So he left, there was nothing I could do, I had been moping around for months. Charlie was sending me back to mom and I had to forget about Edward to be able to come back to Forks. I would go and see Renee for a week then come back here. I sat up on my bed, tears streaming down my face. I wiped them away quickly and ran downstairs to meet Charlie.

"Bells, this week think of nothing but the sun. Maybe your mother can help you forget him." Charlie agreed I could come back in a week. I had already decided that when I got back I would be back to normal, maybe not on the inside but on the outside I would.

"I know dad, I just need to get away from Forks for a bit. It'll be better when I get home." I lied, something I had come accustom too with a vampire boyfr… ex-boyfriend. I put my bag into the cruisers trunk and went to sit on the passengers side. The ride to the airport seemed too long, he was driving me to Port Angeles where I would get onto the plane and try my hardest to forget all about Edward. I may still be madly in love with him but I was furious with him after I got on the plane. I made myself be furious with him. I thought of what he did the whole hour flight to Seattle. How could he do that to me? Why would he do that to me? He told me he was in love with me, then all of a sudden he wasn't?

I got on the plane to Jacksonville. When I got to my seat I sat down and turned on my music.

"Excuse me miss. Could I get by." I heard a silky voice ask. I looked up and saw beauty I had seen before. He would fit in perfectly with the Cullen's. He looked like one, light gold eyes, pale skin and absolutely beautiful. I pulled my feet in as he passed. He looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties. He reminded me of Carlisle.

"My name's Linton, nice to meet you." He held out his hand and I took it to test my theory. His icy skin told me exactly what I needed to know.

"My name's Bella. You're a… a…" I couldn't finish, surely he'd think I was insane. The plane took off and the seatbelt sign went on. I watch his hands pull on the strap and did the same.

"I'm a what dear?" He questioned curiously.

"vampire" I whispered, testing another theory, he wouldn't of heard it otherwise.

"That's insane."

"You heard me." I challenged.

"I have really good hearing." He covered up, I could hear the lie in his voice.

"Ice cold skin, beauty that belongs in a magazine, golden eyes." I knew it all too well.

"I was just outside, thanks for the compliment and, and" He struggled for words.

"And you're eyes are golden because you drink animal blood not human blood." I answered for him, he looked in astonishment. "I know vampire's… knew vampire's."

"You're human how'd you… why'd they tell you?"

"Because," I started, why was I explaining this to him? I knew I just didn't want to admit how much I longed for Edward, anyone like him made me think I was talking to Edward. "I WAS" I put emphasis on was. "in love with one. Edward Cullen." I explained. To this stranger.

"Carlisle Cullen's 'adopted' Edward" He made quotations in the air with his hands when he said adopted.

"You know the Cullen's?" I asked hopeful, did he know where they were?

"I lived with Carlisle, Esme and Edward a long time ago. I try to keep in touch with them still." Linton explained. "How are they doing?" He asked.

"I don't know, I haven't talked to them in several months. They left and Edward said his goodbye's." I said letting out one tear.

"Why did they tell you all this, about vampires?" He asked knowing it wasn't right.

"I was going to be one of them." I said between a few short sobs. I made myself stop, I had to be furious with Edward. As I lived in my own world I heard a loud noise. It sounded like an exploding car from a movie.

"What's happening I asked Linton." I knew he would hear something. Be able to explain something.

"The captain's calling mayday. I think we have to land." I was in shock and everyone else was looking around worried. I started to feel the plane go down, toward land, fast. I looked at Linton, of course he wouldn't be worried, this wouldn't hurt him.

When we were about to land Linton looked into my worried eyes, he was starting to look nervous. Right before I heard the crash and felt the pain Linton pulled me under his marble body protecting me as much as he could. Then I heard the crashing, I felt pain.

"Bella? Bella are you alright." Linton's voice called. He pulled me up and ran out of the exploding area. I couldn't feel my body, everything was numb then I couldn't hear anything. Finally my eyesight was gone and I knew I was dead.

When I woke I couldn't open my eyes but there was pain. A burning pain dulling by the second. It was almost too bad to resist screaming and lashing out but I laid still where I was. Wherever I was. The pain soon faded and I opened my eyes seeing better than ever. I felt better than I had ever felt before. I could smell everything and hear everything.

"Bella, you're awake. You didn't scream in your change?" It was more of a question than a fact. I looked at Linton then around the small room I was in.

"Linton? What change?" I already knew. I was dead but not at the same time. Immortal. I was a Vampire.

"Bella I had to, there was no other way. You were going to die and I felt as if you were my Isabella. My daughter Isabella, she died in an accident before I was changed, I couldn't let you die." he sounded sorry, like he had done something wrong. Why wasn't I mad? Why wasn't I an insane newborn that Alice had explained to me. Was it because I knew what to expect or because of Linton.

"What happened?" I asked still confused. I looked at Linton's apologetic face. "This is what I wanted, I'm not mad." I also wanted Edward to change me and to love me and I wanted to spend forever with Edward but those things weren't going to happen so I had to suck it up and forget it. I knew why I wasn't mad, maybe, since I had forever, I would find Edward. I couldn't think like that but I knew it was true.

"The plane crashed and I tried to save you but I couldn't so I changed you. You were out for 5 days, I thought you were dead but I could hear your heart beating until a few minutes before you woke up. Five days is longer than usually." He explained.

I got up to look at myself. I was beautiful, pale skin my hair was a little darker, longer and curly at the ends. My features were more defined and perfect. My eyes were red, a detail Alice had said would go away after time. As I lived as a vegetarian my eyes became the gold that I was used to. I lived with Linton for a long time without seeing anyone else. Twenty years and no accidents whatsoever. We lived in Alaska and then North Dakota and other places too. I became used to the fact that I had to be furious with Edward. Eventually I truly was. Charlie and Renee had a funeral for me and Edward showed up. I never deleted Alice's number off my old cell phone and never got rid of it either. I still wanted to be friends with Alice but she was no where. I was going to go to my funeral and try to see Alice alone but Linton told me not to go. He was my father and that was that. I changed my name to Isabella Alice Brown. Linton Brown was my real father wherever we went and my mother, Renee Brown had died many years ago. I discovered a power I had as a human, it got stronger and now I could block other vampires powers. I also got another one, I don't know why I had two but they kind of went together. I could mimic other powers if the vampire with them was close enough. Twenty years later and I was now standing at my own grave. Bella Swan was still in here she just had to go by Bella Brown now. I looked at my grave for the first time. It was beautiful. It had the typical name and dates on it but my dad had a rose carved up the side that said Bella on it. On the bottom it said Daddy's little girl. It was my 38th birthday, and Linton had promised me we could move here in forty more years. Charlie would have passed away and so would most of the other older people I knew. The people at school wouldn't really be able to recognize me anyway. I looked too different. I heard people coming from down the road and ran into the tree's. Charlie's cruiser pulled up. Billy, Jacob and Charlie got out. Jake looked the same, he was obviously not aging therefore a werewolf. I could see him sniffing the air he could smell me.

"Jake." I whispered, he'd hear that.

"It's like I can hear her still." He whispered to Billy. Charlie knew about Jake could I let him know about me? Linton was still in Alaska and I had told him I might not come back for a while. My original plan was to stay in the Cullen's house until he came here in 40 years and he told me if I didn't come back he would meet me here when it was time.

"Because you can you idiot! Don't you dare tell Charlie now make up an excuse and get over here." I whispered his werewolf ears would here that but Billy and Charlie's human ears wouldn't.

"huh?" He questioned in a low voice, he must of thought he was dreaming because he just watched Charlie kneel and Billy bow his head.

"Jake look over to my voice." I put out my pale white hand and waved it in when Jake looked. "I'm not a mirage so get over here. Seriously Jake or I'm coming over there, imagine what Charlie will say!" I was really about to go over there. I wanted to hug Charlie and make him stop crying.

"Are you ready to go to the memorial?" Billy asked Charlie and they all headed toward the cruiser.

"Uhhhh, I want to stay. I'll meet you guys there." Jake told Billy and Charlie

"Okay Jacob." Charlie said in his low voice, he hadn't changed much, just a few gray hairs and a couple more lines. I was sobbing quietly knowing I couldn't go see him.

When the cruiser drove off I ran over to Jacob as fast as I thought a human would be able to.

"Jake, don't be mad. I know we can't be friends but don't be mad at the Cullen's, they didn't change me."

"B-B-B-Bella?" He stuttered then he passed out falling onto the grass.