Chapter Fourteen

"I don't know, Alice..." Jasper studied Alice's face. His mate was dead set on leaving the country with Emmeline, wanting to get her away as fast they could. She was frantically packing suitcase after suitcase at the Cullen house. "Alice, what if you're wrong? You know your visions are subjective." He reached out, and put a hand on her shoulder. That stopped her. She turned to look at him. Her expression was one of pain, and upset. "Tell me please..." He said calmly, as he closed the door to their room. Emmett was in the living room, keeping Emmeline calm, and happy. He loved Emmett for taking such a strong interest in their daughter. "What did you see?"

"It doesn't last long, Jasper. This control she's got now. It is all undone. I'm not sure how, or why, but it happens, and it happens here in Forks. We have to take her away from here."

"How does that help?" Jasper soothed her now. "If we take her away from the rest of them, you know how she'll react. She won't like it. Especially if we leave Emmett." He frowned. It seemed to Jasper that Emmett had a tighter bond with his child than he did, even though she had become more attached to him since he'd sired her.

Alice pulled away, and began with her packing again. "We'll take our chances. Hand me that coat over there."

Jasper sighed. There was no talking Alice out of anything once his mate had set her mind on something. He handed her the coat. "I'll go talk to the others. I'm sure they're all wondering what's going on." Alice had gone back to the house from the baseball field with Bella alone. The minute Jasper had come inside, he knew Alice had told Bella something that his sister-in-law wasn't happy about. Bella wouldn't tell him, though. She thought he and Alice should talk amongst themselves.

"Alright, and make sure Emma has plenty of sippy cups packed. We're going to have to go tonight."

"Right..." Jasper shook his head, and went downstairs. As predicted, his family was sitting in the dining room awaiting some kind of explanation. He shifted uncomfortably. He hated to be the center of attention. "Alice would be best if we left with Emmeline. Just the three of us, and went overseas for a while."

"What?!" Rosalie blinked. The news threw her for a loop, and she wasn't happy. "Running away from this isn't going to change anything. They'll find her no matter where you take her. You know that!"

"It's not that. We don't care if she's found." Jasper said now. He could feel Emma's emotions stirring up. She wasn't happy. "Alice had a vision that Emma feeds off a human, here in Forks." He felt heavy, saying that. He tried to imagine the innocent little girl, his princess, violenting tearing into a human' flesh.

"I promise I won't!" Emma spoke up now. Emmett was in the dining room with her now, and she looked very upset. "Just don't make me leave Emmett again..."

Jasper's heart went out to her. He wanted desprately to tell her that they could stay, that she could remain with Emmett as long she wanted. But Alice had already booked their flight. They were leaving that night. "I'm sorry, Em...we have to go."

"No! I don't want to go. I want to stay with Emmett." Emma buried her face in Emmett's chest. "Please don't make me go..." She whispered to her best friend.

Emmett hugged her close to him, closing his eyes briefly. As much as he would have loved to tell Jasper he couldn't take Emma with him, Jasper was her father, not him. He rubbed her back, and whispered softly in her ear. "I'll come visit as often as I can, little one. I promise you that!" He turned to Jasper. "Are you sure there is no other way, bro?"

"I'm sure." Jasper said. It pained him to see Emma so upset. His prediction about her resentment was very true. "We're going to be living West Yorkshire. It's low population, and dreary weather. Perfect for us." He reached out to take Emma, and was taken aback when she actually growled at him. "Emmeline, that is unacceptable."

"I don't care." Emma spat. "You and Alice don't even trust me." She buried her face in Emmett's neck more, tightening her already iron grip on him.

"Emmy..." Emmett took her into the living room now, and sat with her on the couch, while she sniffled in his arms. "Listen, Princess. Me and you? We gotta be brave about this, okay? It's for the best. Alice's visions are usually subjective, and if she thinks moving you will keep you out of the line of fire with the Volturi, we need to trust that she's right."

"Jasper doesn't like that I love you so much." It was a misplaced accusation. She looked up at Emmett. "That's why."

"Oh, you're wrong, Emmeline. Jasper and Alice aren't the jealous type. Leet me tell you something else. Legally speaking, you belong to the Hales, that is, technically Jasper and Alice. That's just for the sake of the human world. In the vampire world, we are, collectively, one coven. That makes you a part of all of us, and that you belong to not just Jasper and Alice but all of us. That you feel attaachment to one of us or all of us is perfectly alright. Jasper knows that." He hugged her tightly again. "I swear to you, things are going to be fine."

"B-before I go..." Emmeline eyed the baseball glove lying in a chair. It must've been flung there after everyone had come back. "Can we play...?" She said the last part softly.

"Sure, why not." Emmett petted her hair a bit. "I wish things didn't have to be this way...Jazz and Alice deserve just to be happy with you. They shouldn't have to be worrying about your safety constantly."

"I'll be good." Emma promised, as she got up. She went back into the dining room. "We're going to play baseball!"

Jasper blinked, but then he looked up, and saw Emmett nodding. Emma needed humoring right now. They would discuss the move again later. He turned to the stairs. "Alice! Bella!" Bella had gone up to console Alice at the news.


"She hates us." Alice was sitting on the couch in her and Jasper's room. "She absolutely..."

"No. She's just angry." Bella soothed. "She could never hate you guys, Alice. Look at how she clings to Jasper's side most of the time." Bella put a hand on her sister-in-law's shoulder. "I'm not thrilled about my best friend leaving me again, but...we have to do what's best for Emma. Edward and I can come visit. We'll bring Emmett for Emma."

"I have the feeling you won't have to beg him either. I feel like I'm forever keeping them apart. Emmeline must think I hate her being so close to him.."

"Don't assume things about Emma. She's a smart girl. She might be angry right now, but she understands. I'm sure she does. And if she doesn't, I'm sure Emmett has already explained it to her.

"I guess..." Alice sighed softly. She wasn't feeling too much like herself right now. She blinked, hearing Jasper downstairs then. "What's going on now, I wonder. Maybe Emmeline's throwing a fit..."

"I don't think so...we'd be hearing screaming and kicking going on if she was..." Bella shrugged. Emma had never thrown an all out temper tantrum since she'd been with them. It had surprised her. Children who were generally as traumatized as Emma had been were usually more difficult than Emma had proven to be. She went downstairs, following Alice.


Alice blinked, when she heard Emma's request. Her daughter wanted to play one game of baseball with Emmett and the others before they left. She shrugged. It was a reasonable request. "I don't see any reason why not. It's storming pretty good out there." She picked Emma up. "Are you sure you want to do it though? Don't expect Emmett to go easy on you!" She smiled.

"I ain't afraid of Emmett! I'm gonna be on his team!"

"You little traitor." Jasper grinned, ruffling her hair. "That's alright. You go play with Emmett." He watched almost with sadness as she barrelled into Emmett's arms when Alice set her down. It might be awhile before we can all play again together. Emma had the right idea, I think.

"She did." Edward said, coming over to his brother. "We're all going to miss you guys, Jazz." He patted Jasper on the shoulder. "So. One last game for the road. Let's hit it!" Edward followed Emmett, who was carrying Emma in his arms.

Jasper watched them go, and he automatically felt pumped. Though the entire coven was sad about the pending departure of the three vampires, they were all trying to be brave for the sake of the youngest of them all. And that automatically brightened his mood. They all cared so deeply for that little girl. It made a big difference.


The field was just as Emma remembered it weeks ago. It didn't feel like it had been that long ago since she had been on the field, experiencing her vampire family's true abilities for the first time. Now she was one of them. She sighed contently, as Emmett took her out of her car seat. "Emmett, it is okay that I'm on your team, right?"

"Sure! So, what position do you want, huh, kiddo?" He knelt to her level, to fix her baseball cap. alice had bought her pink one, and had the Cullen name embroidered on to it. "I'm gonna have to get you another cap. This is way to girly for real baseball." He smirked when Alice playfully smacked him on her way to the pitcher's mound. "You'd like that, huh, squirt?"

"Uh huh. But don't tell Alice!" She whispered loudly, giggling. "I want to be in the outfield with you!"

"Hmm. How about you take first base?" Emmett wasn't certain Emma was quite ready for full contact baseball yet. Though he had to give her credit for her bravery. "Or you can pitch for our team."

"I'll pitch!" Emma decided, smiling.

"Good deal." Emmett said. He smiled as Rosalie approached. "Found us a good pitcher, Rose."

"Great!" Rosalie smiled, and picked Emma up. "So, do you think you can pitch like Alice?"

"Yeah!" Emma said excitedly. The energy in the air almost made her forget that this was the last game she'd be playing with Emmett for a long while. "I'm gonna make Emmett really proud."

Rosalie hugged her close. "You've already made all of us very proud, Em. When the year's up, you can come back here, and we'll play this again, just like nothing ever happened.

"I hope so." Emma said, as she scrambled to get down. "Play ball!" She didn't want to think anymore about any of the leaving parts. She wanted to put all of her energy into the game she had been so eager to play.

The game began then, and she focused. She let Esme help her find where to go, and when, because this was the first game of baseball she had ever played. She caught on to it pretty quickly, though, and before long, she only had to consult her would be grandmother on technicalities. As it turned out, Emma had quite the pitch. She managed to strike Jasper and Alice both out at least twice during the game's duration. Emmett whooped and cheered her on, encouraging her to play even harder. When it came her turn to bat, she was terrified of the ball, so Alice moved in closer to help her out.

"Come on, Em. I'll throw you a soft one." Alice forced herself to slow down, and throw her daughter an easier one. They didn't mind making exceptions for the smallest member of the family. She was surprised at the force with which Emma hit the ball, then, and she smiled. For a brief second, Emma stood there, in shock of her own strength.

"Emmy! Run!" Emmett called now. "Hurry!" He watched, smirking, as she tore around the bases. "That's my girl!" He crowed when she made it around before Edward could throw her out. "Great run, Em!!"

"That was just a lucky run!" Edward called back, grinning teasingly at Emma. "Great job, Em!" That had ended the game. Her team had won.

"We did it!!" Emmett came and scooped Emma up. "You are one heck of a player, Emmeline Hale!"

"That's because my father is Jasper Hale." She smiled proud of the fact. She knew now that she would never see any other person, human or otherwise, as her father and mother. Jasper and Alice were it.

"Well said, Em. Well said." Jasper came over, and took her from Emmett. "You did amazing out there, baby." The only person that ever been able to strike him out at all was Alice. Now Alice had some major competition. He glanced over. Alice was smiling proudly at the tw of them, but she looked somewhat sad too. She pointed to her watch. They had to leave now. He sobered. "Erm...guys..." He called his family over closer.

"It's time..." Alice spoke now. "We packed the car before we left, so all we have to do is get to the airport." She saw Emma twist in Jasper's arms. "Emmy, we don't have much time..."

"It's alright, Em." Emmett came over, and hugged her while she was still in her father's arms. "I promise you I'll come visit soon, okay?" He leaned closer to her ear. "Remember what I said, about us being brave about this." He smiled, setting an example, though inside, he was torn apart. Emmeline felt like she was just as much his baby sister as she was Jasper's daughter. "Can you smile for me, Em...?"

Emma forced a bright toothed smile for her friend. "I love you, Emmett..."

"I love you too, Em. I promise we won't be apart long." He was choking up. He didn't know if he could be "brave" for much longer. "You guys better get going."

"Yeah..." Jasper hugged Emma close, as the little girl buried her face in his shoulder. "Shh. It'll be okay, Emmeline. I promise. You're going to love England. It's beautiful there." He glanced over at Alice. Her and Bella were saying their goodbyes too. He hugged Emmett and Edward with his free arm. "You guys better come visit us."

"No problem there." Rosalie said now, coming to hug her "twin" close. "You just take care of my neice." Then she hugged Emma too. "And you do good, okay?"

"I will, Rosalie." Emma promised from the confines of Jasper's arms. Alice joined them, and Jasper began to carry her to the car. She tried not to look back. She didn't want to see the look of sadness on Emmett's face. She could feel it, and it was bad enough. "Jasper, can you make him feel better...?"

"He'll be okay, Emmy." Jasper reassured her, as he settled her in the back seat of Alice's porsche. The car seat was gone. He bucked her into the seatbelt tightly though. "You're a big girl now. You don't need the car seat anymore." He and Alice had discussed that milestone back at the house, when they were loading the car. He got in the driver's side.

"We'll call you when we're settled somewhere!" Alice promised, as Jasper pulled away from the field. She heard Emma sniffling in the back seat. She couldn't cry anymore, but she was definitely sad. She glanced to her husband. Jasper shook his head. Emma needed to get through this on her own. It wasn't right for her to feel calm unnaturally in a situation like this. "Emmy..."

"She'll be okay." Jasper told her quietly. "We need to let her get through this." He turned on the radio, and put in a CD he knew that Emma would be fond of. It was a CD of classical music he and Alice had gotten her to listen to once. He preferred earlier stuff, but he dealt with it okay. He and Alice didn't say anything more to their daughter. The rest was going to be up to her, to make the best of the situation to come. They would be there to comfort her, if it got bad, but right now, she needed time to adjust properly to the idea of leaving.


The airport, as usual, was a chaotic mess. Jasper stuck close to Alice, carrying Emma in his arms so she wouldn't get lost in the fray. He felt Emma tense every so often, and knew she was feeling the emotions of every anxious or irritated patron in the place. He was glad when Alice finally got them on the plane. He settled her down in the seat between himself and Alice. "Don't move until the pilot says it's okay, alright?" He buckled her in.

Emma hadn't said much to either of her parents since they'd left the family baseball field. She finally spoke up. "Can you tell me about where we're going, Jasper?"

"Sure." Jasper settled down in his seat, and looked at Alice. His wife was already tuning into her visions. He braced himself, as the plane took off. He turned to Emma once they were up in the air, and smiled. "This is the perfect time to tell you all about it." They climbed higher into the air, and Jasper began to describe the country they were going to. It was a long flight, and he had plenty to say.

Soon, Emma was engrossed in the story of the country, and suddenly, she was looking forward to starting her new life. She would miss Emmett, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Just maybe.

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