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"That was another huge success Fuji san!"

Fuji turned around and smiled at his boss. "Ah, Chiyako san, thanks for the compliment" Fuji said as he continued to watch the photo slide show.

"You really are a genius Fuji" she commented. Fuji just chuckled, he was glad that the photo collection was a huge success, he really worked hard on it.

He watched as the satisfied clients complimented his good work and he couldn't help but feel delighted that his work was very much appreciated.

"Hey, I heard Chiharu Kanzaki is getting married!" Ayase said. Ayase was Fuji's assistant, a pretty petite boy who was as energetic as his best friend Eiji.

"The daughter of that rich financial group? wow…" Fuji said as he read the magazine that Ayase was holding.

"Imagine if you were to cover the whole wedding! I bet it's gonna be THE wedding of the year! Or maybe you could be their personal photographer for the entire preparation as well as the wedding itself!" Ayase beamed as he imagined Fuji being the photographer for the wedding.

"Yeah… dream on" Fuji chuckled as he continued reading, just then the door burst open revealing a panting and excited Chiyako san.

"FUJI SAN!" She exclaimed.

"Chiyako san, I can perfectly hear you even without you shouting it" Fuji said smiling his usual smile.

"You won't believe it but Chiharu Kanzaki called to check for your availability! She said she'd pay any amount for you to be their personal photographer for her wedding!" Chiyako said eagerly.

Fuji's eyes suddenly snapped open which caused both Chiyako and Ayase to stop because it was really rare for Fuji to show his eyes and it often gave the impression that whenever he did open them means that something made him angry.

"Don't play with me Chiyako san!" Fuji said in disbelief.

"I'm not! It's true!" Chiyako said happily. "Are you sure? You really mean that Chiharu Kanzaki, the daughter of that super rich couple wanted me to be their photographer?!" Fuji asked in amazement.

Chiyako laughed "How many times do I have to repeat myself? Yes, she specifically asked for Fuji Syusuke's availability!" Chiyako replied,

"But why? I mean, she could get a photographer form America of some other countries, why me?" Fuji asked.

"Well, she mentioned that she saw your woks on an art gallery in America and heard that you also cover wedding photo shoots, she seemed enticed with your work Fuji san" Chiyako explained.

"Oh my God! Fuji!" Ayase exclaimed. "I can't believe it" Fuji said happily. "These will be the wedding of the year and you get to be part of it!" Chiyako said delighted.

"Wow, I'm a lost of words. I definitely have to work hard and give my best! Ayase, I'm also counting on you" Fuji laughed. "You bet" Ayase said grinning. "So Fuji san, you'll have an appointment with her tomorrow in La Chalé café" Chiyako said and left the office.

"Wow, this will be a break through Fuji!" Ayase said, Fuji just nodded in agreement. "I have to tell Eiji about this!" Fuji said.

"Ah, Kikumaru san! How is he and Oishi san?" Ayase asked. "The same, though I heard from Eiji that Oishi has gotten more protective" Fuji said smiling. "I can understand, with Kikumaru san's looks" Ayase laughed.

"Ayase, the one who's over protective is your boyfriend" Fuji joked while Ayase blushed a deep red causing Fuji to laugh harder.

"Ne Fuji, when will you get your happy ending?" Ayase asked. Fuji laughter subsided as he gave Ayase a soft smile.

"I don't know, I haven't given it much of a thought ever since…" Fuji trailed.

He quickly covered up his expression with his usual smiling mask. "You know, that guy who rejected you has got to be the most stupid and idiotic person ever alive! I mean, why would he reject someone like you?" Ayase said annoyed.

Fuji chuckled softly at Ayase's tirade. "No… actually he's the most dependent, responsible and well respected person I have ever met, but I guess he just isn't the right one for me, he's not one o us" Fuji said.

Ayase stared at his friend sadly before sighing heavily. "I still think he's stupid and don't you dare defend him in front of me" Ayase said and Fuji just smiled.

"Speaking of over protective boyfriend, Taro is here" Fuji said as he glanced down from his window. Ayase went to the window and saw his boyfriend waiting for him.

"Tell him I won't pounce on you" Fuji joked as Ayase was about to leave. Ayase grinned "Actually, he's more worried that I might pounce on you" he said and left.

Fuji chuckled softly as he too started to pack his things, then a photo caught his sight. It was a picture of his old tennis club during their middle school. It was taken when they went mountain climbing to watch the sunrise, it was one of his favorite pictures because although it was just one of his immature pictures it really showed a lot of emotion, happiness, to be exact.

Fuji smiled softly, how he missed his former team mates. He really loved his old team.

He loved hanging around with them and fooling around.

He loved the taste of Inui's feared juice.

He loved playing tennis and winning matches with his entire team.

He loved going to Kawamura's sushi shop after winning a match and eating wasabi sushi.

He loved to make fun out of his team's misfortunes which is also why he was called as a sadist.

He loved everything about his team.

He loved everyone of them.

He really loved HIM above all…

Fuji shrugged as his thoughts flew back to the person he least wanted to think about.


Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Until now Fuji still feels a pang in his heart whenever he thinks of Tezuka. He would have laughed at their childishness before and how immature they used to be if only it didn't hurt him so much.

Even when they were only in middle school Tezuka had already stood out among all the others, even during their freshman years. He was talented.

He was really good in tennis but he was also academically excellent. He was always on top of his class except on his 2nd year where he and Fuji had been classmates. It was the first time that someone was better than him.

Fuji was the first person ever to out best him and thus he gained Tezuka's respect. It was what Fuji treasured the most. Tezuka's respect and trust.

He on the other hand had given his respect to Tezuka ever since their 1st year. Tezuka had always been matured. He always had a cool head. He knew how to control their chaotic club and he also gained the respect of every tennis player in their district or even in the whole country.

He was also very good looking. He was handsome. He also had almost all of the female population having a crush on him.

During their last year in middle school they had encountered their biggest problem as a team. The problem had nothing to do with tennis but rather with the people themselves.

Somehow their closeness had caused the team to fall in love with one another.

It started of course with the golden pair. Oishi Syuichiro was a very caring person and was also dubbed as the 'mother hen' of the team, but his care for his doubles partner Kikumaru Eiji was beyond friendship.

Eiji on the other hand was blunt with expressing his feelings and he often confided in Fuji about his feelings for Oishi. After a long time they finally admitted their feelings and officially became a couple.

Next was Inui and Kaido. To Fuji, it had always been obvious. Inui took especial care of Kaido and helped as much as he could. The sophomore was also obvious with the way he blushed whenever Inui got too close to him. Kaido is a very shy person although it doesn't actually show in his appearance. Soon the two also admitted their relationship.

Last, it was the obnoxious Momoshiro and the cocky brat Echizen. How friendship also developed into something deeper and they somehow ended up together. Fuji had also known that the two would end up together.

Fuji at that time supported his team and was happy for them.

Eiji had Oishi.

Inui had Kaido

Momo had Echizen.

Though deep inside, Fuji felt a bit jealous towards them. All his friends ended up getting their happily ever after, even Taka san who finally had a girlfriend at that time.

All of them were happy, all except him.

He knew his sexual preference but he was too afraid to confess to the one he loves. He always wondered why of all people, he had to fall for someone who was interested in him not for who he was but rather for his capability in tennis.

It was so frustrating that Tezuka was only interested in him because he was good in tennis.

Another problem was that he wasn't sure whether Tezuka was straight or gay.

When graduation was approaching Fuji finally plucked up courage as he confessed to

Tezuka but was badly rejected by him.