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Alexa's P.O.V.

Marco. When we first met, I was unconscious and he saved my life. The next time we saw each other was the next day, when Jonzey introduced us. I thought that he was a show-off and a jerk for being rude to Yipes. Marco didn't want me on the Five Stone Pillars, and he made that clear. From the first time he realized that I was there to take the people of the Five Stone Pillars back home to Elyon, Marco showed how much he disliked me.

After the night skim, when my rope was cut and I fell, I accused him of trying to kill me. I didn't trust him then.

When he followed me to the Fourth Pillar and we met Sir Alistair Wakefield, I felt like he was intruding and I didn't want him around. When he joined the crew of the Stargazer, I would have been happy to have anyone but him on the crew.

When we took our first flight, and Matilda cut the rope, I trusted Marco to follow my orders and steer the Stargazer away from the Fifth Pillar. He pulled through, and I had to admit that I had misjudged him.

When the fourth pillar was falling down, and I was trapped in the cave and about to die, I put my life in his hands. When I jumped, he caught me and he kept me safe. In that moment, *it felt like the whole world had fallen away. There was only the two of us and nothing else.* I didn't know what that feeling was, or what it meant.

Before the Stargazer and her crew left for the Tenth City, *I wasn't sure if Marco would be willing to go along with me and discover the world outside the Five Stone Pillars to test the Stargazer's worthiness. But I needed only to look at him standing beside the box and I knew in an instant that he, too, had found a greater purpose in life. He would be the lifeline between two places and I felt a certainty he would stay on with me. *

While we were travelling between the Pillars and the Tenth City, *Marco and I talked for hours on ends, often after we'd settled to float on the Lonely Sea for the night and everyone else had gone to sleep. He and I drifter closer together as * we flew, and I'm glad for it.

At Yipes and Matilda's wedding, *I skimmed with Marco - back and forth over and over again – until my shoulders ached* When Matilda threw the bouquet and I caught it, Marco teased me and asked me if I was going to settle down after all. I told him not to count on it, but *something stirred in me that made me wonder if he was right. We were young and free and we had important work to do, but somehow I could imagine the two of us, old and gray, landing the Stargazer in the Sly Field and walking together into the Tenth City. *

Every night, including tonight, on our many journeys with the Stargazer, we stay up talking and laughing. Marco is now one of my best friends. I would gladly trust him with my life, because I know that he would never hurt me. I didn't know how I felt about him until right now, but I can finally put my feelings into words. After all that we have been through together, I think that I am falling in love with Marco. I only wish I knew how he feels about me.

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