A Good Change

The TV blares on in Mulder's lounge room. White noise. It's little more to the two figures curled into one another, on his couch. He opens his eyes and glances at the TV for a moment though, when he finally wakes. It is only a moment though, because his attention is quickly brought back to the woman in his arms. The TV is of little importance next to the fact that finally, he and Scully are getting somewhere. Dana.

He should really start calling her by her first name. But the idea of doing so feels weird. Maybe he should discuss it with her first. But then, maybe he's jumping ahead a little too far and he should consider taking her out on a date first. Pizza and a movie, maybe. Or, no, something a little more intimate. A romantic restaurant, perhaps?

His forehead crinkles slightly and his eyebrows knit together. He scrunches up his nose.

Yes, he should talk to her. He should find out what she thinks. Until then, nothing changes. Nothing needs to change - not really. Except that maybe he shouldn't run off quite as much and leave her on her own. He knows he does it, but can't help himself. It's a habit he needs to break. If they are starting this relationship, he doesn't want to have to leave her. He hates the idea of her being alone.

She can take care of herself, but life should be more than just that. Life for Scully should include him giving her everything she has ever wanted. He should be there for her whenever and wherever possible. She deserves that and more.

Another change he would like very much was changes in the items of clothing they wore when in each other's company. Sometimes, for example, he would be okay for them to have no clothing on. That'd be quite a change. A good change. He has caught her looking at him sometimes, with an expression that suggested she'd agree with him about that.

Reaching over, he brushes some hair back from her eyes; he tucks the red strands behind her ear. At his touch, she makes a slight sigh and she shifts position, moving closer to him.

He smiles. He has dreamed of a moment like this with Scully and finally it is true. And it occurs to him, that the most important change of all, if this is to work, is that he shows her each and every day just how much she means to him. He mustn't ever let her feel alone when he can do something to change that. He wants to protect her and he wants her heart, just as she has stolen his.

Scully exhales a little louder this time, almost a sigh, and her hand clenches closed over his shirt, and then unbunches again and relaxes. Mulder smiles and enjoys the contented feeling that has spread throughout his entire body.

He thinks about turning off the TV, but decides he doesn't want to move. He'll be happy if this moment lasts forever.