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Title: Sweet Dreams

Rating: PG (K+)

Pairing: Leah

Summary: The only man 'man' enough to say 'I love you' back, left her.

When Leah Clearwater was a little girl, way before life removed all the innocence, she would dream about the day her father would give her away. About how he would walk her down the aisle, whispering comforting words of encouragement. Then handing her over to her flawless Prince Charming, riding off together on his white horse.

But to the all-grown-up Leah, those dreams were nothing but stupid, naïve, and hopeless. She no longer believed in happy endings. She never dreamt about her wedding day. Never even thought about the soft, flowing fabric of her wedding dress. Never once did she write down timeless vows for the perfect day.

All these dreams forgotten. Because, the one man she truly loved left her. The only man she could depend on left her. The only man 'man' enough to say 'I love you' back, left her.

The only man that could take her into his strong arms and say 'Baby girl, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.' And then chuckle as he added 'Besides Seth', left her.

She never realized, until now, how true the old saying really was.

The only man a girl could depend on was her daddy.

Kind of brings a whole new meaning to 'separation anxiety', doesn't it?

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