Hug Me, Please.

-Part 7 END-

"I would never say I hated…" and before she was able to finish, the man's face interrupted her thoughts. She stood shocked a couple minutes before she felt a pull. She looks up to see Naruto looking at her worried, but she couldn't erase that man's face, looks, and… everything he was, was almost like an older version of Naruto… only he doesn't have whiskers.

"Why?" she suddenly said as she clasps her hands around his face, "Why do you look like him?"

Naruto was shocked and confused for the millionth time when around Ino. Look like whom? He didn't understand and searched his mind and memories trying to find someone that looks as close to him as possible, but he found no one. Ino's hands left his face to his shoulders as she held on to them. She was pushing and pulling him trying to find any type of answer, hoping it to fall out of him or something.

Naruto in turned grabbed her into a bear hug, a tight one. She struggled against his chest and he didn't know why. Why was she acting this way? What the hell happened to her? Why is she so different when she's with me? All these questions flew into his thoughts with no answers to them. He squeezed his eyes shut hoping this whole thing is just some kind of a nightmare, that when he opens it, he would be on his bed at home and not here. She stopped squirming when she realized he isn't letting go.

"I can't do this," she finally spoke with a quiver in her voice that she didn't even try to disguise. Naruto still resist opening his eyes as he held onto her tighter. Her light blonde hair shined as the sun headed down to the sea causing massive amounts of colors to light up the sky. Her hands fell limped to her side as if there was nothing to hold onto anymore. Her eyes glazed with unwanted tears that threaten to fall. She doesn't know why Naruto is always where she was. Of all the years they had known each other, they were never in the same place at once! But since the incident that happened at the Ramen shop… he's everywhere.

Nothing ever bothers Yamanaka Ino and nothing ever gets too deep into her skin as much as this is. She wanted to scratch his skin and slash his wrist so he would suffer. She wanted to rip all of that hair off and place it with his bleeding scalps. She wanted to slit his throat so he couldn't scream. She wanted to kill him to death! She wanted to so bad, but she realized that he was already dead. She had already killed him, and the one holding her now is Naruto. Hesitantly and slowly, she lifts her hands to touch his back. She softly grazed her fingertips against his jacket, but he felt it. Every little perfect tip of hers felt like electricity running through his body. He slowly mimicked her movements against her back and she slowly eased into his touches.

"Ino," Naruto said softly against her ears, "… it's okay to cry."

Ino giggled against him as she wiped her face against his now wet jacket. Her tears ran freely down and she felt somewhat at ease. It was silent tears, but Naruto knew too well what it all means. She finally is letting go of whatever she was holding onto, and finally she'd be back to normal… finally. Naruto ran his fingers through her locks and felt her nuzzled up against his collarbone. He smiles happily, loving the show of affection she is finally producing on him.

She turned her face sideways so she could glance out into the mass amounts of grass and trees. She moved her shiny blue eyes up to see the color of the sky. It was an orangey hue color with a mix of yellow from the rays of the sun. She inhaled his scent once more and finally realized something important.

Naruto is nothing like 'him'. 'He' is nothing like Naruto… because in the end, there is only one person that can make me cry in public… Ino thought with a smile as the last tear fell joyously down her light pink cheeks.

"Naruto… I'm sorry how I've been acting…" she said softly tightening her grip around him almost as if she felt like if she let go, then he would never return to her.

"It's okay Ino…" he said then a little laugh escaped his mouth, "I kinda don't mind holding you like this…" he admitted with a soft pink hue upon his cheeks. Ino just giggled against his chest which deepened his hues.

"To tell you the truth… me too," she admitted with a smile as she closed her eyes, "Thank you."

"It's no problem…" Naruto said as he leaned his head into the crook of her neck, "I actually thought you hated me because of…" Naruto mumbled the rest but Ino knew what he said. She shook her head and gave off a soft sigh as she rubs her face against his messy blonde hair.

"I'd never hate you Naruto…" Ino stated, "… even if you break my heart."

Naruto backed up at what she said and stared at her with visible shock in his eyes.

Did… did I just hear what she said… right? Naruto just stared at her with his mouth open, while Ino just stared at him confused.

"Something wrong Naruto?" she asked confused written all over her face as her eyebrows furrowed together.

"Uh… um…" Naruto began to say as he lifts a hand to scratch the back of his neck.

"You can't break my heart if I never gave it away," Ino said as her eyes soften seeing a disappointed face from her 'almost' twin. He just gave an 'oh' and looked out into the place that Ino was just looking at moments ago. His eyes were filled with sadness, confusion, and disappointment, her eyes on the other hand was filled with laughter and happiness that he didn't even notice.

"Naruto," she said softly leaning on to him once more before they broke off, "… but I never said that I still have it either…" she whispered the last part against his chest as she closed her eyes to hear his heartbeat. It was beating pretty fast after she finished her sentence and wasn't sure if he was angry or more confused than before, but when she felt his arms wrap around her once more… she knew that he understood.

"So you're saying that it's just floating out there?" he asks laughing.

Maybe not… Ino said as her eyes narrowed. She looked up at him as a large grin flew across his face.

"Don't worry Ino, I'll catch it before it flies off," he said as he kissed her forehead and pressing her head against him once more.

Heh… maybe I misjudged him… he's a lot smarter than I gave him credit for… Ino thought as she giggled to herself.

"Idiot… you already caught it," she admitted as both their laughter filled the air around them. Passer-byers watched the happy blondes laugh and smile as if the whole world just stopped for the two of them.

"Hm…" Tenten said as she heard the laughter emitting into the darkening sky. Once she was close enough, she immediately recognized the voices… Ino and Naruto. When she actually saw the scene, she couldn't help but smiled. These two are so similar, yet do things totally different from one another… it's no wonder they'll eventually get together!

"I knew it…" Tenten said softly before a soft smile graced her lips, "… I gotta tell Sakura," and with that, she left the two alone to their moment.

"Hey Ino…" Naruto started as he held onto the blonde female once more, "… why… exactly did you try to avoid me and who do I look like?" he was curious and didn't really know if Ino would tell him, but she did.

"You remind me of him…" she said suddenly breaking the happy mood between them. She waited to see if he'd say anything, but all he did was rub her back soothingly so she continued.

".. My mission was easy… to get him alone and extract the information needed… but," she started off as she nuzzled her head against his chest, "… I fell for his trap… and he… he… used me," she decided to say instead and immediately felt Naruto pull her against him more which startled her.

"He used you," he repeated her last words and he felt guilty. Guilty that he wasn't there to help her, to save her, to even let Tsunade send her to do that. He was getting angry and his teeth's were clenching against each other. Ino could feel his chakra spike every second and smiled knowing how he is behaving. He's worried and he cares for her enough to feel this way.

"Were you hurt?" he asked holding back his anger, not intentionally toward her, but against the bastard that would hurt his girlfriend…?

Girlfriend…? He questioned himself then smiled inside, Yeah… that sounds good…

She isn't just a friend, she is so much more to him that that. He would never imagine that Ino and him of all people to end up together, but in the end… who cares what others think. But at this moment he wasn't thinking very clear. He just found out that she had been used!

"Yeah… I was…" Ino said softly feeling Naruto's anger radiate off of him, "… but I am better now…" she whispered closing her eyes once more. She brushed her lips against his cheeks and thanked him. All the anger inside of him just disappeared once her lips touched his skin. What the hell does she have on him? Was it a spell? Whatever it was, he is falling… and too fast for anyone to stop him.

She backed away and looked at him with a genuine smile that she hasn't done in awhile. She touched his face as he stared at her with contentment and a smile. She traced his whiskers that scarred his face with her slender fingers. She smiled back at him and back away to leave. She walked a couple steps backwards before giving him a grin.

"Don't you dare tell anyone I cried, you hear?" she said trying to sound angry but it just rolled off sounding like a joke.

"This will be our secret," Naruto said with a grin and Ino return it with a nod before walking off.

A secret I'll never forget… they both thought as they walked away from one another.

Later that night, she was walking down the streets at night where the cool air comes by. Naruto was also walking at night not being able to sleep because of his happiness. They met at the park where they went to when they were kids.

"Do you need a hug?" Naruto asks jokingly as he stared at Ino.

"No," she stated softly as she gave him a smile, "… do you?"

She smirked seeing Naruto turn a pink hue as he grinned widely shaking his head. They stayed silent hearing the swing creaks as it sways slowing back and forth. The moon hovers above them as it gleams into the night lighting up the village.

"Um… Ino?" Naruto begun as he rubs the back of his neck, "… maybe I do want a hug…"

Ino couldn't help but giggle into the night air as she walked over to him. When she was about to give him the hug he wanted, Naruto smiled so wide that it looks like it took over half his face.

"What are you…?" she tried to say before his lips caught hers. He gave her a quick peck and grabbed her into his arms. He started laughing lightly creating his chest to move up and down with his breathing.

"… I wanted a kiss first…" he finished still grinning widely as Ino blushed.

"You're such a kid…" she said half jokingly as she placed her head against his chest, "… but I like that about you." They stood in the silence of the night enjoying one another's company.

The next day, Ino's pink haired friend along with others came up to the two and barraged them with loads of questions as to their relationship together. Both blondes just smiled widely as they started to laugh causing their friends to stare at them with amusement. Their laughter seemed to be contagious as their friends joined along in the laughing between the two.

"Were not together," Ino stated as she stopped laughing to turn to look at Naruto.

"Yeah, what makes you think I would like her?" Naruto said chuckling as he pointed his finger at Ino who continued smiling.

"Well… I saw the two of you holding each other and assumed…" Tenten began almost feeling regretful of bringing the news up to her friends.

The two blondes looked at her, then at one another, and their smiles grew wider as they broke into a roll of laughter again. Their friends just stared in confusion and annoyance, but couldn't help but laugh… whether it's because of their ridiculous behavior or the fact that they are terrible at trying to hide the connection. Whatever it was, the two blondes knew exactly what they were doing… laughing.


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