-1 P.A. 2.0 - Uke to Seme
Chapter 17
Departure of Riku?

It was three o'clock in the afternoon. There wasn't much sound outside except for the sound of the occasional crow flying over and letting out a raspy caw. Every student at Paopu Academy was in their homeroom, all writing about the same thing - what sort of career they would be interested in in the future. Like before, there wasn't much sound- it was a dead, uncomfortable, boring silence, not but the sound of scribbling pencils, the tick-tocking of the clock and the occasional tapping of someone's foot against the tile floor.

Homeroom 3 was the quietest because most of the males in that class weren't very fluent in...well, anything and weren't scribbling very much on their preference sheet. Cid Sensei was sitting behind his desk, feet upon the wooden surface with a magazine over his face; he was fast asleep.

Riku yawned loudly as he finished off a sentence about how he was interested in police work, or more specific, a detective agent for the government. Riku absently glanced at his other classmates, seeing Axel's eyes were drooping before he'd give a violent shake and sit upright again and continue writing. Reno was scribbling at a hundred miles per hour, however Riku believed it was probably unreadable Reno-language he was writing on his sheet. And Kadaj? He was leaning over his desk, pen in hand, looking extremely focused on his work before he just dropped his head down onto his desk and his pen rolled out of his hand and clattered on the floor.

Apparently none of them took this as seriously as Riku was taking it and went to continue but there was a tapping sound at the door. Cid gave a violent jolt and sat up, "Where is he? Where'd he go? I'll pound him with my fist!"

"Sir, there's someone at the door!" called a student in the back.

"Oh, come in, then, lazy..." Cid grumbled and stood up.

It was the secretary, Principal Xemnas's personal secretary at that. He scrambled into the classroom when Cid beckoned him to and passed a little note, whispering in the teacher's ear.

"Riku Nagano, there's an important phone call from your mother waiting for you," Cid said sternly. "High tail it out of here, boy! Get!"

Riku hurriedly stood up and stepped out of the classroom, quite curious to see what his mother could possibly call him for, especially when he was at school. Once Riku and the secretary were gone, Axel glanced to Reno, brow raised, "Riku's last name is Nagano?"

"...Dude, you've known him since grade school."

The secretary showed Riku the phone he could use in the teacher's lounge, the silver-haired male sitting down on a couch and picking up the phone that was off his cradle.

"Mom?" Riku spoke into the phone.

'Riku! Heeeey, dear, how're you doing?'

"Mom, this better not be one of those spontaneous calls again. You know, like those calls where you call the school, say it's an emergency and it turns out you're just bored and want someone to talk to?"

'No, no, Riku, it's not one of those crisises! This one is of utmost importance! Listen, darling, I have something I wanna tell you!'

Well, duh, Riku mused but continued listening. His mom was a pretty big ditz when it came to common sense.

'I met this charming man from about an hour from Tokyo, and Riku, guess what? Me and him are engaged to get married!'

Riku blinked when hearing this news, "R-Really? You met someone and are...just gonna get married? Just like that?"

Riku's mother was divorced and Riku was quite shocked to hear that she had a fiancé! Riku last recalled the reason she divorced her husband was because she hated men, yet she still loved Riku, so why was she marrying again? It was clear that Riku hadn't gotten his brains from his mother...

'Yes! He is SUCH a gentleman, too! But Riku, here's the issue at hand here. We're planning on getting married next week, and I've already picked out a new school you can go too where he lives-'

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, a new school?" Riku breathed loudly. "No way, Mom, I don't want to transfer! I'm already almost in my 4th year here, and I have all my friends and S-"

'Honey. I've made up my mind, okay? You'll be attending this school near the sea, it's mixed, okay? So maybe you'll be able to meet a really cute girl there or something?'

"Mom! I've already met somebody and I don't want to transfer, okay?"

Usually Riku's mom was the biggest pushover in the world but with something like this it was incredibly hard to push her over! And with as much convincing as Riku could muster up she would just not reason with the silver-haired male, not even when Riku mentioned that he had Sora and deeply cared about him and didn't want to leave because of him. She still wouldn't have it and Riku had to hang up the phone, miserable.

"So what I've found out is, is if you are just too lazy to hold the chopsticks properly you could just take one and stick it into the dumpling!" Key said during lunch, indicticating this to the 1st years by taking one chopstick and sticking it into his dumplings and then pulling it off the chopstick with his teeth.

Luna rolled his amber eyes, "Where did you come up with this? Besides, that isn't proper manners, stupid, you can't just start eating things that way!"

"He's right, Key," Roxas said truthfully, holding his chopsticks like a normal person. "You gotta hold them properly and eat with them properly, too." Roxas showed off by gracefully plucking a perfect slice of onion from his plate and eating it superbly.

"Gosh, Roxas, when I watch you eat I just can't take my eyes off you," Sora said, looking amazed.

"He's right," Luna smirked. "You eat like an angel."

Roxas's cheeks turned a noticeable crimson and he looked between the two males, "G-Guys I was just eating like how I usually do!"

"Okay, well the point I was just trying to make was that IF YOU WERE LAZY that day then you could eat it like this!" Key proclaimed, repeating what he had done a moment ago and slowly sliding a dumpling off one chopstick. Reno happened to be walking by at that time holding his tray of spicy ramen and he caught sight of what Key was doing.

"Hey, Key, if you wanna practice then all you need to do is go ask Kadaj!" Reno laughed. Luna growled and promptly threw one of the dumplings which collided with Reno's crimson head, the dumpling splattering across his cheek and collecting in his scarlet tresses.

"That wasn't funny, Luna!" Reno wailed as the 1st years all laughed.

Reno stomped away over to the table that was occupied by Axel, Kadaj and Yazoo and began to grumpily eat his ramen while the remainders of the dumpling fell out of his hair and onto the floor. Kadaj noticed this and snorted, earning a harsh look from Reno and the youngest silver-head rushed back to his own food.

"Sheesh, Yazoo, take a break, would you?" Kadaj said, glancing to his oldest brother who was constantly writing in his notebook. He had completely ignored his food and seemed to be solely focused on his work. Kadaj knew it was more work sheets that prepared Yazoo for his entrance exams to get into different universities once he graduated Paopu Academy.

"I can't take a break!" Yazoo cried. "I've only got two weeks before my main test begins! If I fail this test then I've got to continue studying AGAIN! I wanna be able to pass it the first time so I can try for another school!"

"Hey, Yazoo, calm down!" Kadaj said gently, placing an arm on the senior's shoulder. "Relax, man, you're one of the smartest guys in your class- you're gonna pass the test!"

"Yeah, I'd be more worried about myself, Kadaj," Reno chuckled.

"Shut up! I will get into the veterinary school if it's the last thing I do!" Kadaj barked furiously.

"Oooh, suuure. You really think you can perform surgery on a cat or dog when you can't even dissect a frog?" Reno smirked.

"I said SHUT UP, you insect!"

"You should try doing what Axel's doing, Kadaj! He's studying up, too! Look at 'im!" Reno gestured towards the other redhead who was occasionally taking a bite of his food and looking back at the book he was reading. It clearly read on the front 'Culinary Schools and How to Get In Them'.

Kadaj stood up and then grabbed the front cover of the book, which turned out to be a fake and not even the real cover of the book before tossing it over his shoulder. What was really the cover of the book was the words 'Blondes Gone Wild' and holding a picture of a half-nude blond male who looked a lot like Roxas.

Axel's eyes were wide when he was 'found out' and offered a nervous grin to the three males who were staring, bewildered, at the redhead. Axel growled before slapping the book down on the table, "Well, don't blame me! Roxas has been denying me lately!"

"Aha! Ahahahaaha!" laughed Reno, cheeks going red. "Seriously? I feel sorry for you, man, but...if he needs some comforting...I'll give him a call."

"Don't even think about it," Axel growled, angrily biting off a the head of a little octopus. "It's not like Luna is constantly asking you for sex either!"

"Pft, well, at least I don't go to porn magazines to satisfy myself," Reno smirked, slurping up more noodles.

"Yeah, you use your bloody ha-"

"OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH, PLEASE!" Kadaj cried, butting in. "Can we please change the subject! Agh!"

"Oh yeah, we'll change the subject," Axel grumbled, nearly snapping his chopstick in half from how angry he was at Reno. Suddenly, Riku had appeared at their table, holding his lunch and sitting in between the two redheads.

"We'll talk about Riku!" Axel proclaimed, pointing to the pretty silver-head next to him. "And wonder how in the world he gets his hair so damn shiny!"

Riku wasn't even acknowledging the other males' presence. He looked very depressed about something, quietly removing a pair of chopsticks from the cup in the middle of the table and splitting them smoothly before beginning to slowly eat his lunch. The 3rd years seemed to notice Riku's odd behavior - more Axel and Kadaj because Reno had accidentally spilled some of his spicy ramen broth all over his crotch and was trying to dry it while also trying to be quiet from the burning sensation.

Riku kept glancing over to the 1st years table, seeing Sora laughing happily with Roxas, Luna and Key. Riku sighed and went back to his meal, while Axel leaned in close to him and tried to 'read his mind'.

"Riku?" Axel spoke.


"You...doing okay?" Axel asked.

Riku sighed and placed his chopsticks down, "I've...got some bad news, guys... I'm...transferring to another school."

"What!" gasped the 3rd years.

"Transferring? Why?" Axel demanded seriously.

"You guys knew my mom called..." sighed Riku. "She apparently met some guy and they're engaged and getting married next week. She says we're moving to where he lives which is an hour or so from Tokyo..." Riku closed his eyes and sighed miserably. "So...I'm gonna have to leave all you guys..."

"Wait a minute, this is totally unfair of her!" snarled Axel. "You're my best buddy, Riku! You can't leave! I-I mean...we won't see you again until we graduate! And that's another thing; how can your mom just pull you out of school when you're almost in your 4th year?"

"I don't know," Riku answered, glancing at Sora again. "She just...doesn't understand, I suppose... I've lost my appetite, guys. I'm going outside..." Riku slowly stood up, taking his tray of barely touched food with him before dumping it in the garbage can and retreating outside.

"Damn!" Axel growled, pounding a fist against the table top. "This is absurd!"

"I know," Kadaj said, crossing his arms. "It really sucks that he'll have to let Sora go, too."

"Ah, well," Reno said with a shrug. "I'll keep Sora company."

"YOU'RE NOT HELPING!" Axel and Kadaj roared.

Word had gotten around that the handsome and pretty 3rd year, Riku Nagano (yes, his last name had also gotten around), was going to be transferring out of Paopu Academy, ending his time here in his 3rd year. However, the only one who hadn't heard about it yet was Sora...

Classes were beginning to come to an end, the 1st years having successfully turned in a math essay to Larxene who was actually kind of nice today - nice meaning half asleep - and gave them all scores around 70 and 80.

"I still can't believe Riku is transferring..." Luna said with a saddened compassionate tone as he walked down the packed hallways with Roxas and Key. "I mean, he's already been here for nearly three years, that just really sucks he has to go! And leave Sora all alone, too."

"I know..." Roxas sighed, looking at the floor.

"Hey guys! Wait for me!" came Sora's voice. Sora had been left to help with the cleaning of the classroom and was late catching up with the three of them. Sora hurried up after the three other males, his blue plaid skirt blowing a bit as he ran towards the 1st years with a smile on his face. Roxas and Luna took note that Sora looked too happy after knowing about Riku's departure.

"Sora, why're you so happy?" Roxas asked the brunette as he stopped to join the trio.

"Larxene Sensei gave me a sticker," Sora smiled, pointing to the smilie face sticker on his cheek. "She gave it to me to make me leave. Why wouldn't I be, either?"

"You mean you haven't heard?" Luna asked, surprised.

"Heard what?" Sora asked innocently.

"Oh, Sora, Sora, Sora..." Key smirked while crossing his arms. "Ohhh, stupid little Sora."

"Something about this is really bugging me," Sora said flatly. "What is going on?"

"Sora, I can't believe you haven't heard," Roxas said firmly. "You know...about Riku?"

"Oh yeah! Riku!" Sora gasped, clapping his hands together. "He wanted to see me after classes ended! I'll talk to you guys later, bye!"

And Sora sped away quicker than you could say 'goodbye'. Roxas, Key and Luna all exchanged saddened looks as they watched Sora's form vanish from the crowd of students.

Sora smiled as he managed to make it outside by the vending machines where Riku wanted to meet him. The brunette caught sight of the silver-haired male sitting on a bench with a soda in hand, staring wearily off into the distance.

"Riku!" Sora cried as he ran up to greet the silverhead.

"Oh, Sora," Riku muttered, turning to see Sora sit down next to the 3rd year. Riku quietly passed Sora an unopened can of soda, the brunette taking it happily. "Thank you, Riku!" Sora opened the can and was rewarded with a fresh fizzy sound as Riku sighed and watched his little Sora take a big gulp of his drink.

"Sora..." Riku began. "I...gotta tell you something."

"What is it?" Sora smiled.

Nearby, watching from around some bushes, were not only Axel and Kadaj, but Reno, Luna, Roxas and Key as well, watching Riku and Sora closely with focused looks on their faces. Luna had securely tied a gag around Key's mouth in case the blond just randomly decided to blow their cover but Key was making no effort to pull off said gag.

"Well, Sora..." Riku trailed off. "My mom called me today, saying she had m-met some guy and that they were going to get married next week. And this guy who I guess will be my step dad lives kind of far from Tokyo...and well... She told me that we have to move where he lives...which means I can't...stay here at Paopu Academy anymore..."

There was a very, very long silent pause. It was so silent that the only noise was a distant gurgling breath which was Key behind the bushes. Sora stared at Riku for a long moment, looking very shocked with wide, sky blue eyes.

"You're...leaving?" Sora muttered.

"Sora, I-I'm so sorry..." Riku said deeply. "I mean...I wish there was something else I could do to prevent this from happening..."

"Riku! I-I don't...I don't want you to go!" Sora cried. "I don't want you to go...not until school was over at least..." Sora's voice was becoming more choked and tears came to his eyes.

Luna and Roxas were having to look away from sheer sadness while Axel, Kadaj and Reno gripped the grass in their fists - Key on the other hand was about to choke on his own saliva and was trying everything to get the gag off his mouth.

"I think we should leave..." Luna said, wiping at his amber eyes. "Sora and Riku need to be alone now..."

Axel looked ready to explode from complete unadulterated anger from how much he didn't want Riku to leave and from how sad Sora was going to be. Reluctantly, all of the males stepped away to leave Sora now in Riku's arms crying softly.

Riku was going to leave next Sunday, which seemed way too close for any of the silverhead's friends to handle. Riku was dedicating each day of the week to spend with his friends - mostly Axel and Sora, but the others were involved, too - while trying not to think about the thought of dropping out of school.

And now, Sunday had arrived. Riku was packed with all of his things ready to leave the academy. He had all of his special belongings, his school work, personal items and then things he had received from his friends. It was quite a heart-breaking weekend, to say the least, and everyone had gathered together to bid Riku farewell, even some people that Riku didn't know were going to be saying goodbye to him.

Riku, holding two very large suitcases in either hand, stared at the small group of people who were all saddened to see Riku leave, began to slowly give every single one of his close friends a hug.

"You know," began Axel after embracing Riku, "you were the best friend I ever had. There's no way I'm ending my friendship with you- I'm totally going to call you every weekend. And don't let some other guy be your new best friend, okay?"

"I won't," Riku smiled before moving along to Luna who looked ready to burst into tears.

"Riku, you were gonna get an awesome degree here that would enable you to get into the best college for you to become a secret agent!" wailed Luna.

"A detective," Riku responded.

"Whatever! Now hug me, damnit!"

Luna all but threw himself at Riku, the silver-haired male sighing and embracing him back while patting his shoulders. Key, Reno and Kadaj pretty much did the same thing except for Key tried to act like his farewell would be the most tear-jerking but turned out just to be cheesy, cliché and somewhat embarrassing. And finally, Riku reached Sora, who looked distraught and was already crying.

"Sora...there's...something I wanted to give you," Riku murmured reaching into his jacket pocket to remove something. It was a silver locket that was in the shape of a star. "There's a special message inside I want you to read... It was...um...what I was gonna tell you when I, um...wanted to prop- nevermind, just... Keep it close and always remember me, okay?"

Sora, still a little dense, didn't catch the word stammer of 'propose' and took the silver star locket necklace from Riku, before standing up on his tip-toes...about to kiss Riku...

"RIKU NAGANO!" shouted Cid Sensei.

Riku groaned and pulled away from Sora, seeing his blond teacher march towards him with a stern look on his face, "Phone call, boy! From your mummy!"

"She...called me again?" Riku blinked. The same secretary from before was there except he was holding a portable phone and quickly handed it to Riku.

Riku exchanged curious expressions with all his friends before raising the phone to his ear and speaking, "Mom?"

'Riku, dear! Hey, darling! Look, I've got some bad news, dear...'

"Well, what? I mean, there's already bad news; I'm leaving Paopu Academy," Riku grumbled.

'No, no, no! Me and my fiancé aren't getting married anymore!'

There was another extremely long pause. Riku was staring at nothing in particular with a blank look in his turquoise eyes. Roxas and Luna both looked at each other and Key snorted into his hand, "His mom is totally having sex with her fiance on the other line, what'cha wanna bet?"


'Nope.' she sighed. 'He was being a total ding-dong! He just casually kissed another girl while me and him were out at dinner! I got mad at him and he was saying it was his sister, but he can't fool me! Ahahahaha!' She laughed proudly like she was the smartest person in the world, but Riku was fighting the urge not to just shout for joy to the heavens.

"Does this mean...that we're not going to move?"

Riku's mother sighed, 'No dear. We're not moving anymore. You can continue your years at Paopu Academy, dear, but you must come to visit me during Christmas break, okay?'

"Y-Yeah, sure, Mom," Riku stammered. "Yeah, I'll talk to you some other time. B-Bye." Riku pulled the phone away and stared at the faces of his friends with a shocked smile.

"Guys! I don't have to transfer!" Riku proclaimed. "My mom isn't getting married anymore so I don't have to transfer!"

Pretty much the entire crowd exploded with cheers. Sora all but tackled Riku and nuzzled him hard while crying happily, Axel looked ready to dance and Roxas and Luna were grabbing each other's hands in glee. Once the crowd had quieted down, Sora looked up at Riku with a big grin, "So, Riku, what was the locket gonna say?"

Suddenly, Riku had snatched the star-shaped locket away from Sora and was tucking it away in his pocket again, "Nothing!"

"Riku! Give it...give it back! I wanna know what it said!" Sora cried.

"No! I-I'll give it to you someday but now I can't anymore, alright?" Riku said, trying to avoid Sora's hands while sweating nervously.

Luna smirked and crossed his arms, glancing at Roxas with a proud smile, "You know what it was gonna say right?"

Roxas smirked back, crossing his own arms as he watched Sora hop up and down trying to get to the locket again.

"Yep. I certaintly do."