1. The Roof

An abnormal person is anyone who behaves differently from you.


I had no idea how I had gotten on the roof. Well I had some idea. I did stuff like this sometimes.

This was the third school I had been to in six months. We had finally moved to Bellwood, hoping that my history of bad luck wouldn't follow me.

I looked down. Crap! It was far. How the heck had I gotten up here, anyway?

"Hey, how'd you get up here?" said Ben Tennyson, a boy from the English class I was supposed to be in right now. He came up the steps from the second floor. "The door was locked. Mrs. Gibbs sent me to find you."

"I honestly don't know," I replied, shrugging.

"Well you have to come back to class," he said.

"Am I in trouble?" I said worriedly.

Ben paused, looking up at the sky. It had gotten dark and cloudy all of a sudden.

"I don't think so," he said. "What's with the weather today?"

I had noticed it too. Another thing I had done. Hopefully it wouldn't rain this time.

"I'm…not sure," I got up and backed away a bit. "I need to go back to class."

"Okay," Ben replied. "What was your name?"

"Leslie Maree," I said, heading downstairs.


I sat in English class, thinking about my encounter with Ben. I knew a lot about him, like how he was on the soccer team and got out of school a lot in the past few years, but this year had perfect attendance. All this I knew from rumors.

His cousin Gwen was more popular than he was, and I had math with her. We had never met.

The bell rang. Time for lunch.