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When Bella was done feed ing Hope she layed her in her bassinet and went down stairs to get some thing to eat.

She grabbed a bowl, spoon and the box of cereal and was eating when Charlie walked through the door and gave Bella

a hug because he finally gets to see his baby girl again. Charlie went upstairs and woke the baby up and started playing

with her. Bella came up with a huge smile on her face when the door bell rang. She went down stairs and opened the door

revealing Alice and Rosalie who gave her a big hug and vanished up to where the baby was. "wow" she thought " they love

the baby and just ignore me, but who could blame them".she thought again.

" Hey guys whats up".

"Nothing" said Rosalie "but havent seen you for like 2 years".

"well sorry that I was in a bad situation".

"Dont worry about her Bella she's just mad thats all". Said Alice.

Just then the door bell rang and she went to answer it. In the door way stood her best friend in the world (Edward). She jumped

on him and clung on to him then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then emmett her big cuddly teddy. She did the same she did

with Emmett and Edward to Jasper.

" Hey Bella havent seen u in foerever". Said Gorgouse Edward

Hey Bella long time no see". Said teddy bear

"Hi Bella watcha up to". Said Jasper

"Nothing much just chilling with the baby and the girls and my dad".

Just then her phone started ringing

Me dijeron que te vieron por ahi, Que te encuentras muy bien

Y no piensas en mi, Sin embargo yo no puedo dejar de extrañarte
Y te tengo que decir
Rakim & Ken Y!!!

Que si decides regresar Aqui estare esperandote

Ya no lo pienses mujer ven y entregate

Es que no puedo aguantar las ganas de amarte

Y de besarte igual que ayer Igual Que Ayer
Yo te confieso que yo te extraño mi vida

"Hi Suzie wats up".

"Nothing just chillin havent heard from ya today so I just wanted to check on you and Hope".

"Thanks Suzie that means alot to me".

"Well you know me I love you 2 you guys are like family to me".

"Aww now i'm gonna cry".

"Don't cry,,,,,,,,,,,Well I have to go take care of yourself and Hope ok".

"Ok love you text later".

"Love you too and I will.