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Pranks for the Memories

Chapter 26 The Battle of Wits

Rose entered the kitchen with the intent to get a snack. She was about to check the refrigerator when the Doctor cleared his throat. Rose jumped and turned to face the table.

"I didn't realize you were in here."

The Doctor leaned forward in his chair and said,"I was counting on that. Please, sit down." Rose took a seat and cast a questioning look at him.

"I've been meaning to ask, how did you figure out you my prank so quickly?"

The Doctor smiled and poured ice into two glasses."Two things would never actually happen: You would never marry Jack, and you would never get married because there was nothing else to do."

Rose raised an eyebrow and asked,"You know me that well?"

The Doctor nodded as he filled the glasses with some sort of cola."I've known everything I needed to from the first time I met you."

Rose shook her head."And you're just that good?"

"Yes I am. In fact, I can prove it to you."

Rose frowned and asked,"How are you going to do that?"

"Watch and see. In one of these glasses is a fake ice cube that will make the drink taste really horrible. If you can guess the glass that doesn't have the ice cube, and you are right, then I'll declare you the winner of our prank war and not retaliate because of your little virtual reality stunt."

Rose thought it over, then said,"I accept your challenge. This should be fun!" as she started to examine the glass in front of her. Then Rose picked up the glass near the Doctor and examined it. She set it down and continued to stared at the glasses, lost in thought.

After what felt like hours, the Doctor started looking for a way to speed things up."I do have somewhere to be, you know. There's probably some invasion force barreling toward Earth right now."

Rose unleashed a glare that the Doctor could have sworn he saw on Jackie's face a time or two.

"You didn't say you could rush me through this, Doctor."

He leaned forward and shouted,"What in the world could that be!"

Rose turned to look at a confused-looking Jack as the Doctor swapped glasses.

"It's just Jack."

The Doctor looked at Jack and said,"My mistake, from a certain angle, Jack looks like a sea monster." Jack glared daggers at him in response."Anyways, have you made your decision?"

Rose nodded and picked up the glass in front of her. The Doctor did the same, and together they drank. Rose dropped her glass and grimaced at the horrid taste. She ran from the kitchen and down the corridor.

"So, Rose's glass had something gag-inducing in it?"

The Doctor shook his head."both glasses had the trick ice cube. Different things are sour to different species," he said before he started to clean up the broken glass and spilled cola.

Jack turned to leave, but the Doctor stopped him."Oh, and Jack? Remind me to show you a movie called the Princess Bride."