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Children grow up listening to fairy tales. Whether it is the one about a maiden with hair so long you could climb it to a wooden boy with a nose that grew when he lied. Gabriel grew up listening to his dad tell him tales of princesses under spells, knight of tremendous courage to face evil. His favorites were Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast, unlike his two little sisters who both enjoyed Cinderella.

Every night, father would come and sit on his bed and tell him one of his favorites. Only adding twists to them. The sleeping beauty that Gabriel grew to know and love, was a woman with coffee colored skin and lovely dark red hair. Cast under a curse that would never allow her to wake, and so her prince placed her in a coffin of glass to watch over her. Where she slept for a thousand years. It wasn't until a year or two ago, that his mother told him the truth behind the story, that it was true and his very own father had been the prince. When he had asked what had happen to her his mother simply replied that an evil man took her from us. He never asked his father, too afraid of what memories would be brought up.

From what Gabriel knew his father had had a very troubled upbringing. His parents were very tight about letting him or his sisters know. They had stated that Gabriel wasn't old enough to understand the whole story and it may frighten his sisters. Even Aunt Seth was quiet. He wanted to know how sleeping beauty was involved in this whole fiasco.

Gabriel's second favorite bedtime story was Beauty and the Beast. The beauty in his father's story was a lovely redheaded woman with lovely blue eyes that were the color of the ocean. Beauty came across a beast, a monster with red eyes and black wings and ended saving the monster from damnation and they fell in love.

This one was truly his favorite, as Gabriel knew that it was about his parent's struggles and he agreed with his mother. His dad was far from being a monster. Even though he had seen his father sprout lovely black wings and his eyes turn an alarming shade of red, He was not a monster. His two little sisters thoroughly enjoyed their father's wings and would request piggyback rides whenever they could. Father was always gentle with his daughters.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Gabriel turned and noticed his mother leaning on his doorframe. "You've been staring out that window for a good twenty minutes."

"Nothing really." He spoke. Getting up from his bed. "I guess I was just day dreaming." Gabriel towered over his mother. He was the same size as his father, if not taller. His mother nodded and smiled.

"Dinner will be ready in a few minutes. Why don't you wash up? I'm making you're favorite." Drool threatened to escape the contents of Gabriel's mouth. He loved his mother's hamburger pie. His stomach made itself known, as if cheering.

His mother laughed.

"Just like your father. Go get ready for dinner and get your sisters ready for me."

When the twins were born, Gabriel remembered his father stepping him aside and telling him that it was his solemn charge to always watch out for them as he had done for Aunt Seth. Unfortunately, his dad had only one sister. The Twins, or Lilith and Laura, were at completely different ends of the spectrum.

Laura, had their mother's vibrant red hair and her courage and perhaps some of Aunt Seth's ability to get over excited. She was also very adventurous and had an uncanny ability to get into trouble. Their father said that she got that from her mother.

Lilith looked more like their father except her hair was blond instead of silver. Lilith, or Lily as she preferred, was easier going. He favorite thing to do was to sneak out side on warm nights and read books under her favorite oak tree.

As different as they were, they were also each other's best friends and at the age of eleven, Gabriel was finding it harder and harder to keep dibs on the two. Laura and Lilith were always giving him a hard time. He had once gone to his father and asked for help. He laughed slightly and said that little sisters were always like that. Gabriel ventured into the girl's room. They were both on the floor playing with their dolls.

"Mom says dinners about done. Let's get washed up." He spoke.

"Just a minute." Laura stated. "We're almost done. Cinderella hasn't lived happily ever after yet." Gabriel sighed. It was always Laura that started to fuss.

"We can play after dinner." Lilith spoke. She placed her doll on her bed. She then turned and looked at Gabe.

"Is Daddy going to make it home tonight?"

"Hope so." Their Father was with Aunt Seth going over some last minute details of a work treaty with Albion. He had been gone all day. "Let's get ready for dinner before mom comes in." Lilith nodded, got up and headed for the dinning room. Laura, on the other hand, crossed her arms and remained planted on the floor.

"Laura." Gabriel warned. "Not tonight."

"I'm not done."

"You can play after dinner." He spoke sternly. Trying to remember the way his father spoke when the girls were getting ready to throw a fit.

"But I'm not done." Gabriel sighed. Why was she so stubborn? The poor little girl didn't know what she was in for. Within a blink of an eye, Gabriel crossed the room and pulled Laura over his shoulder.

"Hey! No fair. No fair." Laura cried as her big brother carried through the hall and into the dinning room. Lilith was already seated at the table and their mother placing the hamburger pie in the center. She looked up at Gabriel and Laura. She shook her head.

"Laura." She spoke calmly, with just a hint of sternness. "Sit at the table and behave. I don't want to have to ground you again."

"But mom..." Laura whined.

"Sit." She pointed at her chair. Gabriel let her down and took him seat next to Lilith.

As their mother was getting ready to dish out their dinner, they all heard the front door open.

"I'm home." A very familiar and welcoming voice rang out. Lilith and Laura were instantly out of their seats.

"Dad!" Laura called out. Gabriel didn't have to leave his seat to know that his father had a big grin on his face as he lifted his girls up into a hug, neither did mom, she sat at the table as well, a smile sprawled over her lips. Within minutes his father ventured into the dinning room, Lilith on his back and Laura being dragged on his left leg.

"Girls don't you think you're getting a little to old to jump on your old dad." He whined.

"Girls..." Their mother spoke sternly. "Take your seat so we can eat." As soon as the twins were seated, Father made his way over to mother.

"Hello my love." He kissed her softly. "Miss me?"

"Always, Abel." She smiled. "We didn't think you'd make it in time."

"I'm never late for dinner." He spoke, he glanced quickly at the table. "Especially when you make Gabriel's favorite."

The whole Nightroad family sat at the dinner table and for once, Gabriel Nightroad, realized that he was indeed lucky. After all how many children have two great parents, especially one that could sprout black wings and scare their teachers. At seventeen years of age, Gabriel vaguely remembered life in Valencia, when he lived with just his mother in a small apartment. Not that he ever wanted to relive it. They had not been whole until his father found them, it was a stoke of luck that his mother hit him in the face with a door. Luck that they found each other, and luck that they were still together after all these years. Gabriel looked at his parents. It was like they were living in that special ending of each and every fairy tale his father read to him. They were living happily ever after.


The End.