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It had started out as a routine alarm. The Hive 5 were at it again. Robin sighed. At least there were actually five of them, this time. The five teenagers made their way to the bank, keeping to the side of the throngs of fleeing pedestrians.

Mammoth was busy breaking open the safe at the back, while Gizmo was holding a laser cannon in the face of the teller. Billy Numerous and See-More filled up bags of money.

"Why! Won't! This! Thing! Budge!?" yelled Mammoth, delivering a punch to the thick metal safe door with each word. A portal opened beside him, and a mountain of gold bricks came through it, followed by Kyd Wykkyd.

"Nice work," said Mammoth, placing the gold into his own sack. "We made a decent haul today."

"What say you save us the trouble and haul it back for us?" came a voice at the door. Robin stood there, with the other titans behind him in usual formation.

"Crud!" said Gizmo. "How'd you find us so fast?"

"You could try robbing a bank that's not in plain view of the Tower." suggested Beast Boy. He pointed out the window to the giant 'T' in the middle of the lake.

Gizmo fumed. "Hive Five! Eat 'em alive!"

"Titans, Go!" came Robin's standard battle cry.

Mammoth bulled forward to be stopped dead in his tracks by Cyborg. They struggled for position while Gizmo went after Robin with his cybernetic wings spread wide, firing off bullets like crazy. He was stopped by a green ball of energy from Starfire. With Gizmo off his tail, Robin went after Billy Numerous, who immediately split into seven to take him on.

Meanwhile, Beast Boy was preoccupied with See-More. Our verdant hero was unable to get close enough to strike, until he morphed into a cheetah to get by the eye beams. He was blocked by a force field shaped like a pupil and blown toward the wall.

Raven had a hard time getting hold of Kyd Wykkyd. He never made a sound, and jumping in and out of shadow portals made him hard to catch, much less hit. She was surprised when a fist emerged from her own shadow and clocked her in the back of her head. Turning, she was tripped by a hand from the floor.

As much as the Titans hated to admit it, the Hive Five were almost an even match. The tide of battle turned, however, with one stupid move. Tossing Cyborg over his head, Mammoth bulled forward. Raven was the closest. He ran straight toward her, about to put his shoulder to her back, when Beast boy yelled out.

"Raven! Look out!"

Mammoth had already leapt, and Raven ducked just in time. Unfortunately, As mammoth sailed over her head, he crashed into a support beam. the spire crumbled into dust and fell right on top of her.


Beast Boy's eyes widened. He was already running toward her when the rubble fell. He crouched where he was. The villains saw his distraction and went for him.

They didn't expect to find a large howling beast of unspecified species in his place. But they only had a second before a green blur stood where Gizmo was, bumping the dwarf over twenty feet to slam his head into the wall. The beast went for Billy next, picking up a Billy Clone and slamming it into the others. The ploy was foolproof, and Billy slumped, defeated. A portal opened in the wall to the Beast's left, only for a lanky arm to reach in and grab Kyd Wykkdy's head and give it a mighty skull bash.

Mammoth was next. As The beast leapt toward him, a blue beam hit him in the back, freezing him solid. The two remaining villains breathed a sigh of relief, when the green behemoth burst from his imprisonment, sending shards everywhere. mammoth ran forward, prepared to punch its lights out, but his fist was caught with ease. He gulped and stared into the wolf-like face, praying that some vestige of the human inside would spare him. Instead, he received a bone-crushing fist-claw to the face. The beast turned and roared in See-More's general direction. The small teen fainted away.

The beast made his way to the pile of rubble, helping the other Titans dig Raven out. However, once a pale arm was visible, The green leviathan turned on them. He encircled about Raven, growling at each Titan in turn as they tried to get closer.

"Friend Beast Boy," inquired Starfire, "do you not recognize us? We are your team."

"Let's back away until he calms down." Robin suggested. He knew from experience that in this form, Beast Boy was nearly unstoppable. He possessed great strength, speed, and even intelligence. But like any animal, it would react negatively to panic.

They did so, and Beast boy- or the Beast- carefully removed the rubble, then not so carefully dragged Raven out with its teeth and slung her over its back, then raced out of the bank.

"Titans, follow it!" Robin cried.

They had nothing to worry about, however. The Beast had brought Raven back to Titans' Tower and lain her in her bed, and was now curled on the floor at her feet. He growled at Cyborg when he entered. Raven was surrounded with a blue aura, and Cyborg could tell that she was in a healing trance. Cyborg left the two under video surveillance for the night.

Raven awoke with the wind on her face. She opened her eyes to find a wolf-like nose not two inches from her face. She screamed and leapt up, and the Beast jumped back as well.

Cyborg rushed in. "What happened?!"

"I could ask the same thing." Raven replied.

"You got knocked out yesterday. BB went all... Beast-y and took 'em out. Then he brought you here."

"Beast Boy?" Raven asked.

The wolf-man/teen was at her side in an instant.

"He's still not back yet? Something's up. He should have changed back after he fell asleep."

"He slept here?" Raven asked.

"The whole night. I guess he wanted to make sure you were okay."

Raven placed her hand on The Beast's head. "His mind... it's different. Call Robin."

"You sure this is necessary?" asked Robin.

"Yes." Raven replied.

The Beast was trapped in pink rubber netting in the medical bay, compliments of Mad Mod's section of the Evidence room. He was hooked up to the usual monitors: heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Robin looked out at the severely brutalized hallway, thanks of BB's hatred of doctors multiplied by natural animal panic. Cleaning this up will be fun.

Raven had drawn a green pentagram on the floor. She and Cyborg were holding her mind portal, but with one of Beast Boy's (smelly) socks on the handle.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos." They chanted together. After a while, a portal opened up and sucked the two in.

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