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To Zakuro, the graveyard was dull. Nine people stood around one gravestone, three were crying. Keiichiro and Ryou stared down at the grave. Lettuce let out another sob and Pai brought her close, Lettuce sobbed in Pai's chest. Pudding clung to Taruto, crying. Ichigo wiped her eyes and didn't push Kisshu away, when he held her close.

Zakuro stood next to Keiichiro quietly.

"M-Minto! W-why?!" Ichigo demanded.

Kisshu held her closer, "Shhh, shhh Ichigo."

Ichigo hid her face in his chest and cried harder. Lettuce clung to Pai tighter and pressed her face against his chest. Keiichiro sighed.

"It's time we went back."

The Aliens nodded and then led their girls away. Ryou followed and Keiichiro looked at Zakuro.

"Stay as long as you want."

Zakuro nodded and Keiichiro walked away.

Zakuro kneeled down and sighed, merousies started to enter her mind.

"Onee-sama, here you go! It's for your birthday!" Minto exclaimed, smiling happily. Minto passed Zakuro the small box and Zakuro took it gently. Zakuro gave the lavender ribbon a gentle tug and it came undone. Zakuro opened the box and smiled.

A sliver necklace with an wolf charm, with a purple stud on the wolf, lay inside the box.

Lettuce, Pai, Ichigo, Kisshu, Taruto and Pudding sat near by, smiling.

"Thank you, Minto."


"How dare you say that about onee-sama!" Minto yelled.

The boy shrugged, "Nani? It's true."


Minto punched the boy in the face. Zakuro stood near the tree, surprised.


"Onee-sama, what's this mean? Onii-sama made me do some homework and I don't understand it." Minto said.

Zakuro walked over and sat beside Minto. Zakuro looked at the paper and then she took the pen from Minto. Zakuro pulled the paper closer and then started to write down the answers.

Minto smiled, "Thank you, onee-sama!"


Minto stood in front of Zakuro, nervously.

"Onee-sama, I know it's Lettuce's birthday soon but I don't know what to get her. Do you have an idea?"

Zakuro nodded, "Hai, set her and Pai on a blind date at the park, put different flowers around the area and put different food on the bech. Oh and leave a note, telling her that was from you. I'm sure that would make her happy, she deserves it after.... Uri was killed."

"Thanks onee-sama, i'll always come to you, when I need help."

"That makes me very happy Minto."

"If your happy onee-sama, so am I!"


"Look at them two! They never leave each others side!"

Zakuro looked over at Pai and Lettuce and smiled, "They're just very happy and don't forget they are in love."

"Yeah, it's kinda kawaii in a way. Have you ever been in love before onee-sama?"

"No and sometimes love only leads to heartbreak but I know for a fact Pai wouldn't hurt Lettuce."

"Hmm... i'm in love." Minto said, with out thinking, then she blushed.

"Really? Who?" Zakuro asked, a sparkle in her eyes.

Minto blushed harder, "Onee-sama, that's so unlike you!"

Zakuro chuckled, "Maybe it is but i'd love to know who you love."


"Onee-sama! A-About the other day, when I said I loved someone." Minto muttered.


"W-Well I was talking about you onee-sama! I love you onee-sama!"

Zakuro looked shocked and then she smiled, "Thank you Minto."

Zakuro stood up and walked away. Minto smiled, maybe Zakuro wasn't ready to confess yet but Minto felt happy.


A tear dropped down from Zakuro's eyes and she shook her head. Why? Why didn't I tell her then, that I... loved you too.

Zakuro wiped her eyes, it's too late now, Minto's gone.

Zakuro wiped the last tear away and stood up. Zakuro turned around and walked away, the necklace Minto got her shining from the sun.