Chapter 1

It was a simple day of training for team 8. Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were training hard their sensei gave them the day off. They decided to use the time to hone their skills.

"Come on, Hinata! Come at us full force." Kiba told his teammate. "A-alright." Hinata managed to say.

The training went on for a few hours then they decided to take a break. Even they all went out full force they managed to come out with minor wounds such as scratches, small cuts, and others. "That was awesome! You guys did a great job!" Kiba told his friends while feeding Akamaru. "Thanks. You did quite well yourself." Shino complemented. "Great job, Kiba" Hinata said. "I'll be leaving my father asked me to help him when we finished." Shino said. "Later." "Bye."

Hinata and Kiba continued training until Orochimaru reared his head. "What do you want?!" Kiba demanded. He did nothing but point his finger toward Hinata. "M-me?" Hinata stuttered out. "I have a little experiment I want to try, and I require you in order to perform it." Orochimaru said in a sinister voice. "Hinata, RUN!" Kiba ordered shoving Hinata out of the way. Hinata began running, but Orochimaru took a deep breath and blasted her with some sort of slime, knocking her to the ground. "Why can't I gather chakra?" Hinata questioned, trying to wipe the slime off of her clothes. "That's a special slime I created, designed to neutralize chakra." Orochimaru explained as he knocked Kiba and Akamaru unconscious. Hinata got up and began to run again, but to no avail: Orochimaru was right behind her. He caught up to her and quickly struck her and landed a blow to her head. She was slowly losing consciousness fast. 'Kiba-kun, Shino-kun, I'm sorry' Her mind was taken over with darkness as she lost consciousness.

Orochimaru laughed as he stood over an unconscious Hinata. "I have a lot in store for you, little girl." he laughed. He grabbed the hood of Hinata's jacket and brought her limp body to it's feet. "You want to be stronger, to be acknowledged; soon no one will able to ignore you when I'm done with you." He grabbed her forehead protector, that she proudly wears around her neck, and threw it down onto the ground. He then set Hinata over his shoulder and left toward the hidden sound village.

3 hours later

Kiba and Akamaru were found and taken to the hospital in Konoha. He woke up and explained everything to Tsunade. "Damn! What could he want with Hinata!?" she cursed.

"I don't know all he said was he needed her for an experiment… That was it, then I got knocked out." Kiba explained. "Kiba, I'm going to send you, Naruto, and Neji out to look for any signs where he could've taken her." she told him. Kiba just sat there in the hospital bed and nodded. 'Hinata, don't we're coming for you.'