Written for the explanation challenge at the Sylar/Elle community at Livejorunal. This is my very first "Heroes" fic so I'm a bit nervous. I hope you all like it!

HUGE thanks and cookies to my wonderful betas! Without them this fic wouldn't be quite so awesome.

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"You can't take whatever you want any more." She stood there with enough defiance crackling through her to rival her greatest explosion.

She was so tense he could almost taste it in the air. He smirked. "Says who?"

He grabbed her and kissed her hard, something he has wanted since they reunited in the cell at Pinehurst. She resisted at first, but soon melted against him and matched his aggressive kisses.

Suddenly he was standing on a beach. He could still feel her, though, in the back of his mind. He could taste her lips and feel her skin but his attention was drawn to the figures on the sand in front of him.

He saw himself in a blood soaked t-shirt, pouring something onto Elle's lifeless and bloodied body. He watched in horror--the darkness he had strove so hard to suppress burned in his eyes as he lit a match and threw it on her body.

The flames engulfed her small frame quickly and he felt himself scream as his other self walked away from the blaze in the sand. The flames grew higher and heated his face as he sunk into the sand beside it. Was all he wanted to be a lie? Would he always be a monster?

She threw him against a wall, jerking him back into reality. She stared at him with fear, lust and in the back of her eyes, growing steadily the longer they stared at one another: hope. The hope that they could take the pieces of their broken lives and build a whole, normal one. Together.

This time she instigated the kiss and almost immediately he caught the tiniest glimpse of what their life could be like if they wanted. A life of them sitting in the sun on a park bench as a child, their child, played at their feet.

He smiled against her lips as he returned to the present. He knew she wanted that life and wanted to give the childhood she never had to her own. And, as he drew her closer to him, he realized he wanted it too.

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