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Summary: Hi my name is Isabella Marie Swan. I don't know what i am. Not a human. Not a vampire. Not a werewolf. All i know is that i have unnatural violet eyes and everyone is after me. Why did i think Forks was going to be any different? Edward & Bella!

Chapter 1

I felt like slamming my head into a wall. Over and over and over again.

You would think that after having to relocate every four years to hide immortality from the eyes of ignorant humans it would some day become less frustrating.

Well it didn't. I sighed in frustration as I cursed the unknown god that had created me. Who knew what I was. A mistake. A mutation. A genetic freak. Call me what you will. Go on don't worry. It wont bother me. After all I've heard it all before.

Loneliness didn't even begin to describe the way in which I lived. Everywhere I went I attracted attention like a magnet. How could I not? I was the freak with purple eyes. I was the inhumanly beautiful being that still had a heartbeat yet comhow lived beyond the normal human age. Every man lusted after me as the women shunned me for the attention I unwillingly caught. I could find a companion anywhere I wanted. I only had to say the word and any man would follow. But who would want that. I didn't want some spellbound idiot following me like a lost puppy. No I wanted what I knew I could never have.


I laughted to myself for even contemplating the thought. I knew better than to depress myself like this.

Shaking my head I focused on the present. And presently I was speeding down a 80m/h street going 150m/h. I really couldn't help myself. If you saw my car you wouldn't be able to control yourself either. The new Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. I had my baby costume designed to be violet. I thought if I was going to stand out, I might as well do it with style.

My baby tore up the roads in Washington as we closed in on the tiny town of Forks. I know right. Forks?

But the town was perfect for me. Not many people to ask about me. That is what I wanted. Not to be noticed. Haha ya right.

About a half hour later I pulled into the house deep within the Forks forest where I had had a medium sized house built for myself. It was after all just me so I didn't need anything bigger. The house was made of beige bricks, however most of it was just glass. I had had the windows created large in order to make me feel free and let the sunlight in. Though I could already tell that that wasn't going to be happening a lot here in Forks, Washington.

My new home had two large bathrooms, one bedroom that took up nearly the entire upper floor, a spacious kitchen, dining room, living room, and basement. I had each room coloured differently because I enjoyed variety. My room was of course purple, just as it had been for the last 200 years I had been living.

I had everything ready for my arrival, so I didn't have to move and unpack nothing. I smiled at the thought of being able to get some rest now finally. I hadn't had much in the last month. But the smile quickly dropped from my face when I thought of the coming day. Tomorrow could bring only one thing.

School. I shuddered at the thought.


(Edwards POV)

As if Forks hadn't been irritating enough. However the town had just reached it's new limit as news spread quickly that we had a new girl coming to the school.

Really. I would never understand how such an uninteresting piece of information could possibly rouse such enthusiasm within the town. Everyone spoke of this girl as if she were royalty. Yet their was nothing special about a human. They were all the same.


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