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Chapter 20

Waking from my fitful slumber made me realize two things.

One my body was finally free from the pain that had plagued me for the past few days.

And two, my head was pounding painfully for some unknown reason.

I kept my eyes closed however, scared that I would find myself still in the horrible clutches of the Volturi, scared that my odd escape had been a dream. The thought that the beautiful angel was something I had dreamt up caused a curious pain to erupt in my chest. I wanted him to be real. To be alive and here when I opened my eyes.

But self-preservation forced me to open my eyes when I heard someone lightly step on a creaky step a few feet away.

Beauty radiated off of him in waves as I curiously examined the angel. He was not looking directly at me, but the side view was more than enough. Bronze, messy hair fell around the angel's eyes as he studied what looked like a stereo system with hundreds of CD's lined up along the wall behind it. The well fashioned and expensive looking clothing that adorned him gave him an even greater and more power presence.

Edward. Yes, was his name.


It sounded old and not very modern, yet it spoke volumes about his personality. It also suited him impeccably.

His brow was furrowed in concentration as he flipped through songs, clearly trying to find the right one. Suddenly a soothing melody encompassed the room, making me shiver in delight. I had never heard this particular composition. I must ask him about it later.

Suddenly he turned around, eyes widening when he realized I was awake and watching him.

"Bella", he breathed out, swiftly walking towards me. And then I was encompassed by his beautiful arms. "I thought you were gone. God Bella, it hurt so much to think you were gone from me forever", he whimpered.

Leaning away he took in my confused expression and frowned.

"Why would you marry him, Bella? Was someone forcing you? Threatening you? Please tell me, I need to understand what happened back there. That wasn't you choice. I know it wasn't", he ended with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Look", I said in a shaking voice I barely realized as me own, "I don't know you. I mean, yes I feel like I should but I really don't know who you are. I mean, we couldn't have met, I would have remembered such a thing. And as for my marriage to Dimitri, I really don't see how it is at all any of you business, however if you must know, as Aro's daughter and the princess of Voltura it is my duty to marry a member of the guard. Dimitri was always kind to me, therefore I chose him. No one forced me into anything", I ended a little out of breath. This whole situation was really getting to me.

Looking back up at Edward I stifled a giggle at the expression on his face. He looked like a gaping fish. But then he got this hurt and horrified look in it's place, and I realized I would have rather taken the gaping fish.

Before he could get another word out however, the door was knocked down and a bouncing pixie came running into the room before launching at me full speed. We both toppled over the bed as she continued her constant singing of, "Bella's back, Bella's back, Bella's back". Next came the huge vampire that had attacked me in the prison, and he too began shouting, "Bella's back, Bella's back, Bella's back". I looked at them both as though they should be sent to an asylum.

And then the room seemed to get smaller as even more people entered. My head began pounding. They felt so familiar, yet no matter how hard I tried, I could not grasp onto the memory. It was teasing me at the back of my mind.

"Enough, everyone"!

That shout had come from Edward when he noticed my pained look. But the pixie and Emmett kept singing, until one of the women ordered them to stop in a motherly scolding.

They both said, "Sorry Esme".

Once that was over with, everyone turned to me with happy faces. I shifted uncomfortably. Why are they all smiling so strangely? The only person who seemed on the ball was Edward, who was sulking in the corner of the room now.

"Um... hello?", I questioned. They all laughed and suddenly they were surrounding me from all sides.

"Let go, get away", I yelled. "Look I don't know who you people are but personal space is something I pride myself on. Please respect it". I know I sounded a little icy, but I think I had that right.

They all shared looks of shock and horror before the older vampire, with blond hair took a step forward and addressed me.

"Bella am I right in believing that you do not know us?".

I nodded my head. But I felt hesitant about it. I still felt an odd familiar feeling when I am around these people. It's like home.

"Look", I said, "I really appreciate your hospitality and everything but I think it's time for me to leave. It won't be that long before I am found here".

The oldest vampire stood up and walked into another room for a moment. I heard shuffling noises before he came out once again with a picture frame in his hand. Without speaking he handed it to me.

It was me. And I was standing in the center of all of these vampires. But I had no recollection of this at all. "How—?"

"Bella you are part of this family. A few months ago you fell off of a cliff. We looked for you, but you were never found. I believe you were taken from us by the Volturi. Aro has wanted you or a very long time now. Does none of this ring a bell?".

Once more I shook my head.

But I didn't need to say more because I was swooped up into someone's arms, Edward's, and he rushed us at vampire speed up stairs to a beautiful room. It must be his. Music adorned the walls. It was clearly his passion.

Another nudge was felt against my head. More painful this time.

He stood looking at me from across the room. Compassion and love radiated off of him in waves.

Another nudge.

He stepped closer whispering, "Bella", into my ear when he was a breath away.

A pound in my head. Memories trying to come out, I realized in shock.

"I don't know you. But... I feel like I should. Like i might... love you". The words tumbled out of my lips in a quiver.

He smiled down at me, his beautiful, breath-taking eyes meeting mine. "I don't think Bella. I know I love you. Always have, always will".

"I'm married", I whispered back.

He smirked at me. "And I am still in high-school after over 100 years. You'll find that certificates mean nothing when you can live forever. High-school certificates don't matter and marriage certificates don't matter. Not unless you want them to".

He touched his fingers to my lips, his breath coming a little faster.

"Does your marriage mean anything to you?"

I thought about Dimitri for a moment. It didn't take long before I shook my head.

"No. It doesn't".


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