AN- Hi OK so this is my first FanFic and I kinda have no idea what I'm doing. I just came up with this idea- its kinda stupid and I don't think anyone will really read it but hey why not try it right? So im not that good with spelling or grammar so bare with me please.

So here's some history for the story. Carlisle and Esme have 3 kids (Emmet Edward and Alice their triplets 23 years old) Rosalie and Jasper are family friends (their also 23 and twins) (Bella is also 23) Rosalie and Emmet, Alice and Jasper, and Bella Edward are all married married. Rosalie, Alice and Bella are all pregnant at the same time. Rosalie is having triplets Alice is having 1 and Bella's having twins.

Edward and I were at are house getting ready for Christmas dinner at Carlisle and Esme. I couldn't hold my secret anymore. I had been dying to tell everyone that I was pregnant since I first found out. But Edward had insisted that we wait until we knew everything was fine and we had everyone together. I almost told everyone four weeks ago when Alice announced she was pregnant but my morning sickness (which for some reason was in the evening) had me running to the bathroom right after she said it at Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn't believe how much was going to change in the up coming year. Rosalie was 4 months along and having triplets, Alice was now 3 months along and I'm also 3 months along and having twins. I remember when we first found out it was twins, I nearly went into shock but Edward said he was expecting it (he was a triplet so I guess it ran in his family).

"Bella come on were going to be late" Edward called snapping me out of my thoughts and into reality.

"I'm almost ready, be down in a minute" I yelled through the bathroom door.

I was so anxious on the drive to Carlisle and Esme's; Edward had to hold my hand to keep me from shaking. When we finally got there I just wanted to run in the house and scream "IM HAVING TWINS!!!!!" but I knew Edward would be upset if I did so I had to hold back. Everyone was there already. Carlisle Emmett and Jasper were playing Xbox while Esme Alice and Rosalie sat on the couch swapping pregnancy stories. Edward squeezed my hand and went to join the boys, while I sat on the couch next to Alice. Alice and Rosalie were talking about the pregnancy classes they had signed up for together and how they would go shopping for baby clothes together and I didn't want to feel out of the loop so I blurted it out.

"I should sign up for that class to" O god what did I do. I had promised Edward.

"That's nice and all Bella but we have a husbands to help us you don't need to go" Alice told me.

"No you don't get it, I'm having a baby. Well babies I'm having twins." The room fell silent and no one said anything.

"O Bella! How far along are you?!" Alice was the first to break the silence

"I'm 3 months, the same as you."

"Why didn't you tell us?!"

"Edward wanted me to wait, I almost said it when you told us but I had morning sickness"

"Is that why you suddenly ran out of the room? I thought you were mad at me because you weren't having a baby to"


Everyone congratulated Edward and I and asked me how I was feeling. Alice disappeared, I think she was already starting to plan a three-way baby shower.

After all the baby excitement we exchanged gifts and had a very nice dinner cooked by Esme. The boys had gone out hunting the previous week and had caught a turkey that tasted delicious. It was the prefect Christmas, being with family and just talking. The ride home was quite, neither Edward nor I wanting to ruin the perfect evening. When we got home I was tired and just wanted to go to bed.

"Where are you going?" Edward asked.

"I'm tired I'm going to bed, are you coming?"

"Wait! Don't go to bed yet I…need help with something in the guest room." I could hear the hesitation in his voice and was worried what he wanted me to do, but I went anyway.

When I opened the door I couldn't believe what I saw. Edward had set up the nursery. It was painted a beautiful yellow color and had yellow wallpaper with bears going around the walls. There were two cribs, a changing table/ dresser and a rocking chair just like the one I had at Charlie's house. The whole room must have coast a small fortune but at that moment I didn't care. I was so happy that Edward had thought to do that for me I just broke down crying, dam being pregnant.

"Oh you don't like it, it's to early I so sorry lets just go to bed and forget about this." Edward went to go close the door but I stopped him.

"No I…love it it's... its perfect" I could barley get that out with all my crying and Edward leaning over to kiss me didn't help.

Edward finally got me to leave the nursery and go to bed, but not without a fight from me. The babies room was so beautiful and perfect, just like my life at the moment. I had a loving, caring husband who I'm pretty sure would save me from an oncoming car, and wonderful family, 4 nieces/nephews on the way and 2 perfect babies coming in 6 months. At the moment I felt like I had everything anyone could want.

All of a sudden I heard a very loud noise. I recently opened my eyes to find my pixie like best friend holding a fog horn inches from my face.

"Wake up! Were going baby shopping!" Alice sang while dancing around Edward and I's bedroom.

"Alice shouldn't you not wake up the pregnant woman?"

"I'm pregnant and I'm up!"

"Stop dancing around my room your pissing me off!" I screamed.

Well that woke Edward up and he came to my rescue, as always. "Alice why don't you leave our room and Bella will meet you down stairs in a little while. And if you ever come into are room again this early with a fog horn again, you're dead."

"OK, OK a little grouchy in the morning I see" Alice mumbled as she left are room and went downstairs.

"Thanks babe" I said as I kissed Edward.

"Anything for my wife and babies" Edward now pulled down the sheets and pulled my shirt up exposing my stomach as he kissed it and said hello to our children. This had become are morning routine since I knew I was pregnant.

I rolled onto Edward and breathed in his scent that I loved so much.

"I think you should go down stairs before Alice comes back up and drags you out of bed."

"I don't get why we have to go shopping now, I have 6 months to get clothes."

"I don't get it either but you know Alice, any reason to go shopping is good enough.