Author's Note:

Hey guys! I've got some bittersweet news for you all, so please read this. It's very important.

Okay, when all that drama went down with Sarah, I thought that I would be able to still continue the Times. I thought, "Hey…I'm better off without her." In all honestly I am. She went her separate way leaving me, but I feel I'm better off.

See, when it all went down I thought that I would still do the Twilighter Times. I even had an update ready and everything. All formatted ready to go. But then just as I was about to upload it I realized something. This was mine and Sarah's thing, and it wouldn't be right without her. So, I decided that I would leave the Times as it is. We had a great time doing it, but it wasn't a "Madi" thing, it was "Sarah and Madi"…the Number-1-Twilighters. I feel like the Times and all of our others stories had a great run, and i hope that you guys feel the same way too.

But I have good news though. If you guys really do want to support me in some way, I have started writing a new story called Dear Liz. It isn't a Twilight fic, it's just my own personal story that I've been working on. It's a romance, and I think that you guys might enjoy it. I will be leaving the link to it on our profile. I hope that you guys can enjoy it as much as you did the times. Honestly, I would trust the feedback coming from you guys than any other people. You guys are amazing!!!!

You all have been absolutely wonderful, and I wouldn't replace you even if it meant I could have Edward Cullen. : ) You guys are sweeter than an autographed copy of Twilight.


(A.K.A. Mrs. Cullen)