Chapter 10:

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Lily Evans swore, honest to God, that she'd never meet someone like Shaun Frost.

She was right.

There was no-one like him in the world. Even without his appearance he seemed to be the one thing she had once thought was unachievable. The perfect cross between Slytherin and Gryffindor. He had an incredibly violent and fast temper, but his Slytherin self-restraint complemented it perfectly. He was cold, and manipulative, but warm and honest at the same time.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Shaun asked, grinning. There it was again! He was quite relaxed but she could see the clenching of his jaw as Potter walked past.

"You're a paradox, Shaun Frost." She grumbled, annoyed her skill at figuring people at first sight had failed, for the first time.

Shaun laughed delightedly. Remus though he was an enigma, Lily thought he was a paradox, but Snape...

He supposed he would never work out what Snape thought.

They had arrived at the Great Hall. Shaun reached around Lily's back and pulled Snape toward the girl, as he took a few steps closer as well. "Stay between us," muttered Shaun. Lily tasted bemused, but Snape seemed to understand where he was coming from. If there was an attack from an insanely jealous Gryffindor, they could protect her. If they told Lily, she'd laugh at them. But it had been known to happen.

They entered the Great Hall cautiously, but no ambush came. Potter looked a little shocked, but even he wasn't stupid enough to curse Shaun in front of the whole staff and student body. They split up momentarily to collect food from plates. One of the advantages of being Slytherin was that no-one but your closest friends gave a damn. They quickly spooned food onto sliver plates and stood to check on Lily's progress. She had food and was starting to rise, making her excuses.

But the she was accosted by James Potter, the boy who she loved and hated in equal measures.

Lily struggled, but couldn't wiggle too much for fear of spilling her food. Shaun Frost, it seemed, had no such qualms. He calmly walked up to James, and placed a hand on his shoulder. Lily stiffened, Oh, Lord, Shaun, don't hurt him... she thought desperately. She didn't know it, but Shaun had processed and acknowledged her emotions before she had made the prayer.

Lily watched, fear coiling in her stomach as James looked up to see who was touching him. He opened his mouth, no doubt to ask an inane Gryffindor question like, "Are you touching me?"

But he was halted by Shaun's warm, disarming smile. It almost made James want to smile in response, release Lily and shake hands with a Slytherin. He nearly gave into the impulse until the smile changed. It became a cold, dark smile, one that promised pain when he didn't let go. Lily witnessed the change and sighed. Stupid paradoxical boy...

To be fair, Shaun gave James a minute to let go of his friend. But Lily supposed James wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing. He held her stubbornly. And to Lily's later shame, guilt and wry amusement, she was too interested in what Shaun would do to James to tell him to let go.

Shaun smiled sweetly and gave a quick shrug with one shoulder, ripped James away, and threw him toward the floor. Remus was up and caught him before the Gryffindor could hit the ground.

Shaun saw Remus catch James, as he knew he would. Remus's aura blazed with hot anger. Fury blazed in his eyes. Shaun had slightly better control, but his was still a little unstable. Snape, experienced at reading emotions without aura-tasting placed a hand on Shaun's back, supposedly showing support. But in reality, he was holding up at least half Shaun's bodyweight.

"Don't fight me, Remus," said Shaun, his voice low and understanding but warning, "I don't want to hurt you."

Remus held his eyes for a few more moments, and then bowed his head as if in defeat. Shaun rested a hand to the back of his neck for a moment in apology, but then looked at his plate beside him, dropped in his movement. He picked it up and began piling Gryffindor food onto it.

Snape was staring open-mouthed at his friend's audacity, as were many Gryffindors, though Sirius Black looked as if he was desperately holding back laughter, and thoroughly pissed off that he felt like laughing at all.

Once Shaun seemed to have enough food, he turned to Snape and Lily. "To the classroom?"

Snape nodded, and they began to move off.

"Where are you going, Mr. Frost?" demanded Dumbledore from the top table. Lily watched Snape resist slapping his forehead with his hand. Shaun sighed angrily, plastered on a mask and turned to face the Headmaster.

"Yes, Headmaster?"

"Aren't you going to eat here?"

"No." said Shaun, deliberately not elaborating.

"And why not?" Dumbledore's growing frustration was obvious on his face.

"I doubt either table will accept two Slytherins and a Gryffindor. See you later!"

When they were outside the Great Hall, Shaun sighed in pleasure and smiled happily. "That was fun. Let's go!"

Lily shook her head and she Severus shared a look of mutual fondness at their strange, but wonderful friend.

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