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Chapter 10, Halloween feast

The next morning was beautiful and sunny; the golden rays of sunlight had finally touched Hermione's face. The heat quickly began to get more intense, causing Hermione to crinkle her nose in discomfort. It wasn't long before her second alarm clock jumped up onto her bed, and flicked his long ginger tail into her face, causing Hermione to moan and laugh at the same time.

It wasn't until Hermione had got into the shower that she remembered what had happened last night; the three headed dog, the trapdoor. Hermione's mind started racing on the possibilities of what the dog could be guarding. Then suddenly she remembered that Hagrid had taken something from the vault the very day they were at Gringotts, and had told her it was top secret.

Excited about finding out what the secret treasure could be, Hermione suddenly realized she was running late, and if she didn't hurry up she was going to miss breakfast. "Hermione, get yourself together, start thinking about homework, and keep out of business that doesn't belong to you!" Hermione muttered to herself.

The day was going by quickly, and Hermione was excited about their charms class. Today they were going to practice levitation! Hermione loved charms, it was her second favorite class; with transfiguration at the top.

The charms classroom was nothing less than charming, it was so welcoming, and Professor Flitwick, was such an interesting person.

Today everyone had to divide into pairs; and Hermione, not by choice, got stuck with Ron Weasley, while she noticed that Harry was partnered with Seamus. Once Professor Flitwick got to the top of his chair and books, he started his lecture. Hermione loved the way the Professor could make words roll off his tongue, as if it took no effort at all.

"Now remember the nice wrist movement we have been practicing; swish and flick," explained Flitwick. "It's important to pronounce the words correctly, or you could end up with a buffalo on your chest!" He chuckled briefly about the joke he had cracked in the previous class.

Hermione took a quick glance around, enjoying watching the others try and figure out how to break the laws of physics, pausing to watch Seamus explode his feather, while Harry frantically tried to put it out with his hat. On the other side of the room Neville looked like he was about to get it, until his feather started to spin out of control.

Next to Hermione, Ron was demonstrating how a windmill should look like with his arms. Hermione didn't say anything, until she got hit in the arm by Ron on his tenth attempt to master his new dance.

"You're doing it wrong, you use nice elegant movements, and you need to make the 'gar' in the spell nice and long" said a frustrated Hermione.

Ron immediately went red in the ears, and sweat started to form as he knew everyone was looking at him; it didn't help he could hear Malfoy snickering in the background. Looking a bit timid, he said "If you're so clever, why don't you do it then?"

Hermione simply took the challenge, she rolled up her sleeves to her elbows, and picked up her wand and in a quick but soft wand movement she said "Wingardium Leviosa!" The feather seemed to give off a golden glow and rose gently up in the air, following the path Hermione directed it to. Hermione couldn't help but give Ron a quick wink.

"Well see hear everyone, Miss Granger has done it! Well done, ten points to Gryffindor!" said Professor Flitwick.

Once the class was over, Ron headed straight over to Harry and a group of other boys who were packing up their things. "Can you believe her? She is such a snob! You would think she'd notice nobody likes her, even if she is the girl who lived", said Ron with a trace of bitterness in his voice.

Hermione could not stop the tears from forming in her eyes, especially when the other boys seemed to shake their head in agreement; well all but Harry.

Hermione grabbed her books, and ran out the door, not wanting to get caught crying. She couldn't keep her eyes open; didn't stop to say 'sorry' to the people she bumped into. Hermione did not know where to run to, so she decided to go to the girl's lavatory.

Hermione dropped all her belongings, and headed over to one of the mirrors above the grey marble sinks, and turned one of the silver knobs. Placing her hands in the cold water, Hermione splashed a little on her cheeks, bringing herself back to reality.

The tearstained reflection looking back at her was familiar, for it wasn't the first time she had been in this situation, all of her old schools were just like this. In the back of her mind Hermione always thought it was bad at those schools because she knew she was different; but she thought here things would change; she thought here she had found her home. Tears started to well up again, causing her vision to blur.

Hermione could hear distant footsteps drawing near, so she ran to one of the open stalls, and locked the green, wooden door quickly.

Hormone did not recognize the voices as she tried to keep her sniffles under control, but every now and then she couldn't help letting a small sob escape. A few hours went by, and Hermione realized she had missed two classes; but for some reason, she didn't care.

Occasionally a few people would filter in and out; some seemed interested in what was wrong, but like the rest they eventually left.

Hermione was feeling home-sick, now more than ever; she could really use a hug from Ellis.

She noticed it was now starting to get dark, and her stomach was growling, so Hermione slowly opened the stall and took another look at her appearance. Her face was all red and puffy from crying.

Hermione was now starting to get annoyed with herself, "Why are you letting them hurt you like this?" she asked herself, brushing some of her hair out of her eyes.

From that moment she realized what she had to do: I'll just work my butt off, and make sure that one day, that Weasley will have to work for me! With that, she started to smile faintly, which looked strange it the reflection, what with her puffy eyes; but it only made her giggle more.

Hermione decided to head out to the feast; after all, it was Halloween, and the food was supposed to be amazing!

Quickly grabbing her bag, Hermione was about to open the door, when it crashed open! She almost passed out from the fowl stench that blew in.

Hermione quickly backed up once she saw what was coming towards her. The creature had to be over 12 ft. tall, with short trunk like legs, and a tiny head, and looked as if it were wearing dirty rags.

Rushing to the door, she tried to tug it open; it was locked! Panic hit Hermione, this was much worse than the three headed dog, because at least she had been able to get away!

Hermione darted under the sink, for some sort of protection, and took a better look at the monster. She quickly figured out it was a troll; she had just done an essay about them last week.

The troll was holding a giant spiked mace. It looked like an over-sized baseball bat, with huge nails sticking out all over.

Hermione heard the door burst open, and saw a scruffy haired boy with round glasses, and the mean, red haired Weasley boy. She was so terrified at this point that their first names escaped her.

The two boys started to throw things at the troll to direct it attention to something other than Hermione. It worked for a second, before the troll saw the duo, and furiously started swinging its club around, smashing down five stalls with one, gigantic blow; wood and splinters flying everywhere.

The troll started walking towards Hermione again, this time crushing the sink next to Hermione; water spraying everywhere. The two boys kept yelling for her to run, but Hermione was petrified with fear, unable to move an inch.

Then one of the boys stupidly decided to jump on the troll's back, in the process, sticking his wand up its nose. The troll started to scream uncontrollably, grabbed the boy by his foot, and tried to swing its club at him.

Their names came back to her. "Harry!" Hermione screamed. Ron was standing by the door looking scared; then he pulled out his wand. Pointing it at the troll, he shot red sparks at it, causing the troll to become more agitated than ever.

Hermione glanced at Harry, and then yelled to Ron: "Swish and flick". Ron paused, an idea forming across his face and imitating Hermione, he yelled: "Wingardium Leviosa!", and to his amazement, the club rose high above the trolls head. The club hovered for a few seconds and then fell, striking the troll right on its head, causing the beast to collapse.

Harry stood shakily, and pulled his wand out of the troll's nose, dripping and covered in slimy snot. Hermione thought she was going to get sick at the sight.

Once again the bathroom doors burst open, and in stormed Professors McGonagall, Snape, and Quirrel, all with different expressions covering their faces.

"Explain your selves immediately" snapped McGonagall. Hermione was confused about what to do, should she tell on the boys? But they did just save her life. Hermione knew what she had to do.

"It was my fault, Professor; I went looking for the troll. I had read all about them and thought I could handle it. I thought I could make the troll feel safe with me, because I really think they are misunderstood, but the bottom line is, if Harry and Ron had not found me, I would probably be dead." said Hermione.

Harry and Ron looked dumbfounded at the thought of Hermione telling an outright lie. "Be that as it may, it was a reckless and foolish thing for you to do! You may be smart Miss Granger, but that was very thoughtless of you! 5 points from Gryffindor."

Quirrel was over in the corner looking at the troll, whimpering, while Snape was eyeing Quirrel suspiciously. Professor McGonagall moved towards Harry and Ron now; "Five points will be awarded to the each of you. Not many first year students could live to tell the tale of defeating a fully grown mountain troll."

The three of them walked back to the common room without a word. When they reached the portrait of the Fat lady, Harry was the first to speak: "Hermione I'm sorry we locked you in the bathroom with the troll, we weren't thinking." Then Harry hit Ron in the shoulder and gave him a weird look, and Ron spoke quietly: "Hermione I'm sorry that I was mean to you earlier, I was out of line. But remember, we did save you!" adding that last part in quickly.

"Well, maybe if we didn't lock her in she might not have needed saving!" said Harry looking at Ron in disbelief.

"What are friends for?" said Ron smiling at Hermione, causing her to smile back. Suddenly Hermione didn't care anymore; she was just happy that Ron and Harry said she was their friend.

Later on that night when Hermione was all snuggled up in her bed and thinking over yet another adventurous day, she smiled again. She now had two friends, and she planned on never letting them go.