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Summary: Axel needs a new slave. Lucky he finds a cute blonde at the market.


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Only Have Eyes For You-

AkuRoku Fic.

Axel looked around the market place unimpressed with everything he saw. Nothing took his fancy, nothing stood out to him and he was getting very, very bored. He desperately needed a new companion. His old one had run out about a month ago and, if truth be told, he was getting lonely. Axel craved company, he liked to be sociable and not having anyone around him in his house was not only a first for Axel, but also quite unnerving.

He had been pottering around the 'Slave Market' for over an hour and so far, he hadn't found anyone worth his time, yet alone his money. He was very scrupulous when it came to money, especially after spending over $1700 on his last companion, only to find that she had ran off in the middle of the night without any sort of explanation. He was wary now. And damn right to be too in his eyes.

It was a hot day in Traverse Town and he could think of a million and one things he would rather be doing than traipsing around trying to find a new companion. But his friend Demyx insisted it was what was for the best and who was he to turn down the crazy blonde?

He scowled. Owners of stores kept on harassing him with the 'latest stock' and how much of a 'great deal they could offer him'. He wasn't interested. If he got ripped off again then he would seriously loose his patience. Plus half of the 'great stock' looked like they were on their last legs and Axel wanted someone who would be in for the long haul. He wasn't one for short term companions such as Lucinda had been. She had seemed like a nice enough girl. Very sweet, polite and obedient... until she had run off that was.

Axel stopped at a particular store with seven young looking boys and girls standing at the front. They wore a tattered and filthy old brown blanket over their shoulders to cover them and each of them were filthy. Axel felt his nose crinkle. He wasn't one for filthiness, made him feel as he liked to put it, 'icky'.

Despite the dirtiness of the store and the uncomplicatedness of it, he stopped and looked.

He eyed one girl in particular, a small blonde haired girl who looked about nineteen. She looked at him and held his eye contact for several seconds, her face emotionless and looking very angry. Axel raised his eyebrows and then moved on. He could do without another Cantrell, she had been a royal pain in his ass and he had resorted to kicking her out on the streets. The mouth on her was terrible.

"Sir." The owner of the store greeted, bowing his head slightly and Axel acknowledged him with a slight nod, his expression not changing and his eyes still glued to the remaining six people.

He moved along slowly and looked at each of them in turn and then he froze when he reached number five. A small boy stood in the line, quivering. His hair looked like a dirty blonde but that was probably due to the dirt he was covered in. He looked a state. He was a small built boy and on first impressions, he looked about twelve or thirteen at best. Axel stopped and looked at him.

The boy was completely unaware of the mans presence, his eyes fixed to his bare feet. Axel cocked his head to one side and examined the boy for a moment. He was trembling and his breathing was shaky and he looked underweight. Axel turned to the store owner, clicking his fingers.

At this he noticed that the boy flinched and watched him carefully before he looked at the short fat owner who was now at his side.

"What's the story with this one?" he asked coldly as he nodded to the small boy before him. The owner looked at him and then back at the taller redheaded man.

"Ah, I found him roaming the streets of some run down town... don't really know much about him myself. Think he's a mute." Axel turned his attention to the owner.

"He doesn't talk?" he asked and the owner clarified by shaking his head.

"Hasn't said a word since I found him. Don't even know his name." he replied and Axel looked at the boy before him, thinking to himself.

"How long ago since you found him?" he asked, his eyes not wavering from the boy for a second. The owner pondered for a second.

"Hmm, must've been about four months ago now." Axel nodded.

"That long?" the owner nodded his head.

"No one seems interested in a boy who can't talk. Personally I think it would be good... no backchat." He laughed a sick and throaty sort of laugh but Axel starred unimpressed at the remark. He nodded once.

"No idea where he's from?" he asked, glancing at the owner for a split second as he looked the small boy up and down.

"Not a clue Sir. My apologizes." Axel nodded again.

"I'll give you $1000 for him." He stated simply. The owner shuffled from side to side and smiled.

"Er, Sir. Not to disrespect but my starting price is $2500." Axel shot a glare at the owner.

"You think anyone else will offer you what I have for a boy you know nothing of and who can't even talk?" he spat viciously and the owner nodded once.

"$1000 it is, Sir." He replied as his cheeks flushed slightly. He turned to the boy who still hadn't broken eye contact with his feet.

"Oi, boy! This gentleman has claimed you... take a look at your master." Axel frowned at the mans tone but still watched the boy. He tried to lift his head but couldn't bring himself to make eye contact with the man in front of him. The owner got annoyed.

"You ungrateful wretch!" he hissed and before he could go any further Axel took out his wallet.

"I think... that will be quite enough. Leave the boy be." He stated coldly and he stared at the owner of the shop. Another flush filled his face and he took the money from Axel.

"Pleasure doing business with you Sir, I hope to see you again soon." He stated and he hid the money inside his rather old and tatty hat before making his leave. Axel turned his attention back to the boy.

"Come." He stated simply and he took a step back. The petite blonde shuffled forward slowly, almost unsure of his step and never once looking up. Axel smiled. He was a quick learner, and at least he could actually understand English.


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