The Twilighter Times

Movie News

The movie is finally here and the wait is over! Twilight has finally hit the big screen!!!! It seems like we were just hearing who they picked as the actors just yesterday! The movie doesn't go by the book exactly, but we think that they did as good as a job as they could. Because, lets just face it…NO ONE can portray our favorite book in the way we imagined it exactly. Be sure to bring a fan though because you're going to need it when you see Edward and Bella kissing.

Story Of The Week

Stop, Drop, and Roll: By Bronzehairedgirl620

Stop, Drop, and Roll is a great all human story. In the story Bella is rescued from her burning apartment by the firefighter Edward, and they fall in love. This great read will have you crying at some parts, and laughing your head off at others. This story sticks to the characters personalities really well, and keeps the regular couples. Be sure to go and check out this amazing read.

New Moon Movie

It's official!!! They have officially started writing the script for New Moon. So get your tissues ready for it. If New Moon is anything like Twilight most likely it will end up making you cry. All Twilighters will be anticipating for them to start filming it.

Great Stories To Check Out

. Yes, For Forever: Bronzehairedgirl620

. Ready, Made Family: ..

. Hidden Love: CrazedCullenLover

. If Every Word I Said Could Make You Laugh: carmelinagunn

Twilight Trivia

Who is Didyme and who killed her and why?

(The answer will be in the next issue.)

Quote of The Week

"Look after my heart. I've left it with you"

-Edward (Twilight)

Random Fact

Stephenie Meyer had trouble coming up with the names for some of our favorite Twilight characters. The name "Isabella" was what she wanted to call her daughter if she had one. And Rosalie and Jasper were originally called Carol and Ronald.

Song Of The Week

. What Hurts The Most: By Rascal Flatts

This song reminds us about what happens in New Moon. We think that the lyrics really describe a lot that happens in New Moon. Be sure to go and check it out.

Twilight Merchandise

Here is a website where you can go and look at all kinds of different Twilight merchandise. It ranges from T-shirts to journals. The website is www(dot)cafepress(dot)com

Story Of The Week

This column is where people can give us their stories of things that have happened to them that have to do with Twilight. It can range from things you have done because of your obsession, to things that happened while you were waiting for the Twilight movie to start. Just PM or review your stories to us and we will post them here on this column.

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