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Summary: Uchiha Sasuke is forced into a marriage with Karin by his father, as a way out, he lies "I already have a lover...she's pregnant," Oh boy, how is the almighty Sasuke going to save himself now? Easy: Ask Haruno Sakura who is in a similar predicament.

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"I know you can't say no, but Marry Me?"

She laughed, tears escaping and cascading down her smiling face, giving him another kiss.

"You suck at cooking, so I will only say yes if you never try again."

The Uchiha smirked, "Deal."

And so, Sasuke's efforts did not totally go to waste. Though there are still lots of hurdles ahead, some sooner than others, Sakura was happy to receive such a thoughtful, though not well thought out seeing as he could not cook to save his life, proposal when she was not expecting one at all.

.End Recap.

"How about this one? Do you think it clashes with the hair?"


Sakura growled, "Sasuke!"

After Mikoto found out about the proposal, to which she squealed and clapped excitedly- "My baby is so sweet!"- she automatically asked Sakura to go out shopping for a new dress to wear.

Sensing his, now, fiancee's reluctance, Sasuke decided to cut in and tell his mother he already promised the Pinkette that he would help her find a nice dress. Mikoto took it well, merely grinning and giving the two a wink.

She giggled, followed by a "don't do bad things in the dressing rooms" warning, before skipping away.

Not even staying to see the couple's beat-red faces.

Checking his watch, Sasuke noted it was almost four, "Sakura we've been at the mall for three hours."

Said woman growled, "We would be long gone if you would make an effort and help me choose!"

The raven-haired man stopped himself from rolling his eyes, taking a calming breath, he examined the pile or dresses, picturing each one on the Pinkette.

After a moment's contemplation, he replied, "I like the navy blue one. It's a nice color."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "I see what you did there."

Sasuke gave her a questioning look, to which she stated, "You just don't want to wear a light green tie." Motioning to the green dress that the store attendant claimed "brings out your beautiful emerald orbs!"

The Uchiha smirked, "Or a pink one."


Sasuke winced as the sounds of breakfast's return into the porcelain bowl.

Today is Judgment Day, also known as the Uchiha family extravaganza, and Sakura's nerves and morning sickness got the best of her.

Of course Sasuke is by her side, holding her hair back and occasionally giving her back a rub.

The event starts at one, the two had three hours to prepare for the battle.

Sakura groaned, flushing the toilet, she leaned against the wall.

"I don't feel good."

Sasuke sighed, "Nap?"

Closing her eyes, Sakura gave a slow nod, anything more and she'd be right by the toilet again.

The Uchiha frowned, she did not look well, at all.

He pushed the worry away, the internet said it was normal for pregnant women to be tired and worn-out, especially if morning sickness hits them hard.

Unfortunately for Sakura, morning sickness came with a bang.

"I think I'll stay here." She stated, softly.

"I'm not letting you sleep on the bathroom floor Sakura."

With that said, he lifted her up gently and brought her into their room- placing her onto their bed gingerly.

As an afterthought, he moved the trash can right next to the bed.

Just in case.

"If you need anything, just call me."

The door closed.


"Mother, she's really sick."

Said woman replied and Sasuke growled in frustration, "This isn't another scheme to get out of the stupid reunion, Sakura is sick, swear to God; she's been throwing up all morning, nothing she eats is staying down, and she hasn't moved in the past hour and a half, she's out."

Catching the time, Sasuke noted there was only another hour before they had to leave the house and Sakura was dead to the world.

"I don't know, do you want me to wake her up and force her to pretend she's alright just so we don't lose face? Because that's ridiculous, I rather everyone talk shit than putting Sakura or our baby in danger."

Mikoto soothed her son, telling him to calm down.

He released a tension-filled breath.

"Forget it mother, I'll see how she's doing in a bit and if it looks like she can handle it, we can show up late."


Groaning softly, Sakura opened her eyes, the sickening feeling of throwing up, gone.

Checking the time, she cursed silently; the clock said it was two-thirty, she slept for a good two hours or so...

Right through the start of the Uchiha meeting.

Great, this is going to be just great... She though sarcastically.

The door opened slowly, followed by a familiar chicken-assed hairstyle.

Sakura flinched, preparing for the yelling of her life, but nothing came.

Instead the Uchiha actually looked relieved- not angry.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked.

The Pinkette nodded slowly, giving a smile for reassurance.

"It's late. You should have woken me up, Sasuke-kun."

Said man gave a small smile, "We can always show up fashionably late. No rush."

With that said, he exited the room, allowing time for the out-of-commission doctor to get ready.

"That went well." Sakura said out loud, grabbing a towel for a quick shower.

Within the hour, the two were standing outside "The House," ready and set, hypothetical war paint already applied onto their faces.

Sasuke gave Sakura's hand a reassuring squeeze before guiding her gently into the eye of the storm-

His family.


Sakura Haruno really hit it off with the Uchihas- they all adored her, loved her even.

She even received approval from most of the elders, "the apprentice of the great Tsunade who managed to surpass her mentor," she was "deserving of the Uchiha name."- or so they explained.

Point is, Sasuke was a happy man.

The weight was finally off his shoulder, they liked her! His God-awful family actually liked a girl he brought home!

They liked her and she hasn't even known them for more than a couple hours!

Mikoto laughed happily, giving her future daughter-in-law an excited hug, "That goodness you made it! I was worried when Sasuke told me you two were going to be late. Are you feeling better honey?"

Sakura smiled sheepishly, "I'm fine, just the usual... morning predicament." She explained vaguely, not wanting to let slip her delicate state to any curious ears.

The Uchiha matriarch smiled knowingly, she was about to say something when the sound of clinking glass interrupted her.

It was Sasuke.

In other words, it was time.

The whole room went quiet, listening intently to the twenty-three year old in the center of the room.

Sakura swallowed nervously, I think I might be sick. She thought worriedly.

"Good afternoon everybody, It's good to see everyone nice and well," he began, "I have an important announcement to make."

The room filled with questioned whispers.

"I know you all have noticed that I hardly ever make it to family gatherings, but it just so happened that every time there has been one, someone really close and dear to me has gotten either sick or in trouble. Today, I am here to introduce to you that important someone."

Sasuke signaled Sakura to the center, placing a comforting arm around her waist.

"Uchihas, this is Haruno Sakura, you can blame her for my absences," The room filled with chuckles and approving nods, glad that Sasuke has brought home and introduced such a lovely girl, "She is my world and I am taking this gathering as an opportunity to announce our engagement. To me, she is everything and more."

The news took about two seconds to process before the room was filled with approvals.

When the announcement's excitement calmed, the couple made their way around the room, reintroducing Sakura as a future-Uchiha.

However, one person was not very happy.

Uchiha Sousuke, one of the more power-hungry elders.

The old man growled lowly, this female was the reason Sasuke's engagement to Karin did not go through, the Uchiha corp. does not have a bond with that girl's enterprise because of this pink-haired woman.

There's hell to pay; the Uchihas could be even more powerful if the merge with Sound Inc. went trough, the two could have been connected through marriage.

Too bad this little girl got in the way, "Well, that's going to change."


A couple days later, angry mumbling was heard as a figure stomped down the hall- "That little, pink-haired freak! This stupid bitch thinks she can just steal my Sasuke from me! I don't fucking think so!"

The news stations just announced the pending marriage of one Uchiha Sasuke to a "pink-haired beauty who also has brains- a complete package" and Karin. Is. Pissed.

"This Dumbass whore!"

The corridor cleared out, no one wanting to tick off the redhead. After all, her father was their boss, pissing his daughter off was a big 'no-no.'

"Daddy! I want Uchiha Sasuke! He ran off with another chick, but I know for a fact that they have never dated! PLUS, I bet you she's not even pregnant! They're lying to us daddy! She seduced him! And made him think she's pregnant! I swear!"

Said man listened to his 'Princess's rant before angrily standing from his desk chair and promising her former engagement to the Uchiha heir will be back on track.

Her growls continued, the words spilling out easier and easier- Karin knows that no matter what, Sasuke will be hers...and no Pink-haired slut-face will get in the way.


An uncomfortably cold wave rushed through her body, Sakura shivered.

"Are you okay?"

She nodded slowly- "I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow- "And I think you're paranoid; we just went through the Uchiha's extended-family, I think we are invincible."

Sakura laughed, "Alright Superman, what do you say we go grab some food- we are hungry." She announced, patting her tummy.

The reunion ended and the couple couldn't wait to get out; they hauled-ass and made it to the 'safety zone' in record time-

The battle against enemy one was won.

Now, it's pregnancy time, also known as, enemy two... to which Sakura challenged with a "Come at me bro!"


On the other side of town, one angry female cackled evilly while dialing a phone number to a little 'friend' of hers.

Her father got in touch with a certain Uchiha elder and a plan was formed. Karin didn't complain, the scheme seems like fun.

The phone rang loudly in the quiet room.

Someone picked up.

"I have a job for you." Karin began, not even bothering with formalities.

The other person replied, before getting cut-off.

"I have the money, I just need you to... set things in motion."

The call ended shortly after.

"Haruno Sakura, you are so dead,"


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