Naruo and Hinata have finnaly found each other, but suddenly they get into a fight! naruto knows in his heart that hinata would not hate him and with the help of his firends, he finds out that hinata was kidnapped. Naruto and the rest of team Kurenai have a feeling hey know who's responsible. old friends have come to setle the score. NaruHina, some SasuSaku and ShikaTem

how this stroy came to be

one night i was sleeping under a tree at my house in the country side, i had the most amazing dream! this story is the dream i dreamt that night. i woke up and despertly found some paper to write it all down before i forget. Many fan fics that I will write in the future will be based on dreams that i have had. hope you will enjoy it!


Chapter 1: Secret Love

It was a peaceful day in Konoha, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the scars of war were slowly healing. A month ago, Akatsuki had launched a full scaled assault on the village and held it as hostage along with all of its citizens and shinobi. All accept one. Naruto was outside of the village at the time and was able to defeat all of Akatsuki's members. Unfortunatly, their leader Pein ecaped. Naruto did not go after him, he knew that he was not yet strong enough to defeat Pein. Many died in that battle, one of which was Jiraiya at the hands of Pein. Though Naruto lost a good friend and mentor, he did gain he old friend and rival, Uchiha Sasuke.

After the battle, Naruto was made the new candidate for 6th Hokage and would be made the new Toad Sage in a few months time after he learned his new responsibilities. He was praised as a hero and was finally getting the respect he disserved.

Naruto was sitting on a park bench, and in his arms was someone he never thought would be there; Hinata. Hinata had told him her feelings for him before he fought Akatsuki's forces, and it had given him a boost to his shaky resolve. Since then they have been going out, making sure that no one found out about it.

'Neji and Hinata's father would skin me alive if they found out' thought Naruto kissing Hinata tenderly. Hinata broke away from Naruto and gazed into his blue eyes "I just noticed something" giggled Hinata, "your kiss tastes like oranges". Naruto gave her a strange look "Really? I thought it would have tasted like ramen". They both laughed and melting back into each other. "It's such a nice night" said Hinata "let's go for a walk near the water fall". "Fine by me!" grinned Naruto, bringing his arm around Hinata's shoulders and walking down the path.

The moon was full, casting an ivory glow upon everything. Fireflies fluttered in the warm late spring evening, the water shining the moon's reflection, and sakura leaves floating in the breeze.

Naruto and Hinata walked next to the stream and gazed into the night sky.

"Suge! Look at all those stars!" said Naruto in utter amazement. "Hai" agreed Hinata. Suddenly something caught her eye. Beautiful lotus flowers were floating down stream. Hinata knelt down to pick one up. "They smell so nice" she praised bringing the flower to her nose. Naruto picked up his own lotus, "Your right" he agreed, "Their quite beautiful too".

Hinata turned, gazed at him with a slight amount of jealously. "But…" he continued, "Their nothing compared to you". He took the purple flower and placed it into Hinata's long black hair. Hinata blushed and fell into his arms, pressing her warm lips against his, savoring their sweet citrus taste. Their tongues rubbing together, exploring each other mouths. Naruto, sucking on Hinata's bottom lip and then slowly pulling away. "Hey…" grinned the blond shinobi, "You taste like blueberries". Hinata's face began to turn crimson, 'He's so romantic, this is better than I imagined it would be' she thought.

They continued to walk down stream, giggling about their fruity kisses. Hinata titled her head to look at Naruto. "You know,,," she began, "We're going to have to come clean about this". Naruto almost keeled over. "N-Nani?" he stammered in shock, "We've only been going out for 2 weeks, shouldn't we wait a little longer or even better not at all?" The Hyuuga ninja sighed, "I knew you would say that but don't you think that it would be better if everyone knew?" "Nope" "Same here" Naruto and Hinata started at each other for 10 seconds then started laughing. "If you didn't want them to know, why did you say you wanted to?" he laughed. "I don't know!" she giggled" Naruto grinned and threw his arms around Hinata's waist. "For scaring the crap out of me, I'm gonna tickle you" "N-no HAHAHA- please Naruto-kun I'm really ticklish!"

They both fell onto the soft green grass rolling around, laughing with out a care in the world. Hinata was on top of Naruto, their noses touching and the cheeks flushed. Their lips met and entered their own world. All problems seemed to vanish instantly and their mouths wrestled with each other. Naruto's lips descended to Hinata's neck taking deep breathes through his nose talking in the smell of her skin. Hinata was kissing Naruto's forehead and began sucking on his ear. They lost each other but soon their lips met again. They slowly broke away and gazed into each other's eyes, checks burning red as fire. "That…was…amazing…Naruto-kun" breathed Hinata. Naruto just grinned slyly then started to laugh. Hinata looked at him with a puzzled look, began to laugh herself. "W-What's so funny Naruto-kun?" "Hee hee, oh nothing," he said with a toothy grin, "It's just I never thought that you could do something as sucking on my ear"

Hinata's face was flushed again. Then suddenly Naruto sat up and placed Hinata facing him and reached in his shirt. He pulled out one of his most prized possessions, the necklace that once belonged to the First Hokage.

"Hinata, as a sign of my love for you, I give you this necklace" Hinata was taken aback. Naruto had told her about how he won the bet between himself and Lady Hokage for this necklace. "B-But Naruto-kun, you worked so hard to get it. You really don't-" Hinata was cut off by Naruto's finger on her lips. "Shhhhhhh" he whispered, "I know that, but this a gift from me to you. It's my lucky charm and I think the crystal really sets off your eyes" Hinata smiled and began to blush, "A-Arigatou Naruto-kun" "Don't mention it" he replied. He brought his arm around Hinata's head to place the necklace onto her neck. Naruto looked at the neck to make sure it was in place; however when his eyes moved down Hinata's neck to see the end of the necklace was in between her breasts…

"N-N-Naruto, daijoubu?!" Without warning, Naruto was sent flying nearly 25 feet, face as red as the blood coming out of his nose. "I'm ok…ok…ok…ok" wheezed the blonde ninja. After a few minutes they began to continue walking down the path. They soon began to embrace each other. "I love you" whispered Hinata, her arms rapped around Naruto, pressing her head into his chest. "I love you too" he replied hugging her with one arm around her waist and the other across her shoulder. "I promise…" "Nani?" asked Hinata, lifting her head. "I promise," continued Naruto, "that I will protect you, till the die I die" Hinata eyes widen and began to blush, 'Does he really mean that? Is he…proposing to me??!' and then (unsurprisingly), Hinata passed out.

The moon shined down on the village, illuminating the streets making it easy for Naruto to walk to Hinata's house. He had her in his arms, one arm under her legs and the other across her back and holding close. His trademark orange jacket was draped over her, keeping her warm from the rapidly cooling evening. The street began to angle upwards as Naruto arrived at the Hyuuga estate. He noticed movement in the main lounge, 'That's gotta be Neji and Hinata's old man. Better go through the window' thought Naruto. He leaped onto the gate then began to scale the wall of the house to Hinata's room window.

It was surprisingly unlocked. Naruto walked to Hinata's bed and gentle put her down. He thought if he should take his jacket back or not but then shook his head "Better not wake her" he whispered. He bent down to kiss her goodnight, when she rolled over causing Naruto to fall on top of her. Hinata awoke to find the man she loved in a position she had only dreamed about. "N-Naruto-kun, what are you doing?" her face had gone completely read at this point. "Gome gome!" cried Naruto rising to his feet quickly, "I went to kiss ya goodnight but I fell over" expecting Hinata to hit him, to his surprise she simply giggled. "Naruto-kun," she began, "would you like to come over to my house for lunch tomorrow?"

Naruto nearly had a heart attack. "N-No wait!" said Hinata, realizing in her poor explanation. "My father and Neji-niisan are going to be away for a few days, the house will be all to myself so…" Suddenly Naruto's warm lips were on hers, "Then I guess I'll see you tomorrow" Hinata melting into him, not wanting it to end. "Bye" said Naruto kissing Hinata one last time and dashed out the window. She ran to the window, watching him leap from tree to tree and then vanishing into the night. Hinata's checks were red and her heart was bounding. A smile began to spread across her face, "See you" she whispered.

She was oblivious of the fact that a strange ninja was hiding in a tree not too far from the estate, with a horrible grin on his face. "I knew they were together" he hissed.


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