A/N: I know this is JUST like the book, but what do you expect? I promise the next chapter will have more originality.

"Well, this is it," I said. "Alohamora."

The door unlocked and I opened it. Rei and Ed were close behind me. Rei's boyfriend, Stephan, was with us as well.

"Look, it's Fluffy!" I said. "Stephan, now!"

Stephan came out and started playing a harmonica.

The three headed dog fell asleep. I opened the trapdoor.

"Follow me!" I yelled and jumped down.

Rei and Ed jumped as well.

"Devil's snare," I said. "If you relax, you should go straight through."

I relaxed, and sank through. "It's dark down here."

Rei relaxed and landed beside me. "Ed, come on!"

"Get this stuff off of me!!" yelled Ed.

Rei sighed and I pointed my wand upward. "Luminos Maxima."

There was a burst of light, and Ed fell through. "Ow…"

"You're welcome," I said, going into the next room. "Crap. Keys."

A broom was floating in mid-air.

"Who's gonna get on the broom?" asked Rei.

"Ed," I replied.

"Yep," Rei said. "Because I'm NOT IT!"

"Or…" I jumped and grabbed the key. "We could leave now. That was easy."

I unlocked the door and left.

Ed and Rei followed me. I looked around. "Daddy's been here."

There was a table with three potion filled goblets on it.

Rei laughed. "He sure has."

"To get the door open here, everyone has to drink a potion," I said. "I don't know what'll happen."

Rei reached for a glass, but Ed stopped her. "Wait. It won't…kill us, will it?"

"If it does, I'll find an antidote," I replied, examining it. "If it is poison, it's slow working. My dad wasn't expecting his own daughter to go through here. I'll be able to take whatever he dishes out."

Ed fixed me with a stare. "You'd better be right about this."

We each drank. Almost immediately, Rei fell to the ground, and the door opened.

I held the side of the table. I was poisoned too, but I had messed up on enough potions that I had almost built up an immunity to most of them. "Of course. Only one can go through."

"Can you still make the potion?" Ed asked.

"I-I think so," I said. I started mixing. "But I'll have to move fast, before I lose consciousness."

Ed stood there.

"GO!" I yelled. "Don't you want to get the Stone? That's what your sister wants!"

He turned reluctantly and went through the door.

I mixed the potion with shaking hands, and poured half down Rei's throat before losing conciousness.

When I opened my eyes again, Ed and Rei were leaning over me.

"Is she okay?" Rei asked Ed.

"I don't know," Ed replied. "Did you get all the potion down her?"

"I-I think so," Rei replied.

I coughed and sat up. "Ugh. Tastes terrible. Ed…did you get it?"

"Yes," Ed replied. "Let's go. Rana, can you get us out of the castle?"

"Yes," I said, and stood, but then I slipped on some spilled potion and fell on my face.

"Ed help her up," Rei sighed.

"What? Why?" Ed asked.

"Because you're a gentleman," replied Rei.

Suprisingly, Ed came over and extended a hand. I flushed and pushed him away.

"I can get up myself!" I exclaimed. I got up, slipped, and fell again.

Ed rolled his eyes at me. "Ya know it wouldn't hurt to ask for help sometimes."

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up.

Rei laughed silently.

"I…don't need help!!" I exclaimed. "I'm fine okay?!"

I wrenched my wrist out of Ed's grasp and looked away.

Ed lost his balance and fell on top of me.

Rei laughed.

"Ed…" I muttered.

Ed quickly got off of me. "Well if you weren't so stubborn I wouldn't have lost my balance."

Rei walked up to Ed and whispered. "You know you liked it."

Ed blushed. "Did not."

"Sure," Rei said, smirking.

"You guys, if you want to get out of the castle before nightfall, we should go," I said, my hair turning a bit dark. "And Rei…stop thinking that."

"Stop thinking what?" asked Rei innocently.

"Well, you're blocking me now," I said. "I didn't know you were an Occlumens."

"You know now," Rei said. "Come on. I'm eager to get my body back to normal."

That night I smuggled them out of the castle. I was sure I would never see them again.