Jacob sat across from Bella on the Swans' kitchen table. The two kept sharing odd glances, unsure as to who would speak first.

"Er," began Jacob, breaking the silence, "Wasn't the whole point of you being babysat to keep you away from me?" he asked confusedly. Bella shrugged.

"Well," she began methodically, "Look at what I've done so far." She began to count off on her fingers. "Jasper's in therapy, Emmett got stuck in my window, Rosalie had some sort of crisis when she realized that she couldn't recognize her own face, Carlisle lost his scalpel in my abdomen," (She patted her stomach gingerly) "Esme used up all her bubble wrap, and Alice accidentally bought the wrong pair of shoes. I'm causing Edward's family more problems than you are Edward, I guess." She smiled, and Jacob laughed. "Plus, Edward trusts me to stay home, so I guess he decided it was okay for you to be here," she concluded. They were silent for a moment.

"Do you want to-" began Jacob.

"Yeah," answered Bella quickly. "I'll go get my motorcycle."