A/N I really love James McAvoy, and after seeing the movie i wanted him to hav a story.

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Becoming James

I feared to close my eyes, for fear that I would again see his face that was now burned into the back of my eye lids. I tried to preoccupy my time, to watch tv, and movies. But my sister and mother didn't know yet of my infatuation with the boy that just so happened to be in all of the movies they seemed to be watching. I never thought that a boy would keep me so unhappy, especially for so long. Most people thought I was just going through an early middle age crises. But one person knew, she was my best friend, and soul sister, my lover, and everything else that involved love. The only person I would entrust my heart, soul, and my life. My best friend. At times I was sure that we were sisters separated at birth. But he was an intoxication. His voice, his sent, his being, and the memory's. Everything about him sent my heart into a static shimmer. His name sent shivers up and down my spine, but no matter what I did, no matter how much I wanted him, no matter how hard I cried, or punished my self for letting him go... the thought of him with another almost gave me a heart attack. The last thing I said to him I hoped would be my dieing words. "The world only revolves around me when its finished caring about you."