It was his seventeenth birthday when it happened. He didn't sleep much that night, as part of his tradition. Every year at midnight, he stayed up and wished himself happy birthday. This year, it was so easy. He was overcome with worry for his godfather. The man had nearly died in the Department of Mysteries, and he was eternally afraid he would almost disappear again. He shuddered as he remembered the way his heart nearly stopped as Sirius fell closer to the Veil. Then a sort of shadow had pushed him ever so slightly to the left. He was knocked out cold when his head hit the stone arch which held the Veil, but Mad Eye cursed Bellatrix before his own cousin could murder him. To distract himself he turned to the clock. 5...4...3...2...1


An echoing, thunderous explosion shook his room the moment he turned seventeen. A swirling blue portal of mists snapped open above his bed, ringed with purple fire. "What the-" before he could finish, the wind increased until it ripped the duvet from him, and soon he found himself hurtling towards the mist. As he hit the portal, his spirit broke free of his body, which crumbled to dust that scattered in the howling winds. He felt warmth lick his sides as the flames reached for him as the portal shrunk. Finally he was immersed in the mist, and he knew nothing until-

Chapter One:

He landed in a heap on the ground. He was thrown into confusion when he felt grass against his rather than his pillow or his carpet. With a groan, he flipped onto his back. For a moment he stared into the sky, uncomprehending where he was, noting only the shape of the moon and the gathering of stars. Rubbing his head, he sat up stretching out his bruised back. He nearly had a heart attack when he saw the familiar shape of Hogwarts castle beside the lakes, glimmering in the light of the full moon.

A howl broke the night's silence. Harry jumped up. Werewolves near Hogwarts? He knew only one. He glanced toward the source of the sound, and saw a silhouette, almost impossible to see if it were not for the full moon. Idiot! What was he doing, so close to a werewolf? For a reason he didn't know, let alone could explain, Harry leapt to his feet and sprinted faster than he had done in his life. His hair was thrown into his face by a breeze and a sharp turn to avoid a tree. In his haste to swipe it back, he didn't acknowledge that it was as white as snow.

When he reached the figure, he slammed into it, knocking them both awkwardly to the ground. He glanced down, to check whoever it was hadn't been injured by his reckless move. He froze as he recognised the face. 2 years ago, he had glimpsed it in Severus Snape's pensieve. It was the man himself, as he had looked nearly 20 years beforehand. The man beneath him gaped. "Who are you?" he yelled. "Why did you do that?"

"Hush." Harry said. His distraction had caused him to use the voice that controlled Ron and subdued Hermione in their many arguments. A second howl ripped through the air and Snape froze in fear. Harry stood up slowly, and groped for his wand. The wood felt familiar and comforting in his grip, and magic hummed through him.

Then the werewolf stalked out from the trees, and none of that was going to help.

Strangely, he wanted to protect the younger Snape, so he could grow up and save his life, and then proceed to pick it apart bit by bit. He realised for the first time how much he relied on Snape. And he couldn't let someone with such a big part to play die so young.

So he changed into something that could protect them. His body morphed painlessly into the shape of a wolf, and Harry felt the power beneath his paws, and knew he was higher in hierarchy than the wolf across the grass. He snarled a warning and stood himself firmly in front of the man sprawled on the roots of an oak. He bounded effortlessly and planted his front paws on the werewolf's shoulders, forcing him down to the ground. It squirmed and whined, but then it caught his scent and grovelled, showing it's throat.

Harry growled benignly, and licked it, and allowed it to stand. Almost immediately, the werewolf sprang at Snape. The man screaming, but needlessly, because Harry reared up in front on him snarling and snapping his jaws. The message was clear: You Shall Not Harm Him. The werewolf growled defiance, and Harry howled, his voice strong and powerful. The werewolf yelped and fled.

Harry turned and shook his fur, then transformed back into himself. Concern filled his eyes. "Are you alright? It didn't get you right?"

"No," Snape climbed shakily to his feet. "Thank you, for saving my life."

"I just did what anyone would do." Harry smiled softly.

Snape's face turned bitter "You'd be surprised how many would laugh and walk away." He sighed.

Harry almost exploded. What could somebody do that another would allow him to be attacked. But then he remembered his father's words in the pensieve: 'It's more that he exists, if you see what I mean.'

Snape coughed. "Who are you?" The real question was who are you to care about me? What do you want?

He meant to say Harry Potter. His throat worked, and his brain knew what he wanted to say. But what came out was not it.

"I am Shaun Frost."

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