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Chapter 12

Sakura sat in one of the guest rooms of the demon castle, glaring into the dresser mirror as if it was to blame for her problems.

She had been in a fit of rage since she found out that that weak demon bearer whore had been saved after being kidnapped and to top off her anger she, along with the rest of the demon nation, had found out that the human was with child.

That whore, it should have been me! She raged to herself as she started to wash off her make-up to get ready for bed.

Suddenly a noise reached her sensitive rabbit ears, turning she saw it was coming from her balcony.

Rising from her seat she walked out onto the balcony to see were the noise was coming from.

Getting closer to the noise she realized that it almost sounded like a snake hissing.

Suddenly the noise stopped just as suddenly as it had started and seeing nothing out of the ordinary the demoness turned to walk back into her but next thing she knew, her to thin body was wrapped painfully in a large snake's coil.

Sakura would have screamed but she was so scarred that she couldn't even breath let alone scream.

Orochimaru hissed down at the pink rabbit demon in his coil. He could smell her fear and couldn't help but smile evilly.

Normally he would have been all too happy to swallow any rabbit demon whole but he had special plans for this one.

He had heard of Lady Sakura Haruno and her hatred for the fox princes because they had refused to marry her.

"Lady Ssssssakura Haruno, itssssss an honour to finally meet you, my dear." Orochimaru hissed out in a sickly sweet voice.

Sakura didn't weather she should less scarred or more.

Suddenly the snake released her and started to change into his more human like form.

"My name is Lord Orochimaru, and I believe that you and I can help each other with our problems."

This court Sakura's attention real quick, forgetting her fear she demanded, "What do you mean?"

Orochimaru smirked as he realized that the rabbit demoness' greed would make her easy to mutilate to do his biding.

"I know that you want power and riches and I am willing to give you all of the royal fox jewels and allow you to rule alongside me if you help make the demon kingdom mine."

Orochimaru knew that the demoness had already made up her mind as soon as she gave him a greed hungry smile.


Meanwhile, totally unaware of the partnership being made only a few rooms away, Hinata with Kumiko in her arms was making her way to Neji's room to ask her cousin if he wanted to come visit Sasuke in the healers tower with her.

She knocked on the heavy wooden doors and waited for her cousin to answer.

Hinata was shocked as Garra opened the door. "Garra? What are you doing in Neji's room?"

Garra blushed as he realized that it was Hinata not the servant that was meant to be coming with his and Neji's breakfast. And what was worst he was shirtless and the love-bites on his chest and neck were very visible for Hinata to see.

"Oh my!" Hinata gasped as it become clear to her why the raccoon demon was in her cousin's room.

She had of course known about their feelings for each other but knew they had been forbidden from mating. If father finds out Neji could be executed.

Garra looked at the ground like a child that had just been court with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Garra!" Neji called from inside the room, "Hurry up with that food! I want you at least twice more before we have to go."

Garra's face was now the some colour as his hair and Hinata's wasn't fare from. "Neji, I'm afraid we've been court red-handed." Garra called back and Neji came running to the door.

Upon seeing Hinata, Neji paled. "Hinata, what are you doing here?"

Hinata ignored Neji's question as she asked in a whisper, "What have you done?"

Neji and Garra both looked down at the floor in shame. "I love him."

Hinata looked from Garra to Neji and back again.

"You know I have to tell father." Hinata almost sobbed. "I can't hide something like this from him."

Kumiko started to become upset as she sensed everyone's sadness.

Suddenly Garra looked up at Hinata, "Please Hinata if you truly love your cousin you will pertained you saw nothing. You don't have to tell the bird demon lord."

Hinata looked Garra in the eyes and then came to the conclusion that she wouldn't be able to live with herself if she told. "Ok I'll turn a blind eye but you two can't keep doing this. It will only be a matter of time before my father finds out."

Neji hugged his cousin in thanks and asked, "Will you help us try and find a solution?"

Hinata nodded with a smile.


Sasuke started to wake as he heard angry voices coming from outside his bedroom doors; it had been a week since he had been rescued from Orochimaru and they had moved him from the healers tower to his and his mate's chambers.

He was still feeling very weak from his ordeal and wasn't allowed out of bed, healer's orders. So Sasuke spent most of his days sleeping, reading and talking to who ever had time to come and visit him.

Moaning in protest at being woken up by the voices, he slowly sat up and starred tiredly at his chamber doors.

Suddenly he came to full awareness as he realized that it was Kyuubi and Itachi voices that he could hear.

Listening hard Sasuke he Kyuubi, who was back to full health, growl angrily, "How can you do this to him, he needed you right now!"

"You think that I want to leave him like this!" Sasuke heard Itachi yell back just as angrily.

Sasuke was surprised at how mad Itachi seemed, after all Itachi wasn't one to show his emotions so easier.

Carefully getting out of bed, Sasuke walked toward the doors, not caring that his legs were shaking with both tiredness and leak of use, he had to find out what was going on.

"Do you even care about what's happens to him!" Kyuubi yelled as Sasuke made it to the doors and opened one of them to see Kyuubi and Itachi having a standoff right outside, giving each other a death glare that made Sasuke shiver.

"What's going on?" Sasuke asked softly.

Kyuubi and Itachi both jumped as they heard him and turned toward him in surprise.

"Sasuke! Did we wake you?" Kyuubi asked moving toward the small human. Wrapping his strong arms around his mate in a loving embrace and kissing the top of the raven's head. "You shouldn't be up. You still need rest."

Sasuke gave Kyuubi a glare knowing that the fox demon was trying to avoid his question.

"Kyuubi, what are you two arguing about?" Sasuke asked more firmly and glanced over at his big brother, only to find that Itachi was looking at the ground with his normal emotionless face. "Itachi?"

Itachi looked up at his little brother and couldn't help the feeling of guilt from rising, but as always he hide his feelings.

Walking over to Sasuke, Itachi ignored Kyuubi's angry glare and took both of Sasuke's small slim hands into his own large hands, forcing Kyuubi to break his embrace, he said in his normal tone, "I will be leaving in the morning. I'm needed back home."

Sasuke know that Itachi would have to be leaving soon; after all he was the king of the human kingdom so it wasn't really that surprising but Sasuke still couldn't stop his sadness. Looking into Itachi's dark eyes Sasuke saw that he was sorry and didn't really want to leave.

Sasuke held back his depressing feelings and gave his brother a reassuring smile and squeezed his hands, saying, "I understand. But you will be back to see your niece or nephew or I will be going of to the human kingdom myself to give you the thrashing of your life."

Itachi gave Sasuke an amused smirk, knowing that his baby brother half meant it and hugged him.

Sasuke clang to Itachi and wished that his brother didn't have to go. Whenever Itachi was around he always felt safe; which was important to him right now being pregnant and all, even though he know Kyuubi and Naruto would protect him with their lives it just wasn't the same as having his big brother again, Itachi had been his protector when he was growing up, always trying to save him from their father when he turned abusive toward Sasuke, always trying to sneak him food and water when ever Sasuke was locked up in his chamber rooms for days because his father believed that he needed punishment and even protecting him from some of the guards that worked in the human castle; some of the guards believed him to be a freak and would try and beat him when he was younger.

Itachi sighed as he released Sasuke, he hated doing this to his baby brother, he knew that Sasuke saw him as a protector but he really had to get back, he couldn't ignore his duties as king any longer.

"I will be back in seven months time, that is the earliest I can arrange." Itachi told Sasuke.

Kyuubi snorted in anger; "Surely you could do better then that. You are the king for heavens sake."

Itachi turned back to Kyuubi and started glaring at the redhead again and this time Sasuke joined him.

"Kyuubi, you idiot. Do you have any idea how much my father ignored his kingly duties and how many enemies he made because of his arrogance. The people of the human kingdom were starving and the kingdom was under attack by the human lords, thinking that they could force father off the throne. Itachi now has to right all of our father's mistakes and that is more important right now then sitting around here waiting for me to drop a baby, think about all the starving children back at the human kingdom. The whole god damn world does not evolve around us!" Sasuke yelled at the startled demon.

Kyuubi had been annoyed that Sasuke hadn't made a fuse about Itachi leaving but now he understood and he felt like a down right bastard for all the things he had said to Itachi about abandoning Sasuke.

Lowering his head in shame he mumbled, "Please forgive me, King Itachi. I didn't know that things were so bed back at the human kingdom."

Itachi stopped glaring at the redhead and nodded his head to show that he accepted the apology, and said, "Its all right prince Kyuubi. It only showed me all the more that you care for my brother and that I don't have to worry about his safety while I'm gone."

Seeing Itachi lift his hand, Kyuubi smiled and shook the humans hand in friendship.

Sasuke sighed and shook his head, "You two are block heads, one minute your fighting and the you're friends."

Suddenly Naruto came running up the stairs and grabbed Itachi by the collar of his shirt, "Kakashi just told me that you are leaving in the morning, how could you leave at a time like this!" The blond yelled.

Sasuke sighed and thought to himself. I really need to glue these two together so I didn't have to keep repeating myself.


The next morning, everyone was down at the docks to say their farewell to the human king and his champions.

Neji and Garra were two of the saddest to see Itachi leave. They really enjoyed his company both in and out of the bedroom.

Hinata noticed her cousins and his lover's sadness and she started to get an idea but she would have to do same research before she said anything them.

Sasuke had also managed to talk Trunsde into letting him come down with them but was forced to be seated at all times otherwise Trunsde wouldn't have agreed to let him out of his chambers, so Sasuke had to sit in the carriage and say his goodbyes.

Sasuke tried as hard as he could to hold back his depression as Itachi gave him one last hug.

"I promise to write to you as soon as I arrive home. And you look after yourself and the baby ok." Itachi said as he released Sasuke from their embrace.

"Of course I'll look after the baby but I don't think I'll have to look after myself, everyone else will be doing that enough." Sasuke replied half serious.

He really wasn't looking forward to everyone mothering him like he was totally hopeless.

Itachi smirked and replied, "That's true but try not to kill everyone over it."

Sasuke smiled and nodded as he said, "See you in seven months."

Itachi nodded and turned to walk onto the large royal ship.

Sasuke felt a small tear run down his pale cheek as the ship started to leave, stealing his brother away from him, but was quick to wipe it away and waved as Itachi waved to him before he was too fare away to see.

Naruto and Kyuubi both sat either of their human and gave him comforting kisses.


Later that day, after everyone had returned to the palace, Iruka was walking out of the kitchens heading for royal bedchambers with Sasuke's tea; Trunsde was having Sasuke drink a special tea that was good for both him and the kit.

Walking up same stairs, Iruka couldn't help but wince at the pain in his lower back.

Damn you Kakashi, you just had to jump me in the hallway earlier.

Iruka sighed in annoyance; he truly did love his husband but he wished the wolf demon would stop ambushing him every time he was in the mood for fun. It was making it very hard for Iruka to go about his daily duties without having to sit down out of exhaustion and Kakashi really needed to learn how to be gentler. Iruka knew that Kakashi didn't mean to be as rough as he was with his body but Kakashi was a demon and sometimes in the heat of the moment he forgets that Iruka is human and would bruise easierly. Not that Iruka complained at the time for he wouldn't notice until after they had finished that he was in pain.

Making it to Sasuke's chambers, the human servant knocked and waited to be invited in but there was no answer.

Iruka frowned in worry.

Knocking louder, Iruka waited again but still no answer.

Iruka quickly opened the door, worried that the queen had been kidnapped again.

But the human servant sighed in relief as he saw Sasuke in his large bed sound asleep in his royal blue sheets.

Normally Sasuke was a light sleeper and would have woken up to someone knocking on his chamber doors.

Iruka guessed that it was because Sasuke was pregnant and sick from Orochimaru's potion.

Closing the door behind him, Iruka walked over to the bedside table and placed the tray of tea down, looking over at Sasuke he sighed.

He looks so cute when he's asleep. Iruka thought to himself.

Sasuke did look much more like a child when he slept, his smooth pale face a picture of innocents.

The raven was lying on his side with his lean pale arm sitting protectively over his lower abdomen.

Iruka couldn't help but feel a little jealous. He knew that Kakashi wished that they could have children; he himself wished that he could conceive for his Kakashi but both he and Kakashi now it was a hopeless dream that could never come true.

Looking at Sasuke's face again, Iruka realized with a smile that in away Sasuke had become like a son to both him and Kakashi.

I guess I'll just have to be happy with that.

With that thought in mind Iruka quietly left the room and started to make his way back to the kitchens.

Turning a corner, Iruka bumped into something pink. Falling gracelessly to the blue-carpeted floor he looked up and felt him heart beat speed up in fear.

The demon he had bumped into was Sakura. She was well known for he hatred of humans and Iruka had already had three bad experiences of her horrid temper when she had been living in the palace as Kyuubi's and Naruto's potential mate.

Gulping down the fear that threatened to choke him, Iruka started to apologise but Sakura was already moving to strike the human servant with her deadly sharp claws.

Iruka crossed his arms over his face in hopes of protecting it but Sakura's attack never came.

Looking up, Iruka was startled to see Kakashi holding Sakura's wrists to stop her attack.

"If you know what's good for you, you will not attack my mate." Kakashi said with a hollow tone that was in a way scarier then his mad tone.

But Sakura didn't seem to be scared or even bothered by Kakashi at all. She simply huffed snobbishly and continued to on down the hall.

Kakashi and Iruka both looked at each other in shock, surprised at her lack of argument.

Moving forward Kakashi helped his mate up and hugged him lovingly.

"You all right?" the wolf demon asked and he ran his finger tenderly through Iruka's long brown hair.

Iruka sighed in relief at having his mate holding him in his strong arms.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you Kakashi." Iruka replied as he leaned against his demon lover.

Suddenly realizing just how tense Kakashi was, Iruka looked up at his mate and asked, "What's wrong, love?"

Kakashi was starring in the direction that Sakura had gone with a serious look on his face.

"She is up to something." The wolf demon answered, referring to Sakura.

Iruka looked over his shoulder to starring in the direction the rabbit demoness had gone in as well, while asking, "What do you mean?"

Kakashi looked back at the human in his arms and replied, "Ever since Sasuke was brought back to the castle Sakura has been keeping a low profile and I think she is planning something."

Iruka started to feel worried for Sasuke and the kit's safety and asked his lover, "What are we going to do about it?"

Kakashi gave Iruka a grim look and answered, "There is nothing we can do, we have no proof but I will talk to Yondaime and try and get him to make her leave."

Iruka sighed knowing that the demon king would not throw the lady out; even though Yondaime knew about what Sakura did to his son's, the king believed that everyone deserved a second chance and without proof that she is up to no good the king would not simply tell Sakura that she had to leave.

Iruka just hoped that they would be able to stop her from hurting Sasuke.


Naruto dragged his feet as he walked up the stairs heading for his chambers.

He was totally exhausted, and all he wanted to do was go and lay down on his bed with Sasuke.

Between his normal lessons in royalty he was also training with Kyuubi on the training grounds every evening.

Kyuubi had become obsessed with becoming a stronger warrior to protect Sasuke and the unborn kit; from the moment the redhead awoke he would train non-stop until it was suppertime.

Naruto was starting to become worried about his older brother.

And he wasn't the only one; Sasuke had hardly seen Kyuubi since Itachi had left five days ago.

Naruto couldn't help but smile when he thought about his mate.

Even though Orochimaru had raped him, the human refused to let it get him down, it may have helped that he didn't really remember it happening but he said that he would not let that bastard stop him from being happy about being pregnant for the first time.

Naruto loved how strong Sasuke was mentally, even though he has never really had a happy childhood and he was suffering nightmares of his kidnapping and rape.

Finally making it to his chamber doors he walked in. Looking around he realized that Sasuke wasn't in bed; sniffing the air, the blond found that Sasuke's scent lead him out to the balcony.

Looking out the blond demon saw his beautiful mate looking out at the sun setting over the village and farmland surrounding the castle.

Sasuke was it a royal blue and black kimono with his long hair free in the wind.

Naruto smiled as he moved to hug his mate from behind, giving him a peck on the check.

"Hello my love." Naruto whispered in his ear.

Sasuke smiled as he felt Naruto's body heat warm him against the fast turning cold air.

"Hi. Did you have a hard day?" Sasuke asked as he turned in Naruto's strong arms and saw the blonde's happy but tired expression.

Naruto nodded in reply and said, "Between Kyuubi and my lesson's, I've never been so out of energy."

Sasuke frowned and sighed, "Kyuubi still training then?"

Again Naruto nodded.

"We are going to have to have a talk with him tonight before bed. He is only going to hurt himself if he keeps this up." Sasuke seemed to say more to himself then Naruto.

Naruto suddenly gave small chuckle and said, "And if he did hurt himself then he can whine about being totally useless instead of not being strong enough."

Sasuke smirked at Naruto's attempt of lightening the mood.

Suddenly Sasuke started to feel dizzy and had to lean heavily on Naruto.

Naruto felt Sasuke lean on him and was quick to get a good strong grip on his mate.

Sasuke was all-but better from the potion Orochimaru gave him but he still had dizzy spells here and there.

"Come on, let's lay down." Naruto whispered as he picked up his dizzy mate, bridal style and walked back into the bed chamber, gently placing Sasuke down in the soft bed and cuddling up to his human.

After a few minutes of comfortable silence they both fell into an easy slumber.

About half an hour later, Naruto woke to the feel of Sasuke suddenly leaping out of bed.

"Sasuke?" Naruto asked confused as he saw the human hurry to the bathing chamber.

But he understood when he heard the sounds of Sasuke emptying his stomach.

Sasuke seemed to never get morning sickness in the mornings but the afternoons were different.

Running after his mate, the blond found him on all fours in front of the chamber pot.

Naruto hated how Sasuke would become sickly pale and the look of pain on his face as his whole body jerked as he emptied his stomach.

Moving forward he kneeled down next to the sick human and held his long black hair back so he wouldn't vomit in it and rubbed his back calmingly.

Naruto made a disgusted face as the smell of vomit insulted his sensitive nose.

He sighed in relief as Sasuke finished and was helping his mate back up when they both heard voice chuckle behind them, "Ah the wonders of being pregnant."

Turning they saw Kyuubi standing in the door way with a smirk on his face.

Sasuke gave Kyuubi a particularly harsh glare and growled, "I'm glad you find it wonderful!"

Kyuubi seemed unfazed by the death glare and moved forward to help Sasuke walk to the bedroom while replying, "You know I'm only joking."

But when Sasuke jerked out of Kyuubi's reach, Kyuubi looked confused and a bit worried.


Even Naruto jumped back as Sasuke screamed at the redhead.

Kyuubi looked both scared and hurt by Sasuke's words.

"I do that so I can protect you." The redhead tried to defend himself.


Both Naruto and Kyuubi knew he would be heading for either Hinata's or Kakashi and Iruka's chambers.

Kyuubi looked down at the ground in shame and moved his tanned hand to his slapped check.

The slapped hadn't really hurt but just the fact that Sasuke had slapped him hurt more them words could say.

Naruto recovered from his shock and moved toward Kyuubi and said in what he hoped was a comforting voice, "He didn't mean it Kyuubi. You just picked a bad time to make a joke, with his mood swings starting and the fact that he had just been sick-"

"No." Kyuubi interrupted in a small ashamed voice as he continued looking at the ground. "He is right, I should be here for him like you."

Naruto shook his head and said, "You are doing what you think is right, Sasuke just misses you and he is worried that you are going to hurt yourself… infact we both are."

Kyuubi looked up at Naruto and said, "I guess I better stop training so much and go apologise to Sasuke."

Naruto nodded and they both went after their human.


Sasuke had intended to go cry in Iruka's shoulder but he only made it to the bottom of the stairway when he was forced to sit down, his emotions becoming to much to handle and he just broke down crying right there.

Stupid Kyuubi! Stupid hormones! Lord I hate being pregnant!

Suddenly Sasuke heard people walking down toward him but he didn't both holding back his sobbing, as he knew it was Kyuubi and Naruto.

"Sasuke?" Kyuubi said as he stopped next the human and sat down on the stairs next to him.

Naruto kept quiet and gave them their space, knowing that they needed time to talk to each other.

Kyuubi was about to apologise but suddenly Sasuke particularly throw himself into Kyuubi's arms and sobbed, "I'm sorry Kyuubi, I shouldn't have said those things!"

Kyuubi was really starting to hate these mood swings.

Sighing Kyuubi hugged his mate tightly and whispered in his ear, "No you were right. From now on I will only train for two hours everyday and be there for you when you need me."

Sasuke smiled but continued to sob because his hormones seemed to want him too.

Naruto smiled and walked toward them but suddenly stopped in his tracks for he suddenly realized something was different about Sasuke's scent. Moving forward again to get a better sniff, Naruto realized what was different about the human's scent and it caused him to turn sickly pale with worry.

Kyuubi and Sasuke noticed Naruto's add behaviour.

"Naruto? What's wrong?" Kyuubi asked worriedly.

Naruto could only point his finger at Sasuke's stomach.

Sasuke also turned pale and asked, "What? Is the baby in danger?"

Kyuubi quickly turned back to Sasuke and sniffed around his abdomen and also realized the chance and gasped, "Sasuke, there are two babies!"


XD bet you weren't expecting that, what will happen now? Found out in the next chapter…

Chapter 13

Sasuke starred at Kyuubi in total and utter shock, "W-what?"

"There are to different scents coming from you now." Naruto gasped out as he moved closer to his mate and brother.

Sasuke suddenly smiled and asked excitedly, "You mean I'm going to have twins?"

Kyuubi gently grabbed Sasuke's shoulder's gently replied glumly, "You don't understand love. This is not a good thing."

Sasuke looked shocked by this, "Why not?"

Naruto answered sadly, "We would have known from the start if you were having twins, but one of these scents are new…recent."

Sasuke still looked confused so Kyuubi added sadly, "Sasuke, who was the last person you were with in that way."

Horror and realization came to Sasuke like a slap in the face. He had not had sex with Kyuubi or Naruto since Orochimaru had forced himself on him.

"No!" Sasuke gasped out and his already puffy red eyes filled with more tears.

Kyuubi and Naruto were about to try and comfort their mate but Sasuke's eyes rolled back he fainted into Kyuubi's chest, the shock and emotional stress becoming to much for him.


The next few days were very hard on everyone, Sasuke hadn't said a word since he found out that he could be carrying Orochimaru's child and was quickly slipping into depression, Kyuubi had become very angry at everyone and everything, while Naruto refused to leave Sasuke's side, fearing that his mate would do something stupid out of depression.

Everyone else in the castle felt sad for the royal family and it was now rear to see anyone with a smile.

It was like the castle had a very dark, dank and dreary clown hanging over it, suffocating any and all happiness.

The only demon in the castle that was not upset by the bad news was Sakura but she kept to herself.


Hinata gave a sad sighed as she left Sasuke's room with Kumiko in her arms.

Once again she had tried to get Sasuke to talk to her and eat something but her friend only seemed to slip further into depression when he saw Kumiko.

Hinata wished with all her might that Sasuke could have had his first pregnancy without so much stress and heartache.

Walking into her room she saw that a letter was sitting on her dresser and she momentarily forget Sasuke.

Running over she sat Kumiko on the floor so she could crawl around and ripped open the letter anxiously.

Dear Lady Hinata Hugga of the bird demons,

I was very fascinated by your proposal and I think that it is a very good idea that I am welling to take part in but only if your cousin and Garra also agree.

After you talk to them about this plan of yours have them write to me with their answers and if they agree I shawl write to your father and the Sugra family with my request.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Yours sincerely,

King Itachi Uchiha.

P.s. Enclosed is letter for my poor baby brother, if you could please see that he gets it, I would be grateful.

Hinata smiled for the first time in days when she realized that the human king was willing to take part in her plan to help Neji and Garra have a relationship, but reading the last bight reminded her that not all was well.

Looking in the ripped open envelope again she saw a second envelope with 'Sasuke' written on it.

Picking Kumiko back up, she made her way back to Sasuke's room.

Naruto, who was in the room, and Sasuke were surprised when Hinata walked back into their chambers.

"This is for you, Sasuke." Hinata said gently as her handed Sasuke the letter.

Sasuke slowly opened the envelope and started to read, surprised to find it was from his brother.

Dearest Baby Brother,

I heard about the unwanted scent, (next time I would like to be told about such things from you not your friends) and I have no doubt that you are being depressed about it, knowing you, you have stopped talking and eating.

If this is the case I have only one thing to say to you mister, shame on you.

The baby inside you is not to blame for this, even if it is Orochimaru's, the baby had no say in what happened, and Orochimaru is the only one to blame.

I thought you of all people would never blame a child for something that is not their fault.

Not only that but you are also hurting the kit that is Kyuubi's or Naruto's, now stop mopping and look after yourself and your unborn kids.

And just remember even if the other kid is from Orochimaru's seed, it also came from your body and has Uchiha blood.

From your wise older Brother.

P.s. If I hear that you haven't listened to my wisdom I will be over there in a heartbeat to kick your ass.

Sasuke smiled as tears ran down his face. He knew Itachi was right and fault so ashamed that he was doing what his father had always done to him.

He turned to Naruto and Hinata, both in shock after seeing Sasuke smile.

"Hinata would be so kind as to get me something to eat please." Sasuke asked, his voice sounding slightly strained from lack of use.

Hinata smiled in relief and left quickly.

Naruto, who had being sitting at the task, walked over to his mate and asked happily, "Why the sudden change?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto seriously, "Itachi, made me realize that I'm only doing what father did to me. This child, even if it is Orochimaru's, is not to blame and I will be the best mother I can be to both my babies."

Naruto's smile grow brighter and he lay next to his mate, giving him a peck on the check and said, "If you can love this baby then so can I."

Sasuke felt like crying in relief when he realized that Naruto was giving him his fall support.

"Well don't expect me to pretend that that little bastard is one of the family!"

Naruto and Sasuke turned and saw Kyuubi had just walked in and he didn't look too happy at all.

The human looked shocked by the redhead's words but Naruto glared at his big brother and growled, "How can you say that, no one is pretending anything. The child will be told of its horrible father but we WILL act as its fathers for it is still apart of this pack."

Kyuubi glared and yelled back, "NO! I WILL NOT BE THAT CHILDS FATHER!"

Naruto was about to yell back but Sasuke suddenly stood from the bed and stormed over to Kyuubi and slapped him across the face and hissed, "Maybe it was a mistake I ever mated you, because right now all I see is my father standing in front of me."

Kyuubi's red eye suddenly glowed with twice as much anger and he growled back, "Maybe it was a mistake because I didn't realize that I was mating a whore."

Sasuke's anger turned into shock again but before he could say anymore Kyuubi turned and left the room; one of his red fox tails slapping Sasuke across the cheek as he left.

Naruto ran to punch Kyuubi until his hand broke but Sasuke stopped him saying, "No leave him."

Naruto couldn't believe that Kyuubi would do something like this and normally Kyuubi wouldn't but no one knew that that morning Sakura had put something in Kyuubi's drink.


Sasuke couldn't believe it, three months, THREE MONTH of being pregnant and he could hardly walk. Tsunade explained that because he was now having two little bundles of joy that he was going to get bigger quicker, and god did he feel fat.

Naruto loved it though, he could now feel the little ones move but Sasuke hardly let Naruto touch his stomach because the little ones liked to kick way more whenever they knew Naruto was there.

Sasuke and Naruto's love seemed to grow stronger with every pasting day; Naruto was the only person that Sasuke wouldn't get crabby at.

But with each passing day they seemed to loose Kyuubi more and more, Sasuke tried to get Kyuubi to feel the babies move or help with setting up the babies room but the redhead refused and everyone, Naruto and Yondaime especially were starting to get really sick of Kyuubi's behaviour.

Kakashi however noticed that Sakura's spirits seemed to brighten with each pasting day and he had told all the servants to keep a good eye on her because he knew that she must have something to do with Kyuubi's odd behaviour but wanted proof before he said anything.

He did tell Sasuke though and Sasuke hoped that Kakashi was right and that Kyuubi would come around and be his horny, irritating self again.


Sakura walked into her chambers and yelped in shock as she saw Orochimaru was sitting on her bed waiting for her to return.

"Don't scar me like that!" The pink rabbit demoness hissed as Orochimaru stood to great her.

"How is our Prince Kyuubi this morning?" The snake asked with an evil smirk.

Sakura smirked just as evilly as she replied; "I think he is more hated then me right now. Your potion really did the trick."

Orochimaru nodded in approval then asked, "And my soon to be born hatchling?"

At this the demoness gave him a look of disgust, "As far as I know still alive. But I didn't understand why you care; your bastard will be born after Kyuubi's so it will be useless to us."

Orochimaru's smirk just grow as he answered and pulled a small vile of red liquid, "Normally that would be true but when you sneak little Sasuke this potion Kyuubi's kit will die and leave mine unharmed."

Sakura looked a little unsure at that, "As much as I hate the useless human, I don't like the thought of murdering a child."

Orochimaru gave the demoness a hard look and snapped, "Do you want the kingdom or not?"

Sakura sighed then took the vile from the snake demon and said, "I'll sneak it to him tomorrow morning when the idiot brothers aren't with him."

Orochimaru smirked again and left.


Kakashi sighed again as he walked toward the royal chambers.

Naruto had asked him to watch Sasuke that morning because he was in lessons and Kyuubi… well Kyuubi seemed to want nothing to do with Sasuke at the moment which was hurting Sasuke more and more everyday.

Kakashi noticed that Sasuke seemed to be mourning over Kyuubi like he was dead and maybe to Sasuke he was, this new mean and harsh Kyuubi is nothing like the joking, honorable demon prince that he use to be.

The wolf demon seriously hoped that his theory about Sakura same how making Kyuubi act different was right and that he would catch her soon so the threesome could be happy together again.

Kakashi was almost upon the royal chamber but stopped when his sensitive nose court Sakura's scent.

What is she up to now? He thought to himself as he turned the corner just in time to see Sakura sneak into the royal chambers.

Oh no! Sasuke! The wolf demon knew that Sasuke would be sleeping right now and he wasn't going to let the demoness near his pup, especially while pregnant. It only took two seconds for Kakashi to reach the chambers and see Sakura was pouring some red liquid into Sasuke's water that was sitting in the bedside table.

Fangs drawn and claws ready, the wolf demon growled and attacked.

Sakura didn't know what hit her, one minute she was doing Orochimaru's dirty work and the next she was on the floor in server pain and bleeding from her arm.

And now she was being forced to her feet and slammed against the wall, and a very pissed looking Kakashi bearing his fangs at her as he growled, "What were you trying to give my pup!?"

"Unhand me you crazy beast! This is no way to treat a lady!" Sakura screamed back at the wolf demon.

The yelling causing Sasuke to wake with a start, "What's going on?"

But the rabbit and wolf demon both ignored the human.

"You are no lady!" Kakashi growled as he brutally slammed the demoness into the wall again. "You are a traitor to the royal family and will be executed."

For once Sakura actual looked fearful for her life; she was only now realizing that she had just been court trying to harm the Queen of the demon kingdom…while pregnant with the kingdoms heir's no less.

Sasuke looked at them and slowly realized that his adopted father had just saved him and his unborn children; though he didn't know how, he could still tell by what was being said.

Suddenly Kakashi calmed and said, "Or we make a deal."

Both Sasuke and Sakura looked shocked by this.

But the wolf demon just continued, "I know that you don't know potions or poisons but you were using a potion from the smell of that red shit your were putting into my pup's water, so obviously you aren't working alone. Now you can tell me whom you are working with and your pitiful life will be spared as long as you leave the castle and never return or I can take you to the king right now and have you executed. Its your choice."

Sasuke couldn't help but feel proud of the demon who he thought of as a father.

Sakura thought for a moment and decided that Orochimaru and the kingdom were not worth her life and she would just have to find another way of gaining power and riches.

"It was Orochimaru who ordered me to give that whore a potion that would kill the first child without hurting the second, so his child would be first in long for the throne." She spilt out quickly.

Suddenly Sasuke moved toward them and asked, "What about Kyuubi? Has that snake bastard ordered you to give Kyuubi something to chance him?"

Sakura nodded causing Sasuke and Kakashi feel relief that Kyuubi wasn't acting like a bastard of his own accord.

Then Kakashi said firmly to the demoness, "How long will it take for Kyuubi to return to normal and how has Orochimaru been meeting you?"

Sakura sighed as if getting sick of being questioned, "The idiot fox should be normal again by tomorrow if he isn't given anymore potion and Orochimaru has been coming to meet me here, believe it or not, in the castle. The snake has a potion that hides his scent and I don't know where he hides when he isn't annoying me before you ask."

Kakashi seemed to be satisfied with this and let the demoness go while saying firmly, "Pack your things now and leave before I get my soldiers."

Hearing this Sakura was quick to leave the room and Kakashi turned to the human giving him a comforting hug, because it finally hit the raven that Orochimaru had been coming to the castle this while time and could have done anything to him in his weakened pregnant state.

Later that day after Sakura had left, Kakashi told his soldiers to search the castle for any sighs of Orochimaru but they couldn't find a trace of him.

Sasuke had told Naruto about Sakura and Orochimaru working together and about Kyuubi.

Naruto was so overwhelmed with joy that Kyuubi would be himself again within the next day or so.

But everyone was nervous when they found out Orochimaru could be hiding in the castle somewhere and they wouldn't be able to scent him.

Kakashi was appointed Sasuke's full time bodyguard and everyone was on full alert.


Sasuke hadn't felt this good in ages. Kyuubi had become himself again within the next day of finding out he was being given a potion and had begged everyone for their forgiveness, especially Sasuke, with so much regret in his face that he was almost in tears. Of course everyone forgave him, they had missed their Kyuubi.

And now one month after Sakura was found to be working for Orochimaru; Naruto, Kyuubi and Sasuke were lying in their large warm bed. Naruto and Kyuubi were still sleeping like babies with it being about five in the morning but Sasuke had woken up earlier with a couple of infants kicking his bloater. Now the human was lying between his two mates and happily watching them sleep, taking in their scents and warmth but suddenly he felt a very harsh pain in his lower region that almost had him screaming but it stopped just as suddenly as it came and he suddenly had the feeling that he was wetting himself from his ass. Oh uh! He gasped as he realized that his water had just broken. He panicked as he moved to wake his mates. "Kyuubi! Naruto! Wake up!!!" Both Kyuubi and Naruto woke and were in their feet in a split second looking for any danger. Noticing that no one else was in the room they turned back to Sasuke and took one look at his face and they noticed the smell in the air, it was the scent of a birth happening.

Kyuubi gasped, "What! They're coming now?"

Sasuke glared at the stupid question and snapped back, "Oh, I'm sorry, aren't you ready for them now, well I'll just close my legs and hold them in! Yes you idiot they are coming now, help me get to Trunsde!"

Naruto laughed at the reply and Kyuubi's silly smile as the redhead realized how silly the question had been, then the blond lifted Sasuke up bridal style and Kyuubi opened to door and run ahead to warn Trunsde.

Nine agonizing hours later and Sasuke was nothing but a screaming, sweaty, swearing mess.

Kyuubi and Naruto were on either side of him, holding both his hands, while Trunsde was in between his legs.

"Ok your highness you have dilated enough! Now on the next contraction you need to push as hard as you can!" Trunsde order gently and Sasuke nodded.

As the next contraction hit Sasuke screamed so loud that Kyuubi and Naruto had to lean back as their sensitive ears were assaulted. After the contraction had ended Sasuke gasped for breath and yanked his hand out of Kyuubi's and yelled at him, "This is your goddanm fault! If you ever come near me again with your cock I'm going to rip it off!"

Kyuubi jumped back in horror and tried to defend himself but Sasuke's scream blocked him out.

"You are doing a great job your highness, the head is almost out and I can say in all honesty that this has to be your kit Kyuubi." Trunsde said happily.

Kyuubi forgot his fear of Sasuke instantly and went to run over to look only to be almost thrown back as Sasuke grabbed his hand unexpactly and stopped him, looking down at his mate Kyuubi almost whimpered in fear as he saw the death promising glare he was getting from Sasuke.

"You dare look and you will be killed! It's bad enough that Trunsde's there looking!" the human hissed out through his pain. Kyuubi nodded in understanding and grabbed Sasuke's hand again and let the human squeeze it in his pain.

Naruto had to hold back his laughter through all this and was happy for his brother that he got his wish and the firstborn was his.

"Ok your highness one more push and you have it!" Trunsde encourage and with one more loud scream Sasuke felt the baby come all the way out and he gasped in relief.

Hearing the cry of the baby Sasuke felt tears fall down his cheeks as he saw it had its father's red hair and fox ears.

But before he could ask what gender his newborn was he cried out as he felt another contraction and he pushed with all his might just wanting the pain to stop.

Everyone was startled, as they hadn't expected the second infant to be coming so soon after the first. But Trunsde snapped out of her shock quick and started to help Sasuke along, Naruto held his hand and while Kyuubi held his newborn.

Finally, after Sasuke thought his throat was going to cave in from all his screaming, he felt the second born leave his body with a gasp of relief. But he didn't get the chance to see the second born before he pasted out from his exhaustion.

Chapter 14

Feeling someone tenderly running they clawed fingers through his dark hair was what arose him from his sleep. Slowly opening his eyes he saw it was Naruto smiling down at him.

"Hey lover. It was about time you woke up and meet your children. I think they thought they were never going to be feed." Naruto gently said and Sasuke was wide-awake as his sleepy mind remembered that he had infants to feed. His nipples aching as milk made itself known.

Sitting up Sasuke saw that Kyuubi was sitting in a chair next to his bed and the redhead was holding two little babies one in a pink blanket the other in a blue. Then Sasuke gasped as he realized that one of the babies had Naruto's blond hair and golden fox ears. Kyuubi smiled when he heard the gasp and said jokingly, "I don't think that either one of these kits are that snake bastards, but that's just a hunch."

"But… but…how?" Sasuke gasped.

Naruto gave a cheeky smile as he replied, "We think that Orochimaru's potion never worked on you. Do you remember that night of your capture before Kabuto came, we had a little rumble. Kyuubi and I think that you mustn't have been fully over your heat and that was how this little guy happened."

Sasuke couldn't help but laugh and hold his hands out to hold his kits. Kyuubi first handed him the little redhead wrapped in the pink blanket and said as he kissed Sasuke's temple, "Thank you for my beautiful daughter."

Sasuke felt tears of joy fall down his cheeks as he moved his shirt to release his leaking nipple and held the little kit to it. The child instantly woke to the smell of food and started to suckle.

Sasuke looked back at Kyuubi and asked, "What do you want to call her?"

Kyuubi's smile widened and he replied, "I was thinking of Kazumi."

Sasuke nodded with a smile, "I like that. What do you think Kazumi?" He asked the suckling baby and realized that she was looking up at him with his own dark eyes. She has Kyuubi's hair and tails but my eyes. He would soon see that both the kits had his eyes and they both had nine tails each. That was as many tails as a fox demon could have, it showed just how powerful both the heirs would grow up to be.

Suddenly a cry broke the happy silence, as the other kit smelt milk. Naruto moved over to take his kit from Kyuubi.

"Oh little one, you have to wait for your sister to finish first." Naruto happily cooed at his son.

Sasuke couldn't help but feel truly happy that he had given Naruto a child to. He knew that if the kit had been Orochimaru's, Naruto still would have loved it with all his heart; they all would have but still he was relieved that it wasn't Orochimaru's.

That snake is going to be so pissed off when he finds out. Sasuke thought to himself gleefully.

"Naruto?" Sasuke asked, "What would you like to call him?"

Naruto looked his son over and replied, "What about Ryou?"

Sasuke and Kyuubi nodded in agreement and Naruto went back to playing with his little Ryou.

After both the kits had been feed, they slept in Sasuke's arms as Sasuke himself rested. Naruto and Kyuubi had left to tell everyone the grate news and setup a big dinner party so their family and friends could see and meet the new heirs.

Sasuke was dozing happily with the comforting weight of his kits in his arms when he was startled to full wake ness by the sound of someone entering the room. Looking over at the door Sasuke gasped as he saw Orochimaru dressed in a guards uniform enter. Fear struck the human hard. But he wasn't going to just sit there, quickly getting up out of the bed, kits secured in his arms and feeling weak at the knees still from giving birth not but two hours ago he backed up away from his enemy and cried out, "KYUUBI! NARUTO! SOMEONE HELP!"

Orochimaru just laughed and stepped forward, "Its no good to cry for help my little whore. The guards at your door are dead and everyone else is in the dinning hall setting up to celebrate the birth of their new heirs, much to faraway to hear you scream."

Sasuke glared at the bastard, trying to hide his fear but of course Orochimaru smelt it and he wasn't the only one, Kazumi and Ryou had woken at the scent of their mother's fear and were now being dead still and silent.

"What do you want? Why can't you just leave me and my family be?" Sasuke growled out, starting to feel cornered.

Orochimaru's evil smile widened and he replied, "Why obviously I wanted to see my hatchling."

Sasuke froze; he doesn't know that he never impregnated me, that the other infant was Naruto's. Fear now turned into terror.

What would Orochimaru do when he realized that neither of the kits were his?

Sasuke knew he had to do something now and get his kits out of harms way. But Orochimaru acted first, running forward so fasted that Sasuke couldn't see him, the snake punched Sasuke across the head and grabbed the two infants before Sasuke even hit the ground.

Both the kits started to cry as they realized it wasn't their mother holding them anymore but a stranger.

"No!" Sasuke cried out as he tried to get up and grab his kits back.

Orochimaru first looked at Kazumi and glared at her seeing that she was Kyuubi's kit. He sneered as he carelessly dropped her. Thankfully Sasuke had been close enough to catch her before she hit the ground. Tears running down his cheeks in horror at how careless Orochimaru was being with his kits. What was he going to do with Ryou when he realized? Sasuke whimpered at the thought.

Seeing that the human had saved the little girl, Orochimaru kicked the weakened and crying mother in the face, sending him and his kit to the ground.

Even in his pain Sasuke was careful not to fall on Kazumi and preyed that she wasn't hurt in the fall.

Orochimaru looked back at the little boy in his hands and moved the blanket to revile…blond hair and little fox ears.

Orochimaru starred and starred, then he growled in anger, "NO!"

Not realizing that while he was in shock, Sasuke had found strength born from wanting to keep his kits alive, to get up. Seeing the snake was in shock, Sasuke moved as fast as he could and snatched Ryou out of Orochimaru's hands. Then with kits in hand, the human made a run for the door but Orochimaru was snapped out of his shock by this but not snapped out of his anger. Moving faster then Sasuke could ever hope to move, the snake blocked the doorway and Sasuke and his kit's freedom.

Seeing the anger in Orochimaru's face Sasuke did the only thing he could think of. Lying the crying kits down in his bed, he raised his fist and moved his feet to take a battle ready stand.

Orochimaru would have laughed had he not been so pissed off about his plans being ruined. "You honestly think that you can fight me! I'll kill those little shits while you watch and then I'll kick you, you little whore!!!"

Moving forward Orochimaru punched at the human. Sasuke was able to doge that blow but not the second or the third. Orochimaru was just to fast and strong. The snake punched him in the face three times and then once in the gut. This brought Sasuke to his knees, trying to get some air back into his lungs.

The snake, thinking that Sasuke didn't have any fight left in him, went to walk pasted him to kill the little screaming kits.

But Sasuke saw him move toward his kits and with what little strength he had left, throw himself at the snakes legs and knocked him over, the snake hitting his head on the hard wooden bed-frame on the way down.

Growling in pain, frustration and anger, he kicked the human in the head again, this time with enough power to send the small human flying into a wall.

Getting back up he grabbed the blond kit and was about to snapped Ryou's little neck when he felt a long thin but strong silver chain wrap around his neck and realized he was being choked. Dropping the infant onto the bed, the snake tried to get a hold of the chain but he was at the wrong angle to get a good grip, so he pushed back and crushed the person choking him into the wall with his weight. But the person only gasped in pain and kept choking him. Starting to panic as his vision started to darken, there was nothing he could do as he weaken by the second with out air. Then leaning forward quickly he throw the person choking him over his head, gasping for much needed air as he was released, the snake looked over to see that he had almost been killed by the little human and the silver chain of a locket necklace he had been wearing. Anger rising to an all-new level, as he was humiliated once again by this human. Orochimaru grabbed the pest by his throat and lifted Sasuke right off his feet and started to choke him of his life. Sasuke couldn't even put up a fight anymore as air was deprived of his already beaten body.

Sasuke was thinking that the least things he would never heard were the sound of his heart beat racing in his ears and the desperate cries of his kits, starting the feel faint from his leak of air he thought he heard someone yell out his name and wondered if it was the gods calling his soul into the afterlife. Then suddenly he felt Orochimaru drop him and he gasped desperately for air.

It all happened to fast for Orochimaru to even realize what happened, one minute he had almost finished off the weak human and the next he heard and smelt Kyuubi and Naruto enter the room. Naruto cried out the disgustly weak humans name and he dropped the human in order to face the fox brothers but the brothers were already transformed into their fox forms. In a slit second Kyuubi had Orochimaru's shoulder in his iron jaws, holding the snake still so Naruto could play the final blow, sinking his sharp fangs into Orochimaru's throat. The snake was dead in seconds.

Sasuke watched the whole thing through swollen eyes and almost couldn't believe that Orochimaru had just been stopped forever. The relief of it all and the exhaustion he felt almost caused him to pass out but he had to check on Ryou and Kazumi.

Turning away from the bloody scene, he literally dragged himself over to the bed with the screaming infants on it. Scooping up both his kits carefully into his shaking arms he looked them over. Both had stopped crying now that they were in their mother's arms again and could smell their fathers but were still whimpering a bit as they could smell their mother's blood.

"Shh…it's ok mummy's here." Sasuke cooed at them with swollen and bleeding lips. He saw that Orochimaru hadn't hurt Ryou when he had dropped him on the bed and couldn't even begin to describe how relieved he was.

Naruto and Kyuubi returned to their true forms and gasped as they saw the state their mate was in. Both his eyes were almost swollen shut and looked painfully purple, his forehead a huge painful bruise and cut that was pouring blood all down his face, his left cheek was also swollen and bruise and his lips were swollen and split and his gums looked like they were bleeding too. Not to mention the bruising around his neck and the fact that he was shaking all over with shock and pale as death.

Naruto ran straight to Sasuke's side but Kyuubi saw Sasuke's locket chain on the ground with Orochimaru's blood in it and picked it up before running to Sasuke's side.

Naruto was gently took the human and kits into his strong arms and whispered that it was ok now.

Kyuubi kneeled on Sasuke's other side and did the same but at the same time put Sasuke's locket that held the picture of his mother around his neck, knowing that Sasuke loved the locket.

Sasuke just started to cry and whimper, "I tried…but he just…I couldn't…"

"Shh" Naruto cooed while Kyuubi started to lick the human's wounds clean, "You did well. Orochimaru was already weakened when we got here which was why we finished him off so easily, you must have done quit the number on him."

Sasuke released a choked sob of laughter, not realizing that Naruto hadn't been joking.


Three months later, found them all in the Human Kingdom gardens celebrating the marriage of High King Itachi Uchiha and the new King Neji Uchiha and King Garra Uchiha of the Human Kingdom. The three seemingly emotionless newly weds were happily dancing as Yondaime danced with little Kazumi, Hinata danced with Kiba and little Kumiko, who was now walking, tried to dance with a only just learning to crawl Ryou. Sasuke, Naruto and Kyuubi were watching the scene with contentment under a sakura tree; Sasuke was leaning against Kyuubi's chest with Naruto's head lying on his shoulder.

"I bet you never thought you would be back here again." Kyuubi said to Sasuke.

Sasuke just laughed and replied, "No but I'm happy to see how much Itachi has changed it for the better." Naruto and Kyuubi both nodded in agreement.

Suddenly Iruka walked over to the trio with his and Kakashi's adopted human baby girl who they named after Sasuke's mother, Mitoko, and asked, "Why are you guys just sitting here? Get up and dance."

Just as Iruka finished his sentence, Kakashi picked him up from behind and laughed, "Good idea love, lets dance." And with that rushed his protesting husband and giggling baby over to their dancing family and friends.

The trio laughed and decided that it would be fun to dance as well.

Life had never been so complete.



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