Hug Me, Please.


Two months has passed after the seduction mission she took, but the anger, resentment, and hatred still lurks in the bottom of her soul. The mission was simple: seduce the leader of the gang near Konoha and extract information about the whereabouts of the main leader. It was to take approximately two weeks to finish the task, but did everything just go wrong. It took longer than everyone thought it would, but Ino was a fighter and she never quits.

One day, she finally had her chance of alone time with the man and was ready to use her famous jutsu when things after things turned worse. He got on top of her and she did her sign, but before words could escape her mouth, she noticed in his hands were a needle. He stabbed her right on her left thigh and that's when the paralyzing starts. She couldn't move and she was defenseless. He did what he did to her. Raping her while she cried, taking away her virginity. She looked away not wanting to see his disgusting face drooling as he pleased himself. The stupid fool got so tired that he fell besides her deciding to take a nap, she assumed. Ino felt numb; she couldn't move but managed to finally succeed in her jutsu and extract the information needed. She felt her body coming together and was able to move after awhile, but she didn't escape his loud snores against her ears. It was disgusting, he was disgusting.

She got up with redness upon her eyes from the tears she shed, but her face was now stained with sweat and tear streaks. She grabbed her clothes and left the scene, but not before leaving the rapist dying upon his own mind. Her body hurts, but she forced her self to take off and leaves back home, back to her friends and family. Her tears begun to fall again as she jumped quickly from branch to branch away from her captive. Her hair smelled and her body didn't feel the same. Everything seemed different in her big blue eyes, but her mind told her to be strong. And she will, but not before burying what happened in the back of her mind and shutting the volt with a key.

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