Frozen Winter's Walk

The drifting winter's afternoon chuckles rawly

Two lone figures walk through the frozen woods

Laughing in outright anger at their prison

A single snowflake slides like a tear down the fox's face

The opulent winter's day laughs icily

They scream with fearful need to hurt and spill red life

Onto the blue and white that surrounds them

The two's voices echo around the swirling crystallized mass of trees

Elsewhere spring bows down to the heavens

Here winter is an eternal torment to the foliage and its guests

The wolf shivers briefly in the frigid cold

As dozens more snowflakes begin to fall onto the frozen floor

Their torture decays to anger then slowly turns to sorrow

Matching with their icy tomb's sluggish curse

Their emotions are as bare as the trees they walk past

The fox speaks a cold joke and the wolf gives an icy nod

Twin Death Sentence

Smiles of tombstones and razors

One a conniving fox the other a wolf both in blazers

Eyes of faded blue china and brown cess pools

Both more terrifying then the scariest ghouls

Worn out suits that had seen better days

Had succumb to the blood from their wicked ways

Mr. Croup enjoyed words and sentences alike

Mr. Vandemar would eat even the smallest tyke

Mr. V likes to wear four raven skull rings

Mr. C would never wear something so uncouth that once had wings

Stare at their unlike forms

Nothing about them could pass for any norms

Remember their names and faces well

For one day it may be you they send to hell

More stories, poems and the like to come A.S.A.P I promise. Keep an eye out for me!