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Fuji smiled to himself as walked on the grounds of Seishun Gakuen. How many years have passed since they graduated here?

He smiled more as he went to the tennis courts.

How nostalgic.

It seemed as if it was only yesterday that he and his friends practiced here. He could clearly remember the noise and chatter of his old team.

He remembered Kaido and Momo fighting with one another while Oishi and Taka tried to calm them down. Inui, on the other hand, took down notes and mutters 'Iie data' while Eiji convinces him that Inui juice would be the death of him. Echizen would then mutter 'mada mada dane' while he, Fuji, would simply smile and enjoy watching his team and the chaos they caused, then Tezuka would bark '100 laps!'

Fuji chuckled softly as he recalled his school life. It was one of his best memories and he treasured the time they were together. This place would always be special to his heart. He had met so many wonderful people because he went to that school.

He had met his team and other teams who had also become his friends, and he met him there.

No matter how much Tezuka had hurt him, he couldn't bring himself to simply forget the happy memories he shared with the stoic buchuo. That was all he had left.

Fuji stopped in front of the courts and remained there for quite some time.

He was leaving for France that evening with Atobe and wanted to visit Seigaku for the last time. He didn't know if he would be able to come back to Japan soon so he went to all the places he holds dearly to him. This was his final stop. The place that holds almost all of his precious memory.

Fuji sat on the bench as he continued his thoughts. He was glad that there was no school that day and he had permission from Ryuzaki sensei to go inside the courts.

Fuji closed his eyes as he felt the cool air on his skin. Maybe he was being a sentimental fool but it should be fine right? No one was watching, no one could hurt him.


Fuji smiled to himself. Really, he was being too sentimental, he was even starting to hallucinate. He was hearing Tezuka calling out his name.


Fuji snapped his eyes open as he heard it once again. He turned around and to his surprise Tezuka was really standing in front of him.

He blinked once to assure himself that he wasn't dreaming.

"Tezuka, what are you doing here?" Fuji asked bewildered. He couldn't believe that Tezuka was really there. It was still suppose to be his honeymoon.

"I heard from Ryuzaki sensei that you were here" Tezuka replied.

"That doesn't answer my question Tezuka, why are you here?" Fuji asked once again.

Tezuka sighed. Fuji was still as stubborn as ever.

"I came here for you…"

"Shouldn't you be in your honeymoon?" Fuji asked.

"I ended it, we both ended it" Tezuka replied.

Fuji's eyes widened in surprise at the sudden news but chose to remain silent first.

"I'm a fool Fuji. I always end up hurting the people who cares for me. I cause them so much pain" Tezuka muttered.

"Why did you come for me?" Fuji asked softly.

Tezuka closed his eyes as he let the wind brush past him.

"I couldn't lie to myself anymore" Tezuka admitted.

"What do you mean?" Fuji pressed on.

"Did you know that during the time of your confession I really wanted to say 'I love you too' but I couldn't. I was a coward" Tezuka said softly.

Fuji couldn't believe his ears. Does that mean that Tezuka loves him back?

"How I wish I could turn back the time to that day, I wish I would've told you what I really felt instead of running away from reality. If only I was the same person I was back then if only I had been as strong as I am now" Tezuka confessed. His heart ached as he poured out his real feelings.

It was the first time that he had admitted this. He felt so pathetic for being a coward. If only he had been more true to himself then there wouldn't be so many people hurting.

"Why are you saying this to me?" Fuji asked softly his head bowed.

"Why now? Why do you always say things I like when I'm just about to give up?" Fuji asked as he brushed the tears that were threatening to fall from his eyes.

"I'm sorry but I wanted you to know what I really felt, I… want you to stay" Tezuka said.

Fuji finally let the tears fall as he heard Tezuka's confession. He had waited for so many years to hear those words come out from his mouth. He glanced up unable to hold back his emotions. God he was so happy. He knew it was unfair to Chiharu who had lost everything but it was everything he had ever dreamed of.

Fuji threw himself in Tezuka's arms as he embraced the bespectacled boy tightly.

"I love you too…God knows how much I love you" Fuji muffled in Tezuka's chest.

"But I have to go…" Fuji said as he pulled away from Tezuka.

Tezuka stared in surprise.

"I need to do this. You also left before to clear your thoughts, now it's my turn to go away and have time for my own so that I can erase all the pain you caused me" Fuji started.

Tezuka was about to say something but Fuji silenced him by placing his finger in Tezuka's lips. The bespectacled man remained silent.

"I need to find the me that disappeared during the time that you left me, so that when I come back I can love you again with no hesitation like I did before" Fuji smiled softly.

Tezuka nodded his head in agreement. He didn't have the right to stop Fuji in anyway. It was Fuji's decision to leave and he had to accept that.

"How long will you be gone?" Tezuka asked.

"I don't know…" Fuji replied.

Tezuka pulled Fuji to him again. "I'll wait" Tezuka muttered in Fuji's hair.

"I'll wait no matter how long" Tezuka assured.

Fuji smiled as he let Tezuka embrace him. It was the best memory he could take with him in France.

He was really glad he visited Seigaku again.

It gave him another precious memory.


"Tezuka! Congratulations on winning Wimbledon!" his former team cheered. They were all gathered in Kawamura's sushi shop for a victory party.

"Thanks everyone" he smiled softly.

"You were awesome Tezuka Buchuo!" Momo cheered. It had been two years since he got married with An and they had a baby girl named Reiko.

"Psssshhhh…" Kaido hissed as he also congratulated Tezuka.

"Nya! Tezuka is still the best!" Eiji cheered happily as he glomped the former buchuo.

"Eiji! Don't just cling to him like that, Tezuka might still be exhausted from his flight" Oishi scolded. "Mou, you're no fun Oishi" Eiji pouted cutely.

"Ano… if only Fuji and Echizen were here…" Taka whispered causing the others to shut up for a moment at the mention of Fuji and Echizen.

It was Momo who broke the silence.

"Ah, I know… it wouldn't be complete if those two weren't around!" Momo shouted happily. Everyone blinked in surprise but brushed the matter off. It had been two years and it was no use avoiding that topic.

Suddenly the door to the sushi shop opened.

"Ah, gomen… the shop is temporarily closed due to a special occasion" Taka said as he approached the entrance.

"Mou, am I not invited?" a sweet melodious voice spoke.

Everyone froze. Tezuka knew that voice by heart. He felt his feet drag him to the entrance where Fuji and Taka were standing.

"Fuji!!" everyone shouted in joy as they approached the tensai.

Fuji laughed as he was greeted by his former team.

Tezuka felt himself glued to his spot. He didn't expect Fuji to return so soon.

Fuji smiled as he watched Tezuka. He excused himself from his friends as he approached him. "Congratulations on your victory" Fuji smiled.

Tezuka smiled back in return. His eyes were starting to moist as he pulled Fuji into a tight embrace, "I'm so glad you're back" Tezuka whispered as buried his face in the nook of Fuji's neck.

Fuji smiled as he hugged Tezuka back. He could feel warm moisture on his neck as he they stayed like that for a few moments until Tezuka regained his composure.

Fuji stared up to look at Tezuka's face. "I'm back Kunimitsu" he whispered.

Tezuka smiled "Ah, are you sure about this Fuji?" he asked.

Fuji laughed as he pulled Tezuka into a kiss. Fuji pulled away and held Tezuka's hand.

"I've done a lot of thinking and I came to a conclusion that no matter what I do I'm really head over heels for you" Fuji laughed.

Tezuka smiled again, he didn't care how uncharacteristic it made him look. He was happy and he wanted to show his happiness.

"Thank you for giving me one more chance" Tezuka said.

"It was worth it" Fuji replied.

"Hey you two! Don't be so lovey-dovey over there! There are still people here you know!" Momo grinned.

Both Fuji and Tezuka blushed as they realized that they were still in the sushi shop but didn't care anymore.

"Oh wait! I brought someone with me!" Fuji beamed as he went out of the shop.

The regulars waited inside.

Fuji came back while holding Atobe's hand.

"Whoa! You two are still together?" Momo asked loudly.

"Stupid! You know that Fuji sempai just said he came back for Tezuka buchuo" Kaido hissed annoyed.

"What did you say mamushi?!" Momo shouted.

"Maa maa, don't fight" Fuji giggled. He pulled Atobe in who was holding on to another arm.

Everyone stopped their tracks as they watch the three who were standing in their way.

Even Momo shut up.

"See Echizen? I told you they would be surprise" Fuji smiled broadly as he took a picture of his friends who were stunned at the sudden happening.

"Mada mada dane Fuji sempai, hey monkey king, let go of my hand, they're all staring at us" Echizen muttered as he tugged his cap down.

When everybody let the scene sink to their senses they began questioning Echizen.

Echizen merely replied 'mada mada dane' to every question.

"Ryoma… what's going on?" Momo asked as heslowly approached the smaller man.

Echizen stopped as he heard his former lover's voice.

A hand suddenly stopped Momo from getting near to Echizen.

"No one dares to call ore-sama's lover by his first name" Atobe interrupted as he pulled Echizen to him.

All of them were shocked.

"You two are going out?" Eiji wailed.

Echizen let out a soft smirk as he pulled Atobe to a deep kiss just like what Fuji had done to Tezuka a few minutes ago.

"Mada mada dane sempai" Echizen smirked.

"Mou, so many things happened today!" Eiji said.

"Na Fujiko, did you know about this all along?" Eiji asked but to his surprise Fuji wasn't there. He looked around but there was still no sign of the tensai.

"Where's Fuji?" Eiji asked.

Everyone looked around and to their surprise, Tezuka was also gone.

"99.9% chance that those two headed to a hotel" Inui smirked as he wrote down on his notebook.


Fuji laughed as he pulled Tezuka along. They stopped in the park as they took a rest on a bench. "You planned all of these didn't you?" Tezuka asked.

Fuji smiled innocently as he held Tezuka's hand.

"I just wanted Momo to have a taste of his own medicine" Fuji replied.

Tezuka smiled warmly as he watched his lover.

"Ne Kunimitsu, you seem to smile a lot today" Fuji noted.

"Isn't it normal to smile when you're really happy?" Tezuka replied.

Fuji grinned at the reply as rested his head on Tezuka's shoulder.

"Welcome home, Syusuke…" Tezuka muttered as gave Fuji a chaste kiss on the lips. Fuji smiled in return.

"Ah, I'm really glad to be home"

~ Never ending…~

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