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This story takes place after Agent Afloat but before Cloak.

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Tony and Gibbs were standing at Gibbs' desk, looking at Ziva who was being examined again by Ducky. "Take her home DiNozzo," Gibbs said. Tony looked at him surprised, glancing from Ziva, who was trying to cuddle with Ducky, back to Gibbs. McGee's eyebrows shot up a few inches when he heard the order.

"Are you sure that's a good idea? I mean: it's the love drug!" Tony asked hesitating.

"She's your partner, right? So get her home. And don't leave her until the drugs have worn off," Tony wanted to say something but closed his mouth when he saw Gibbs glaring.

"Right. On it," he mumbled, and he walked over to relieve Ducky.

"She will be alright, right?" he asked again.

"Of course she will. Now Officer David, let me have one more look," he pushed Ziva's arms down again and tried to get a good look into her pupils with a small flashlight. "They gave her ecstasy. I really don't know why, it doesn't really sedate people... Well, it should be worked out in a few hours. There is a chance she will start hallucinating or get anxiety attacks, but that still hasn't happened so I'm guessing we're in the clear on that. Maybe they wanted to drug her with heroine, but got the pills mixed up or something. Ziva, dear, please let me go so that Anthony can take you home," he said smiling to Ziva who still was trying to get her arms around him. She looked up when she heard Tony's name and started grinning widely.

"I love going away with Tony! Where are you going to take me handsome?" she let go of Ducky and extended her hands towards Tony who smirked a bit uneasily, and she gave him a thick smile, her pupils wide from the drugs in her system, her cheeks shining soft red and her hair was dangling in curls around her face. He looked at Gibbs one more time who had sat down to work on the case report. Had that man absolutely no clue what he was doing to him right now? Or did he just not care? He pushed the thought out of his mind and took Ziva's hand, helping her up. She giggled slightly and tried to swing her arms around him. Tony evaded the hug by taking her bag from the floor and went to leave for the elevator. She had called him 'handsome' and she 'loved going away with him'. What the hell. Although a very small part thought that Ziva's behavior was pretty funny, he mostly wished she would soon be her good old normal self again: ass kicking, stubborn, idiom messing, beautiful Ziva. Because this sensual, almost sexual side was a little bit too arousing for his taste right now.

"Wait Tony-pony, I need to say goodbye to Timmy and Gibbs!" She released Tony's arm and before anyone could do anything she walked towards McGee and swung her arms around him.

"Goodbye Timmy-bear! Take care of yourself!" McGee sat frozen on his seat, not knowing what to say or do. Ziva didn't seem to care and went over to Gibbs. Tony's mouth fell almost on the floor, and he started to think he should have gotten his camera or something, when Ziva threw her arms around Gibbs' neck and cuddled him forcefully. Gibbs tried to suppress a smile and got on his feet, with Ziva still clinging on to him. He returned the hug softly, and ushered her towards Tony.

"Get some sleep, Officer David, it has been a long day," Ziva let him go and walked to Tony, who was still dumbfounded from the goodbyes he had just seen. If this was Ziva in the bullpen, saying just goodbye to her colleagues, he started to wonder how she would act when he brought her home. She had hugged Gibbs. Hugged. He wasn't even sure if she had hugged him when she got back after Vance had split them up. Still wondering about Ziva's drug-induced actions, he got his own backpack and took Ziva with him towards the elevator.

In the elevator Ziva leaned fully into Tony, pressing her body against his, her head on his chest. Tony closed his eyes for a moment. He knew he had to try to disentangle himself from her, but he couldn't help it. For one thing, she wouldn't be back off anyway and for another, it really felt better than he had imagined. But while keeping her off was practically impossible, he wasn't sure if he could hold himself back if she kept doing this.

From the moment they had lost contact with Ziva while she was undercover, trying to get more info from the drug dealing marines, he was terrified. He still didn't know where that feeling had come from: she was Ziva. Crazy ninja chick Ziva. Very capable of defending herself. And he didn't really want to find out why he was worried so much. That he thought she was gorgeous was one thing. She was, plain and simple. That he was worried sick was something completely different. But yet he hadn't rested, hardly slept or ate, until the moment they had found her two days later, strapped on a chair with her legs and arms tied with ropes, her mouth taped and slumped forward like she was beaten up like crazy. Fortunately, she hadn't been beaten up. Unfortunately, she was drugged. How the dealers got so stupid to mix up two completely different kinds of drugs was beyond him, but somewhere Tony was glad that she had gotten ecstasy instead of heroine. The effects were prettier. Although he started to doubt that when Ziva started to trail her fingers on his chest in the most sensational way possible.

"I really, really like you Tony, are you going home with me tonight?" Ziva murmured with a husky voice.

"I'm taking you home and into bed, Ziva," Tony started, his voice sounding a bit strained. Well, that came out completely wrong he thought when he looked down in Ziva's big brown eyes.

"Finally," she said, almost whispering, and she rested her head on his chest again. Tony swallowed. What the hell had Gibbs put him into this time? He felt how his pants started to sit tighter and tried to think of things that would make this situation less entertaining, but failed miserably. This is the drugs talking, not Ziva. She doesn't mean anything by it. Ignore it. Ignore it. Weren't they on the first floor yet? Never had he been so grateful for the elevator to stop, and he practically dragged Ziva with him.

He got Ziva in his car, and drove off, trying to get to her apartment as fast as possible. Ziva placed her hand on his thigh, and crawled it upwards. Tony quickly covered her hand with his, stopping her from going up any further.

"You are a tease, Very Special Agent DiNozzo," Ziva bent over and whispered in his ear. "I like a tease," Tony almost felt her lips on his ear, and he felt a shiver going down his spine. If this was the Ziva David with all her walls and guards down, he couldn't help think about the way she could be in bed. Oh, wrong thoughts DiNozzo! Think about other stuff… McGee in a dress. Vance choking in his toothpick. That broad-chested-man on Ziva's desk. Gibbs. Gibbs glaring, Gibbs being mad at you, Gibbs slapping your ass back towards that awful boat you had to go on. Better. Not much better, but it had to be enough.

They finally reached Ziva's apartment and Tony got out as quickly as possible. He got Ziva's bag, and took her towards her door. They got in without much harm but when Tony placed Ziva's bag on the floor and turned around to send her to bed, she was standing inches away from him, looking at him with a mix of determination and… desire?

"We are all alone now," she said, grabbing Tony at his tie and pulling him closer.

"Whoa, Ziva, what are you doing," Tony tried to free himself by clasping her hands and trying to get them off his tie.

"What I wanted to do ages ago," Ziva murmured. She looked down to his lips, licked her own and looked into his eyes again. Tony's mouth went dry and unconsciously he wetted his own lips. This was not good. Absolutely not good. Gibbs was going to kill him if he fou…

Ziva leaned in and kissed him softly on his lips, her hands going into his hair, she leant in closer and pressed her body against his. Tony felt his resistance slipping away and he gave in. A soft moan escaped his mouth while kissing her back. They had kissed before, but this was different: no cover to hold up, no haste and no one who was watching them. The kiss was nothing he had thought it would be. It was better, softer, more sensual and slower than had imagined. It was intoxicating. He grabbed her long hair in one hand, and pulled her even closer with the other on her back. Her hands left his hair and were on his bare chest already when Tony started to realize what was happening: she was undoing his clothes. It brought him back to his senses. Softly he grabbed Ziva by her shoulders and pushed her backwards.

"This is a very, very bad idea, Ziva," he said hoarsely, "that's why this ain't gonna happen," he added with a sad smile on his face.

"But do you not want me? Am I not pretty enough?" Ziva pouted, her eyes still wide from the ecstasy, but nevertheless he thought she looked exquisite. She was stroking his chest with one hand and with the other she had undone his tie. She had pulled him with her towards her bedroom, and he hadn't even noticed it.

"Ziva, you are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I've ever met. Really," he tried to assure her, while he took the tie out of her hand carefully. He held her hand, and she grabbed his tie with her other.

"Am I prettier than Jeanne?" Ziva asked, now trying to pull Tony towards her bed. Tony swallowed again. He looked down at Ziva, her hair dancing on her back, curling around her face. Her honey colored skin. The way her eyes were glittering and the way she looked at him. He looked at the top she was wearing, following the curves from her slender body. The cargo pants that were making her legs look long but at the same time strong. But it wasn't just her body he found attractive. It was the way she didn't put up with his crap and antics. The way she responded to his sexual innuendos and jokes. The way she could kick everybody's ass without breaking a sweat. It was the whole package. It was Ziva.

"Yeah, you could say that," he finally managed to say, his voice throaty.

"Ooh, poor Tony! You are still in love with her, yes?" Ziva moved her head towards his, almost on her toes, her lips inches from his. "You know I can make you forget her…all of her," she whispered, her hot breath caressing his lips softly. Tony felt his heart standing still for a moment. They were looking in each others eyes, and he saw more emotions in Ziva's eyes than he had ever seen before. Angst combined with anxiety. Happiness and a hint of sadness. A whole lot of desire and lust and something that was bigger than all the other feelings combined. He couldn't define it but he recognized it somehow. Finally he found his voice.

"I'm not in love with Jeanne anymore, Ziva," he smiled kindly. "But it's best for both of us if you get into your bed to get some sleep," he looked around and saw a T-shirt lying on her bed. Quickly he grabbed it and gave it to Ziva.

"Get changed," he said. "And go to sleep."

"Do you want to watch me changing?" Ziva called to his back, while he was leaving her bedroom, before he did something really stupid. Tony ignored the comment and leant his head on the wall next to her bedroom door. Had he really turned down a very hot and bothered Ziva David? What was wrong with him? Why had Gibbs said he was the one to bring Ziva home? It was torture! Pure torture!

McGee had the same thought running in his mind. He was still working on his report, and gave an occasional glance towards Gibbs.

"Something on your mind, Agent McGee?" Gibbs said suddenly.

"Well, ehm, you know, I was just wondering about," McGee stuttered.

"Spit it out McGee," Gibbs grunted.

"Why did you send Tony to take Ziva home?"

"Why shouldn't I? They are partners. He has to make sure she's safe," Gibbs answered.

"Yeah but…" McGee tried to get the right words without getting into problems. "Ziva is drugged with ecstasy. She barely could keep her hands off Ducky, how do you think she will be on Tony?" he finally said.

"She will make his life hell, at least for tonight," he smiled.

"But Tony is… he likes women. He goes after them like a bee after honey," McGee tried to explain his concerns.

Gibbs looked at McGee thoughtfully, contemplating if he should explain things.

"Have you heard Tony bragging about his dates lately?" he asked McGee, dropping his pen and leaning back in his chair. Maybe McGee hadn't noticed the changes in Tony like he had.

"No, not really. Not for a long time, actually," McGee admitted.

"Exactly. He still likes women, he will never not like them I guess, but he has lost most of his frat boy attitude. You may have changed in those four months of seperation, but you thought you were the only one? And I'm guessing that being Agent Afloat isn't the only reason for that change," he didn't wait for an answer, deciding that it wasn't worth discussing. "Your report?"

"Almost done."

"Go home, finish it tomorrow," McGee turned off his computer and grabbed his bag. "Oh, McGee, do me a favor, will you? Make sure that Abby doesn't sleep in her lab again."

"Sure thing, Boss. See you tomorrow," McGee said, and he left the bullpen quickly.

After a few minutes Gibbs stood up, walked to the desk of his Senior Field Agent and turned on the desk light. It was rather neat, no files or candy wrappers on the desk. Knowingly, he opened the first drawer and lifted a small stack of files up. Three pictures lay beneath it. A genuine smile reached his face. The four months on sea had maybe helped to lose the frat boy attitude, but it surely hadn't stopped him from caring for Ziva. The minute he had seen the pictures of her on the wall on the USS Seahawk Gibbs knew she was more for Tony than just any woman. Nor was she just his partner. And because of that he was sure he wouldn't break his famous 12th rule tonight, not with Ziva not being herself.

"You're a dead man if she finds these, DiNozzo," Gibbs grinned, placing the pictures back and closing the drawer.