Nice Guys Finish Last

By Laura Schiller

Series: Shugo Chara

Copyright: Peach Pit

The moment I gave up hope was when I saw them kissing – in full view, in the park by the fountain. The same park where Hinamori-san and I once walked together, eating ice cream, and where I had come back from looking for drinks to find her on his lap. I should have guessed it.

It was sunny that day and Hinamori-san's hair shone like a pink rose, looking even brighter next to that person's dark blue head. He had his arms around her waist and was bending down while she was on tiptoes; he's too tall for her. He's too old for her! And they looked so happy it made my stomach flip.

Usually I would have gone right over there and ordered him to go away and leave us alone – even though seeing that arrogant smirk of his, hearing him call me 'Kiddy King', is something I'd much rather avoid. He brings out the worst in me – anger, possessiveness, and a sick green jealousy that feels like it's eating me alive. I'd have fought him hand-to-hand, outmatched as I am, to protect Hinamori-san – but it was obvious to me she didn't need protecting. She...glowed. Like she did when we were at the aquarium.

So I left them alone.

Ikuto is the sort of man who thinks he deserves everything...and then gets it. He thinks that because his father is gone and he fell into Easter's trap, the world owes him good things somehow. He stole the Humpty Lock and Dumpty Key that Father had given me – he knew I treasured them! – and when I confronted him about it, he just sneered at me.

The way he treats Hinamori-san...calling her Amu without permission, licking at her ice cream cone, purring his shady innuendoes...he thought because he's handsome and older and plays the violin by moonlight, she'd just jump into his arms. And now she has!

He has no respect for her. He treats her like a toy he can play with. I know how he is – he lives by his impulses like a cat. One moment he's saying he'll always be your friend, the next moment he vanishes, and then he shows up out of nowhere looking at you with ice-chip eyes as if he doesn't know you.

If he gets tired of her or betrays her, he'll break her heart. And even if he doesn't, what kind of husband will he make for her later on? Does he ever do anything besides pester her and lie in the grass? You can't live on charm alone.

I was always there for her – her teammate, her comrade. I was the one who invited her into the Guardians and introduced her to the ones who became her best friends. I comforted her when she was upset and she did the same to me. I was the one who honestly told her how I felt, that I liked her as Amulet Heart. I didn't confuse her with teasing, cryptic comments or put on an affected air of mystery. I guess sincerity isn't cool enough. You know what they say: nice guys finish last.

She used to like me, before. She told me so. I shouldn't have rejected her then...but what was I supposed to say? I didn't know yet what an amazing person she is. She fired her confession at me in front of the whole school! So I told her I was sorry, but not interested. And now it's too late.

That Ikuto had better change his ways and treat Hinamori-san well. If she wasn't happy, I'd move the Earth to protect her – but because she is happy, I wish her all the best.