The ring. Shiny and golden as it was, light reflected off its smooth and unadorned surface.

It was hard to believe that something so simple had caused so much woe. Because that's what the ring was - simple.

It was made of gold - a metal valued solely for the fact that it was pretty - thickly banded and circular.

It was nothing special, there was nothing special about this ring at all. So why did men value this particular ring so much? Why did men value any rings? They were such simple things, and they performed simple tasks.

Six rings - two larger and four smaller, all interconnected - would bind a man and hinder his movements.

Two rings, disconnected and similar in every way except size, would bind a man and woman together in marriage.

One ring bearing a large signet will bind a document with a man's seal and with that his approval.

All these rings served a purpose, simple as they were. But this ring was not connected to any others, nor did it have a brother or bear a symbol on the top. So what was its purpose?

The question had bothered me for weeks. If other rings bound people and object in some way surely this one did as well. But to what?

I slammed my hand down on the light oak table, causing the ring in the center of it to jump and rattle against the table.

I had to know.

I had been warned against doing so by the elders, but nonetheless I grabbed the ring and shoved it on my index finger.

I tried to gasp, but my lungs would not allow me even the slightest breath.

I had found out the purpose of the ring.

Discovered what it would bind a man to.

Unfortunately, I had never possessed a strong desire to be bound to hell.

I was bored so I decided to write this, review and tell me what you think.