Then I was there. The beautiful perfect place that was in all my fantasies. The meadow. But I wasn't alone. Edward turned around when I walked into the little circle.

"Oh sorry. I, uh, came here to get away from you." I said. Not being mean but it just slipped out.

"Bella, we'll leave. You can stay in Forks with Charlie and my family will go."

"What! Why? No! Don't leave me, I can't handle you leaving me. Not now, not again!" I sobbed, my hands went to my face, waiting for the tears.

"Bella, I'm sorry, it's just that-" He started, closing the distance between us and putting his hands on my shoulders.

"What Edward? It's just that you're doing what you always do when you're scared? Running away? Leaving me behind? Or is it just that you really don't love me? That every day that we were together was a lie? That my whole existence was a lie? What is it that has you running away again? That has me not able to say how I really feel just so I might be able to pretend that I don't love you. Just so I'm not admitting it, setting myself up for disaster." I asked angrily.

"Bella, I'm not running away, I just thought it's what you wanted." He confessed stunned, shaking his head when he told me that he wasn't running, that calmed me a little but why would he think it's what I wanted.

"What I wanted?" I asked, amazed at how angry my voice still sounded.

"I didn't think it was fair to you that I was always around. Look, I'm sorry I left, really I am. And I understand that this is my fault. You moved on when I told you to, now I just have to follow my own advice." He sounded hurt, and looked it too.

"Edward I am not over you! Far from it actually." I argued. Way far from over him. I was in love with him. Very much in love with him. "I…I love you, Edward." I whispered. I bit my lip waiting for it to happen, for him to laugh in my face or something else awful. Setting myself up for defeat. He just stared though. Stared in shock. Then the shock turned to disbelief, probably much like my face looked when he told me.

"You don't mean that Bella." He shook his head in disagreement.

"Don't tell me what I do or don't mean. I love you Edward, always have and always will. I bet even if you killed me I would still love you more than anything else in the world." I replied truthfully. I love him, I love Edward Cullen. It sounded right, nothing inside told me not to say it or that it was wrong. It felt right.

"You love me?" He asked, going back to the shocked face.

"I love you." I replied. Then I had to show him. I put my hands on my face and closed my eyes. Concentrating on showing him how much I really did love him.

"Bella!" He gasped. I knew it had to be working so I went on. I showed him all of my memories of him. The first time we met, when I was human, our first kiss, the meadow…everything. I was just going through when he told me he loved me again just two weeks ago when his urgent lips pressed against mine. My shield snapped back as my arms snaked around his neck.

"I love you Isabella Swan." He smiled at me looking into my eyes.

"I love you too Edward Cullen." I whispered.


"So, you don't hate him?" I asked Jake and his new friend Kelsey. She knew about the wolves and her brother just changed.

Bugatti Veyron." Jasper stated.

wolves and her brother just changed.

"Not anymore. We were both really sad about your… absence." Jake struggled. "We kind of bonded. I respected that he saw he couldn't put you, a mere human, through that much danger." Jake had sided with Edwards decision to leave.

"Boys and their 'this is too dangerous for a girl' bullshit." I muttered, Kelsey just rolled her eyes at Jake.

"Really, we are put through so much more than boys. If boys had too go through half the shit girls do then there would be a major male population issue, or lack of population."

"See, I like this girl, she's smart." I smiled at her. "She's a keeper." I joked, successfully making Jake turn a lovely shade of pink.

"Hey look it's raining." He said changing the subject.

"Raining? In Forks? Well, I'll be." I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Sarcasm is her second language."

"No wonder, I've been living with you for the past 20 years." I laughed. I heard a knock on the door where I knew Linton would be.

"Come in!" I yelled, though I really didn't need to, it was a human habit to yell up stairs or to people who aren't in the room with you.

"Hey Bells. I'm off." Linton smiled holding a little green vintage suitcase in one hand. I really didn't want him to leave. I mean he was like a dad to me.

"You really have to go?" I asked getting up to give him a hug.

"Yeah, I'm invited to go and live with another coven, I'm going to try to teach them to be like us." He smiled. I swear the man would make everyone saints if he could.

"I know. I'll miss you, that's all." I half smiled. I gave him a big hug and he dropped the suitcase so he could give me a proper hug.

"I'll miss you too Bella." He whispered. I collected myself and let go of him.

"Be sure to check in every so often." I reminded.

"I will." He smiled then he was off. Half my vampire life. Why couldn't everyone I love stay in one place and not leave... ever?

"Bye Linton." I whispered as his gold car sped down my road.


OK you can do this, just one more day. Just one more day and you will never have to do it again… hopefully. Ithought as I walked toward my front door. Just one more day! I chanted in my head walking to the jeep and getting into the passenger seat.

"Ok, today's lesson will be on driving." Emmett stated clearing his throat.

"Emmett that's what all your lesson's have been on." I reminded him, rolling my eyes.

"As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted," Emmett started, giving me the evil eye for 'rudely interrupting' "we will push the key in this little gismo here."

"The ignition?" I asked raising my brows in disbelief. He was really just trying to piss me off.

"Yes, the ignition, then we will turn the key, without taking it out of the ignition. Did you see that Bella? The engine started." He said in fake amazement as he pointed out the obvious. "So, we turn the wheel right, so we can turn right."

"Really? Turn it right to turn right, gosh that seems real hard to remember." I replied sarcastically.

"I'll help you remember. Ok so we're going to drive the legal limit down the road." He reminded me, completely exaggerating the speed limit.

"Emmett, the speed limit is 50mph." I said pointing to the white sign with the black bold print stating the speed limit.

"Yeah, so?" he asked.

"Well, you're going 30." I replied pointing to the speedometer.

"Bella, that's the maximum limit, you just can't go over it, you can go under it." He informed me bobbing his head, as if he was agreeing with the words coming out of his mouth. When we hit a stop sign he pulled out a little silver gadget type of thing. A walky-talky?

"Jasper you're on." He spoke into the walky-talky then started to turn onto the high way.

"Never forget the blinkers Bella." He sang, literally. Then Jasper pulled up in his car. He nodded at Emmett and started to drive a little faster. Proceeding to cut us off.

"Carlisle you too." Emmett mumbled into the walky. "See Bella, when someone cuts you off you don't yell or complain. You ram them in the rear." He laughed then actually hit Jasper's car. Sending him flying off the road into a ditch.

"EMMETT!" I screeched. "PULL OVER!"

"Unless he's old," He stated as Carlisle pulled up, cutting us off. Emmett sped up and turned into the lane to our right. "Then you just flip them off." He said giving Carlisle the finger then speeding down the road swerving into the parking lot. "Cause remember Bella, it takes 46 muscles to frown but only 4 to flip 'em the ol' bird." Emmet smiled as he parallel parked. I got out of the car totally shocked. I could not believe what Emmett just did.

"Emmett!" A not-so-calm voice came from behind me as Emmett and I walked toward Edward.

"Yes?" He asked slightly amused when Jasper grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face him and Alice. I turned around while Edward walked the rest of the distance between us pulling my back into his chest.

"What's going on?" He whispered in my ear. I just shook my head.

"You," Jasper snarled poking Emmett in the chest with his pointer finger as if to emphasize that he was talking about him. "told me to cut you off, so you could teach Bella the right way to calmly deal with that. You never said anything about wrecking my car!"

"Or my outfit, these Mary Jane's will never be the same…look at that scuff." Alice said pointing to her heels. "Look at it!" She looked down at her heels as if she was going to cry. "I can't believe I missed that." Alice muttered.

"How did she miss that?" I asked out loud. "I mean why didn't you see what he was planning? Unless he wasn't planning…" I trailed off as we all looked at Emmett.

"It's not my fault, it's Bella's." He pointed me out like he was two.

"As if!" Well, if he was acting two then so was I.

"See, I saw how uninterested you were in my lesson's so I saw my chance and took it. You know, liven things up a little." He shrugged as if it was no big deal.

"Liven it up by killing my car!" Jasper yelled.

"For the sake of my Volvo just pretend to care on the way home."

"Does no one care about my shoes?" Alice asked as we all walked into the cafeteria, sitting at our favourite table in the back corner.

"Alice, it was a Bugatti Veyron" Jasper stated.

"They were my brand new Mary Jane pumps. Now they look like they've been worn before. They cost me 300.00$!"

"Why would you ever pay that much for a pair of heels?" I asked in shock but they just ignored my question and went on.

"My car cost me $1,192,057!" I swear if I were human I would have a heart attack. Rosalie came in the cafeteria as everyone started talking at once.

"My car!"

"Brand new heels! Ruined!"

"You could feed a whole third world country with that much money!"

"We will get you a new car…"

"What about the shoes."

"Alice you have 487 pairs of shoes. You don't need another pair."

"Hey look, Carlisle's here."

"Flip me the bird Emmett? You are grounded Mister."

"Think of all the poor children."

"I could get a new pair of flats."

"If you're happy and you know it clap your hands… aw no one's happy."

Rose walked by the table shaking her head. "Drama, drama, drama."



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