while Leon sat down across from him.

"Time heals all wounds. You of all people know that." Abel lowered his eyes.

"So…what brings you here to see me? I know it wasn't just to pity me." "And if it was be prepared for me to go 100% on you." Abel lowered his eyes and waited for the man to speak. Leon looked uneasy across from Abel. "Well?"

"The Cardinals have sent me to tell you about your next mission."

"And... Why could they not call for me?" Leon leaned back in his seat.

"They don't want you to make another scene."

"What scene?"

"The one that occurred when you started an argument with Cardinal Francesco." Abel rolled his eyes. He remembered the situation very well. He had given his report to the Cardinals and the absurd man declared that it was Abel's fault for the cave-in at the Vatican five years ago, and for the death of the Queen Albion. Abel remembered how much he wanted to send a bolt of lighting through his body. Instead he simply stated that if the Cardinal wished to keep his head, he would learn to keep his mouth shut. "So I lost my temper with the man. He deserved everything he got. Pompous idiot." Abel shook his head. He knew that Leon was right his attitude had changed. Some time ago, everyone seemed to be drawn to his big heart and grateful smile, but now everyone knew just to keep out of his way.

"So they sent you instead?"

"They offered to take forty years off my sentence." Leon shrugged. "So what do I have to lose?" Abel lifted one eyebrow. "They think you're going to blow your lid and kill me or something."

"They've really gone off the deep end." Abel shook his head. "I should give them a piece of my mind."

"That's why they sent me. They don't want any trouble from you. That's why you're being sent on this mission."

"What's the mission?" Abel asked. Leon watched as his friend took a sip of his milk tea.

"They want you to go to Valencia."

"Valencia? What's there?"

"St. Matthew's church. The Bishop passed away last night. They want you to go and fill in until a permanent replacement can be found." Abel nodded and looked down at his drink.


"No, what?"

"No... I'm not doing it."

"Why not?"

"I have more important things to do than baby-sit a church."

"Like what?"

"Destroying the Contra Mundi." Abel tried to control his temper. "Going after the Rosenkruez."

"Abel, you have to go and do this. They have made it mandatory. They're making Cardinal Caterina enforce it." Abel leaned back in his chair.

"No... I won't do it. They can enforce it all they like. I'm still not going."

"Then they're going to force you into retirement. They say your anger has gotten the best of you. They just want you to go and over see St. Matthew's until the permanent replacement will be found."

"They can't make me."

"They are." Leon crossed his arms. "Abel, think of if more as a vacation. It'll only be for two weeks at the most. All expenses paid for, plus extra spending money." Leon gritted his teeth. "Just take it."

"I can't. If the Rosenkruez were to attack..."

"I highly doubt they will, but Caterina gave her word that she'll keep in contact with you if anything comes up. Abel, you haven't had vacation since we lost..." Leon cut his sentence short. Abel knew what he was getting at.

"I'm still not going and they're not forcing me into retirement."

"Abel..." Leon bit his tongue. "You are a mindless idiot. Take the job."

"I said no." Abel stirred his tea. "I'm not going."

"You know..." Leon stood up and crossed his arms. "I'm glad she's gone."

"What? Who?" Abel glared at him.

"You know who I'm talking about. Look at you, acting a child. Just take the damn job." Abel wanted nothing more than to throw Leon out. Instead he shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"Alright! Fine. I'll take it." Leon sighed.

"Thank you."

"So what are the details? When do I leave?" The brunette grinned and handed him an envelope. Abel opened it and pulled out a train ticket and a wad of cash.

"You leave in twenty five minutes." Abel looked back up at Leon.

"What? Twenty-five minutes!" He grabbed the brunette priest by his collar and jerked him forward. "Are you people really trying to get rid of me?" Leon smiled at Abel.


And (One again) Abel is off on another adventure! Let's hope it's a good one!

Verse from Chapter 2

"You know...I wonder what they would think if they knew the real truth." Abel looked over at his love.

"And what truth is that my dear?"