A/N: I thought I'd post this since I've been writing it for a while. This is the first multi-chapter fic that I'll post for now. This fic doesn't take itself seriously, so you shouldn't either. I wrote this 'cause my two one-shots were really serious and I scared myself cause I'm not usually that serious. That and there aren't enough funny Who fics out there, so I thought I'd contribute. But I'm rambling, anyways on to the story!

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Pranks for the Memories

Chapter 1 Rose's Handiwork

"Rose!" The Doctor bellowed before stomping into Rose's bedroom. Rose looked up from her magazine with a look that clearly asked what he was on about now. She got up from where she was sitting on the bed and walked up to the fuming Doctor.

"You bellowed?" She asked blandly.

"Yes, Would you mind telling me why my whites are a lovely shade of pink?" The Doctor asked loudly, turning a shade of red himself.

Rose tried to contain her laughter as she looked at the pair of pink underwear the Doctor was holding up.

"Um, yeah I may have accidentally spilled a bottle of red dye in your wash." She said with an innocent grin on her face.

"You think this is funny?" He shouted, waving his underwear around. This was completely unfair to Rose, who couldn't take it anymore and fell on the floor, almost choking on her laughter. The Doctor only turned redder.

"No, I don't think its funny, I think its absolutely hilarious!" She said through her bouts of shaking laughter. When she got up, she found she was the recipient of an angry glare from the Doctor.

"What? That'll teach you to wash your own undies." Rose said with a raised eyebrow. The Doctor's response was a loud angry sigh. He then turned and stomped out of Rose's room and into console room, putting his underwear down on the captain's chair as he did so. The Doctor decided to start tinkering under the console, removing the floor grate so he could get to the inner-workings of the TARDIS.

Moments later, Jack walked in and sat down in the captain's chair. He noticed the underwear next to him, picked them up, and walked over to the hole in the floor grate where he assumed the Doctor was.

"Hey Doc!" Jack yelled into the hole in the floor, laughing slightly when he heard a loud thud.

"What do you want Jack, and what have I told you about calling me Doc?" He moaned as he got out from under the console, rubbing the back of his head in the process.

Jack held up the pink pair of underwear and raised an eyebrow.

"Don't you dare say a word." The Doctor said, Jack smirking in response.

"If you must know, yes, that is my underwear; as to why its pink, that's Rose's handiwork." The Doctor said as he brushed passed Jack in order to get something on the console.

"Oh, I know. Who do you think gave her the dye?" Jack said questioningly with a smile. He then tossed the pair of underwear towards the Doctor as he walked out of the room.

The pair of underwear landed on the Doctor's head, leaving him wondering where Jack got the dye, and why he kept it with him. He decided he didn't want to know and started plotting his revenge.