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A/n: This is a work in progress story- modern Tokyo Japan with the Kingdom Hearts boys and several OCs. It's completely yaoi. It's like a school x3 and it's an all boy's school, toooo~

Canon Pairings: AkuRoku, RikuSora, SaixDemyx


This was it. First day to a new school. A private academy, away from their parents and with each other.

Best friends, Roxas and Sora, had just boarded a train to a academy located in the country-side of Tokyo, just a little ways off. It was an all boys school, yes, which is what their parents wanted. No fooling around with any girls - did they honestly think Sora and Roxas liked girls? - and also able to spend time with each other themselves without the two boys nagging them all day ABOUT going to this new academy.

It had a name. Paopu Academy. Had a good ring to it, Sora had said one time.

Sora and Roxas had found this interesting academy online, of course, and it had an amazing layout, their parents finding it fairly suitable for their teenagers.

As the train on the railroad sped along, Sora and Roxas sat there together, talking about how great this school was gonna be and how much fun they were gonna have.

"Remember, Sora," chuckled Roxas as he chewed on a piece of salty prech, "This is a school, which means we have to study. Not just fool around and have fun all the time." Roxas gave a smile to his brunette friend, leaning back against the red cushioned seat comfortably, blue eyes glancing out the window were all that rolled pass was green meadows and the occasional tree.

"I know, I know," responded Sora. "But, c'mon, all boys school." Sora gave Roxas a look and the blond across from him exchanged it with a seriousness that Sora pouted cutely at.

"And we can't always be gawking at the other boys there!" Roxas said also, opening up a magazine.

"You and mean both know, Roxas, that you like looking at boys just as much as I do..." Sora smirked, crossing his leg. Roxas sighed, shutting his magazine with a slap and giving Sora that shut-up-before-I-maim-you-look.

"Okay, Sora..." Roxas grumbled in defeat. "You got me. I like boys... But that doesn't mean all the boys at this school are gonna be, haha, gay, too!"

"You're right," Sora said, placing his arms behind his head. "But, hey, if they are...?"

"Oh, who cares," Roxas chuckled. "What's the worse they could make 1st year boys do?"

It was nearing noon, and the train was coming in sight of three wide and tall buildings. Sora glanced out the window.

"Hey, Roxas, we're just about there!" Sora smiled cheerfully. "Oh, man, this is gonna be the greatest school we've ever been to."
Roxas rolled his eyes at his friends immature ways before looking out the window himself. By now the train had come close enough to a nearby train station, three benches sitting their under the station's shades.

The train came to a high pitched screeching halt, the blond and the brunette grabbing their luggage and moving out the train door and onto the concrete station.

Roxas and Sora took a moment to stare at the three buildings only about 20 feet away from them. From what they could see was main building where the classes were held, the dormitories, and the gymnasium. Sora smiled widely and set down his suitcases, dusting off his baggy jeans and crossing his arms again.
With another hiss, the train had left, blowing a huge puff of black smoke right onto Sora and Roxas, the two coughing almost hysterically before the smoke vanished.
Sora's eyes were watering, and Roxas's white blouse had a dark stain on it now.

"Damnit, I just got this shirt yesterday..." Roxas mumbled, trying to get the stain out.

"Okay, well let's get a move on!" Sora said happily, grasping his suitcase handles again. That's when Roxas caught movement out of the corners of his eyes, seeing a slightly taller boy sitting on one of the benches.
He looked to be about sixteen, one age older than Sora and Roxas, and he was going through some paper pretty quickly. That's when the paper blew suddenly out of his hands and into the air, causing Roxas to see what was on the paper.
One piece landed in front of his feet, the blond leaning down and picking it up.

Music notes.

"Oh, no!" gasped the boy, jumping up and grabbing every piece of paper he could get. "My sheet music! My precious music!" Roxas, being the kind boy he was, picked up a few pieces himself and offered them out to the other blond boy.

"Here's some," said Roxas.

"Oh, thanks," smiled the boy, taking the papers and sticking them under his arm.

"No problem," Roxas smiled. "Did you write this yourself?" The boy looked up at Roxas, some of his blond hair covering his ocean blue eyes.

"Oh yes!" he said cutely. "I'm a musician. Name's Demyx, you are?"

"Roxas, that's Sora," Roxas said nicely, the brunette behind him giving a friendly wave.

"Nice to meet you," Demyx said. "I'm guessing you two are 1st years here?" Sora and Roxas nodded. "Oh good. I'm a 2nd year. I think you guys are gonna like this school alot. My cousin came here one time and said it was a blast."
Sora and Roxas looked at each other with curled smirks.

"Well you guys wanna walk there with me? This is my first year after all, and I'm a little nervous."

"First year? Didn't you just say this was your 2nd year?" Sora asked a little confused.

"Oh, no. This is my first year. When I applied I was sixteen, so that just put me in the second year," Demyx smiled cutely. "Okay, let's go! I'm excited!"
Sora and Roxas quickly followed Demyx from behind.

More and more they came closer to the academy. More and more they were able to make out windows of the school and students on the inside. And more and more they saw more students walking around outside.

"Ohh, man!" Sora giggled. "This is gonna be awesome! No girls, no mom and dad! Just boys, boys, bo- woah!"

"Woah is right, Sora..." Demyx said, astonished by a sight before him.

"...what the hell?" Roxas could only say as he rubbed his eyes.

There were boys there, yes, all around the trio's ages, fifteen and sixteen. Except... something was definitely wrong here. They were all wearing little blue, plaid skirts, like a school girl uniform, complete with the sailor shirt with the large bowtie in the front.

"What on earth...?" Sora murmured as two boys rushed by wearing short, flowy skirts.

"Um..." Demyx muttered softly.

"They're wearing... skirts," Roxas said. "This is an all boys school, right? My eyes aren't mistaken me?"

"Ooh, first years?" came a low voice from behind. Sora, Roxas, and Demyx both gasped loudly and spun around. There standing there was one of the most handsome men that the three had ever seen. He was tall, had long rose pink hair, with dark pinkish eyes. "Hello there..."

"Um, hi," Roxas said quickly. "Who're you?"

"Marluxia," he replied. "I'm the Student Council President..." Without warning, Demyx then shook Marluxia's hand.

"Nice to meet you, President Marluxia!" he grinned widely. Marluxia tittered behind his hand and pulled his own palm away from Demyx's fast shaking.

"Thank you, nice to meet you lovely boys, as well..."

"Lovely...?" whispered Sora in Roxas's ear. That's when Roxas noticed that this man wasn't wearing a skirt at all, but normal long, blue plaid pants with a short sleeved white shirt with a matching tie.
Sora looked at Marluxia from the other boys wearing skirts walking by.

"Oh ho, I bet you're wondering?" Marluxia said quietly. "You'll find out. Follow me, please..."

The three all exchanged worried glances before following Marluxia through the boy infested field before moving into a large middle building.
They moved up the staircases and then reached a long hallway with several doors, one door reading on the top: Student Council President.
Marluxia turned the brass knob and moved inside, Sora, Roxas, and Demyx quickly following.

"Take a seat, please," Marluxia said as he moved over to a window. Sora immediately flopped down on the nearby couch followed by a hesitant Roxas and a timid Demyx.
With a flap, Marluxia had opened up the blinded window swiftly, creating lots of light into the room.

"You two are Roxas, Sora, and Demyx, I presume?" asked Marluxia. The three nodded in unison. "Good." Marluxia grinned before moving away into a back room, returning momentarily with three small packages. They were soft but firm and he slowly handed them all to the three individually. "These are your school uniforms... you may open them now if you wish."

Sora, being Sora and being extremely curious, ripped his open instantly. He was "rewarded" with his uniform which was the same exact outfit he saw earlier. A short sleeved white shirt with a blue bowtie, and a blue skirt.
"Oh my god..." Sora said while Demyx gulped.

"Um, no way are you expecting me to wear that!" Roxas protested. "I'm not a girl!" Marluxia simply smiled and crossed his arms.

"I am afraid you must, Roxas-chan, considering you've already paid enough money for one school term already..." Marluxia said, with a coy smirk. Roxas went to open his mouth again but sighed, pulling open his and removing the little skirt.

"Wait, do I have to wear this too?!" Demyx gasped. Marluxia smiled and gave a small nod.

"All 1st year and 2nd year students are all required to wear this," Marluxia explained.

"Wh-why?" Roxas asked, exasperated.

"Why?" Marluxia chuckled. "Well, let's just say most boys at this school will like it more."

"So they ARE all gay!" Sora said loudly as he pointed his finger at the council president. Marluxia smiled widely.

"You could say that..."

"You know, he was just joking..." Roxas murmured as he examined the shirt he had to wear. Marluxia gave a chuckle and then moved across the room again to a desk, opened a drawer and pulled out three keys.

"Here are the keys to your rooms," Marluxia said, handing each of them their little keys. "You two are the the 1st floor, and Demyx you're on the 2nd floor. You two are in a room together, room 13 is your door, and Demyx you're room is number 19."
Demyx gave a nod, and he wasn't even looking at Marluxia, his eyes were locked on the itty bitty skirt in his lap.
"You three can change here," Marluxia smiled. "We need to see if these are the right sizes..."

"You mean... you don't even know?" Roxas asked. "So we have to change in front of you?"

"We're both male," Marluxia said, as if Roxas protesting about taking off his clothes in front of him was bad. Roxas sighed yet again in defeat.
Sora quickly jumped up, removed his striped polo shirt, showing his tan torso before unbuttoning his baggy jeans and stepping out of his red tennis shoes.

Demyx sighed himself, arose and took off his blue tee and unbuttoning his skinny jeans, them getting caught around his ankles and almost falling over.
Roxas groaned, stuck out his bottom lip and undressed himself, throwing off his blouse and his dark jeans.

Marluxia basically got a eye-full of the boy's chests, legs, and their briefs - yes, they were all wearing tight, white briefs.

The one to make the first move was Sora, lifting up the skirt and pulling it on, then the shirt. Once he was completely finished, Marluxia chuckled deeply.

"Very nice," Marluxia smiled. "Just a right fit, too. Okay, your turn Roxas."
Roxas, with an unpleasant look, pulled on the little skirt and slipped on the shirt. Marluxia's smile got wider.
"Even better," Marluxia said, lifting his thumb to his lip. "Demyx?"

Timidly, Demyx put on his uniform and waited for Marluxia's reaction. The council president's smirk had gotten very long now.
"Perfect. You boys are ready to start your first year in Paopu Academy!"

Sora and Roxas stared at Demyx with unblinking eyes.

"What?" questioned Demyx.

"You're skirt... is really short..." Roxas muttered. Demyx raised an eyebrow, looked over his shoulder and saw how short his skirt was, showing lots of his legs. In fact, all of his thighs, basically.

"Ohhh, maaan!" Demyx whined. Sora and Roxas both exchanged some more worried glances before grabbing Demyx's hand and walking out of the room to their own rooms...