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Summary: Uchiha Sasuke is forced into a marriage with Karin by his father and as a way to get out of it, he lies "I already have a lover, she's pregnant," Oh boy, how is the almighty Sasuke going to save himself now? Easy; ask Haruno Sakura who is in a similar predicament.


The street lights flashed in a blur, the only thing on his mind was getting to the hospital. His black Mercedes switched from one lane to the other, passing cars and their angry drivers who were cursing at him, but he didn't care; his father was in the hospital.

Nearing the Konoha Hospital, Sasuke slowed to a stop outside the emergency ward, not even bothering to park his car, he ran inside.

"Where is Uchiha Fugaku?" He yelled, slamming his palms on the counter where the nurse was seated behind.

"H-He's in emergency room f-four, U-Uchiha-san." The young nurse stuttered, looking up from her computer, the Uchiha was already gone.

He ran down the hallways, disregarding the doctors and nurses who were telling him to walk, as he made another right, onyx orbs caught sight of two figures, his mother and brother. Itachi was rubbing their mother's back soothingly.

Sasuke sat down next to his mother, silently examining her. She was very quiet, unlike her usual cheery self, her eyes were blank as she stared at the tiled floor.

He turned towards his brother, signaling for him to explain, Itachi nodded, getting up.

"Mother, Sasuke and I are going to get a drink, do you want anything?" He asked gently, but received no reaction, something flickered on both brother's face only to be quickly covered. It hurt to see their mother like that.


"What happened? Explain." Sasuke commanded when they were out of earshot.

The older Uchiha turned towards his younger brother, "I got here after the doctor explained briefly about father's state, and mom has been crying since. All I could understand from her is that father is dying and only has a couple years left to live," Sasuke stared at his brother incredulously.


"Apparently, father has known about this for a while and didn't tell anyone," Itachi paused and looked up, "god the old man is so stubborn." He whispered, closing his eyes.

Both were silent before Itachi sighed, "I asked the doctor to call us when he has time, to tell us more about father, but for the mean time we better get back, they are going to transfer father to another room soon and mom needs us."

Sasuke nodded, in a daze, still not believing the information just told to him.


The three entered the room, Mikoto being led by her sons, Fugaku stared at his family, nodding his head 'hello.'

Mikoto looked up slowly, her head tilted to the side, new tears forming, "Why didn't you tell me? I'm your wife." The Uchiha Matriarch whispered, falling to her knees next to her husband's bed, no one needed her to clarify what she was asking about.

He looked at her, his gaze even, to anyone else it would seem like a heartless, criticizing stare, but there was a spec of pain evident in his eyes. "I couldn't." He replied, lowly.

Sasuke stood to the side, fist clenched, next to Itachi.

How can somebody like him be dying? This was the man that he looked up to his whole entire life, the person who smirked proudly whenever he did something better than his brother, the man who's comment meant everything. Why the fuck is he dyeing?

"Excuse me, may the family members of Uchiha-sama follow me, the doctor wants to speak with you." A nurse said, quietly.

The two brothers looked at each other, then their parents, deciding that the couple needed time alone anyway, they nodded and followed the nurse.

When the siblings entered the doctor's office, the nurse bowed and left quietly. The room was silent for a while, Sasuke stared at the man in the white coat, Isn't he a good friend of fathers? He thought, vaguely remember seeing him at the Uchiha mansion when he still lived with his parents.

The doctor sighed and looked both brother in the eyes.

"Your father, Uchiha Fugaku," He paused and released another heavy sigh. "a great friend of mine, has malignant (cancer) cells forming in the tissues of his brain. In many people, the onset of these symptoms is very gradual and may be overlooked," He paused again, it was obvious how much this pained him. "I'm sorry; occasionally, however, these symptoms appear more rapidly. Your father, has been secretly going through chemotherapy, but his body recently stopped replying to treatments. I'm sorry, but there isn't much we can do; the best advice I can give is for him to live the remainder of his life to the fullest and Fugaku knows that."


Itachi walked into the room, followed by Sasuke; from the way that Mikoto laid her head on the hospital bed, sleeping soundly, it was evident that the couple have made up and is no longer fighting. The Uchiha watched his wife breath softly, his onyx orbs moved from her to Itachi and Sasuke.

Fugaku sighed, "I assume, my doctor has told you everything and I do not have to explain." His sons nodded.

"I only have a few more years left on this earth, and before I die, I would like to see one thing happen and I will die content," Sasuke had a bad feeling, "I want to see you marry and have children." He finished.

Hearing his dad bring up 'that' subject, Sasuke's down cast expression turned angry; before his younger son had the chance to retort, Fugaku continued.

"Your mother and I have given you more than enough time to look for a spouse and you still haven't found one. I took the liberty to arrange a marriage for you, remember Karin? She is now your fiancee."

Two pairs of onyx orbs stared, wide eye, at the man in the hospital.

"You. Did. What. Are you crazy?" Sasuke asked, through clenched teeth, restraining himself from attacking his own father.

"I clearly stated that, Karin is now your fiancee, you and her should get married as soon as possible and begin a family." He explained.

Of all the people that he has ever met, Sasuke hated Karin the most; She threw herself all over him whenever she had the chance and thinks that batting her eyelashes like it was defected is attractive. It wasn't. Whenever he was forced to see her she is always wearing a whole company of cosmetics on her face in attempts to hide her ugliness, which in Sasuke's opinion fails because at one glance you can clearly see that she was not pretty, at all; and her clothing choice seems like it was ordered straight from a whore magazine. Hating her was a large, large understatement.

"You can't do that." The youngest Uchiha murmured, his bangs covering his face. The only fucking reason you're doing this is because of your stupid pride, you only chose that bitch because her family is high in status; settling down my ass. He thought, glaring at his father.

Fugaku raised an eyebrow. "Why may I not?" He asked, provoking his youngest son.

"Because I already love someone." The moment those words left his mouth, Sasuke inwardly winced.

"I didn't know you have a lady. She must be a looker." Itachi commented; Foolish little brother.

"Who is it?" Their father asked, ignoring his older son, eyes boring into the younger one.

"I'm not obliged to answer." Sasuke answered.

"I am your father!" Fugaku yelled, losing his patience.

"No father would make his son marry a slut." He retorted, the last word coming out more harsh than the rest.

Itachi grabbed his younger brother's shoulder, not wanting him to attack their father.

"As long as you marry Karin, I do not care if you get yourself a mistress." Fugaku bargained.

"That's not possible." The Youngest Uchiha replied.

"What do you mean it is not possible, I'm allowing you to have a mistress as long as you marry and have a child with Karin."

"She's Pregnant." Sasuke lied.

Fugaku's eyes widened, "What?" He hissed.

"The woman I love is Pregnant!" His son articulated loudly.

Itachi gripped his younger brother's shoulder, signaling for him to relax.

Sasuke calmed, shook his brothers hand off him, and turned towards the door; "You'll meet my girlfriend soon, as long as I have her, I will not look at anyone else, there is no way in hell I'm marrying someone like Karin." He spat her name out as if it was poison and walked out.

Where the fuck am I going to get a pregnant girlfriend... He pondered, not knowing that within the next 48 hours he will have much more than what he bargained for.

The young Uchiha will soonhave a woman that will be pregnant and the child will be his.


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