Sigh. "Out of all the people to room with, why am I stuck with you three?"

Three pairs of eyes turned to me, all mixed with unemotional carelessness. I only scowled at them in return, narrowing my teal eyes and furrowing my thin white brow.

"Because," Renji replied. "Chad had to drop out for family reasons, and you were the only one left without roommates, so we volunteered to let you in."

"Tsk… I didn't ask to be your roommate," I stated gruffly, setting my bag of extra clothes on the floor next to the front door. "Though I guess I have to be somewhat grateful; if you guys didn't take me in, I would be stuck with Orihime and Motsumoto… tch… those witches…"

Ichigo turned back to me from facing out the window and frowned his usual frown. "Just so you know, I didn't offer, Toushirou."

A vein twitched in my neck. "That's Hitsugaya taichou to you! How many times are you going to make me say that?!"

"Aw, come on taichou! While we don't have any shinigami duties, just relax and have fun! It's not every day the band gets to go on a trip," Renji stated as he put an arm around my shoulders.

"Let go of me," I growled, shooting icy daggers at the dimwitted fukutaichou. "And remind me when we ever became part of a band?!"

"It was a mere excuse; if we said we're taking off duty time, Yamamoto chief-taichou would have our heads!" Renji replied. I could only raise an eyebrow at the comment.

"He allowed us to leave because he thought we were in a band… the whole entire shinigami residence of Seireitei?!"

Renji only shrugged and replied, "Apparently, unbeknownst to anyone, Yamamoto chief-taichou likes good music…"

Ichigo furrowed his brow in confusion. "I thought that old fart liked being a nonsocialist who barked orders every once in a while…"

"Would you three quiet down? I'm trying to read," Ishida's droning voice butted in. Ichigo craned his long neck to look over the Quincy's shoulder and nearly burst out laughing.

"Since when did you start reading how to sew buttons onto jackets? I thought you were into zippers," he said. Ishida quickly closed the book and pushed his glasses up on his nose.

"If you don't mind, I would like it if you wouldn't read over my shoulder like that," he stated. Ichigo shrugged and turned away, scratching the back of his neck.

"Fine, have it your way."

I raised an eyebrow at the pitiful scene that was strewn in front of my eyes: Renji was sprawled on the couch, wearing his yellow chappy shirt and mismatched jeans and jacket; Ichigo sat at the window, yawning as if he had not slept in days. And Ishida… a guy who would rather be sewing than anything else was a pathetic sight to see, hands down.

"Well, there's four people and only two beds. How about discussing sleeping arrangements?" Renji suggested once he was aware of my glancing of the pathetic group.

I glanced over at the two beds and sighed, "I'd rather sleep on the floor…"

"Hitsugaya taichou!" Renji stammered. "A captain of your status should never sleep on the floor! That's a disgrace to the Gotei Thirteen!"

"Tch… Then I'll be disgracing all the captains, big deal," I replied. Ichigo nodded his head towards the couch in the corner of the room.

"You could sleep on that," he suggested. I cocked an eyebrow in his direction; something about him looking at me didn't feel right.

"I just said I would sleep on the floor, didn't I? Don't try to change my mind for me, Kurosaki," I growled.

"Or you could sleep on the roof like you did during your stay at Inoue's," the Quincy stated. I balled up my fists and held them at my side; man, this guy was annoying.

"Well, what would you do?! I'm not about to sleep in the same room as two women are… especially with Kon around," I replied. Renji smiled to himself; I had the horrible feeling that I might have triggered something in his mind.

"Two women with large… alone and sleeping… hmmm… sounds like fun," he stated.

"You wish," Ichigo replied.

"Eh? What'd you say?"

"Keep dreaming; what woman would want to go along with you and your perverted mind?"

Renji smiled and whispered, "You're just jealous… virgin…"

Ichigo's eyes widened at the statement. "What?!"

"You heard me," Renji said before yawning. "With your looks, I'm surprised no woman has taken you yet… and why you haven't swept a woman off her feet. Unless… you have some other interests…"

"Tch… Women are not my focus now! It's… well, getting rid of Aizen! Not to add in, but also to blow Grimmjow's head out of the way. And I won't forgive Ulquiorra for killing me, either. And I have no idea what you were referring to with your last comment…"

"Kurosaki… you're a virgin?"

Ichigo turned to Ishida and scowled. "So what if I am? I'm only fifteen, dammit! What concern is that to you? Besides, you have no room to talk!"

Ishida smiled to himself as he took his glasses off his face and wiped them clean with a rag he took from his pocket. "Actually, I beg to differ."

"Wait… don't tell me you…"

"Why do you think I was so upset when Yoshino was killed?"

"ACK!!! S-soo that's what you two were up to!! Freak! P-pervert!" Ichigo yelled as he backed away from the smirking Quincy.

Renji laughed at the scene and suddenly turned to me. "Oi, Hitsugaya taichou, how about you? A respected captain like you must have a few numbers or something," he stated. I crossed my arms and pushed my one bang out of my face.

"Numbers?" I asked.

"Yeah, you ask for a girl's number, call her later on, and then hook up! Bada bing, bada boom! That's the way the game's played!" Renji replied.

"Abarai, you're forgetting something…"

"Eh? What's that, taichou?"

"I was twelve when I died…"


"I was never able to love anyone with the love you're talking about, and the love I did receive torments me to this very day… I'm guessing you don't remember…"


The room went quiet after that as the others pondered over the thought. Ishida hid his eyes behind the glint of his glasses and Renji turned away; I looked up to see Ichigo gazing at me, his chocolate eyes filled with sorrow. The only other time I saw that look in his eyes was after Aizen took the Ryou gen and left Kuchiki Rukia for dead, and now he was looking at me with those eyes. But why was he looking at me like that? It's not like he knew my past or anything, so why should he feel sorry for me? Was it that I was young for my age when I died? I've heard of unborn children dying, and no one cries over them! Why should I be worth crying over?

I turned away and casually added, "But who's to say that I won't get a few numbers now?"

Renji laughed and said, "True that, taichou, true that."

I smiled weakly to myself; though I wouldn't be able to fully recover from that awkward silence, I thought I covered it up pretty well. Still, when I glanced back over to Ichigo to see what he was doing, that look was still in his eyes, and it made me shudder to think of what was going through his head.

A knock came to the door, and Kisuke's voice shouted, "Room check!"

Ichigo sighed as he opened the door and allowed the shop owner to peer in. "Everyone's here, Urahara-san."

"Just making sure Hitsugaya taichou got here okay. He was on a long trip and we don't want anything happening to him while he's still on call," Urahara said. I raised an eyebrow; wow, he was being pretty professional today… for once.

"Toushirou-kun! You forgot your mod soul back at the shop! I brought it for you! Catch!"

Urahara tossed me the tiny green bead, which I barely managed to catch before it fell to the ground. Tch, so much for being professional…

"Now, from this point on, there won't be roaming the halls, got it?" Kisuke asked, peering over Ichigo's shoulder to Renji.

"Eh? Why're you lookin' at me?" Abarai asked when he noticed the shop owners piercing eyes.

"Just making sure you don't go to kiss you taichou good night at three in the morning," Urahara responded before shutting the door and bounding away down the hall; I thought I saw Yoruichi's black tail glide passed the door before it shut.

"Renji, I didn't know you were with Kuchiki Byakuya; I thought you were interested in the ladies," Ichigo commented, turning to the flustered fukutaichou.

"Eh?! No, it ain't like that! It's like, well, uh, you see…"

"Quit the act about getting girls' numbers, Renji," Ichigo stated. "Besides, it's late and I bet Toushirou-"

"Hitsugaya taichou to you…"

Ichigo glanced down at me and smirked. "Toushirou might be very tired," he finished. I sighed in frustration; man, he got on my ever last god damn nerve!!

"Well then, I call couch," Renji stated, folding his arms behind his back and quickly drifted off to sleep.

"Oi, Uryuu, what about you?" Ichigo asked. The Quincy only shrugged in response.

"I'll be staying up late, so you two go ahead and go to sleep," he replied.

"I take it you'll be sleeping on the floor then," Ichigo muttered. The Quincy shrugged again and this time didn't say anything more.

"Well, Toushirou," Ichigo stated, turning to me. "I guess you don't have to sleep on the floor tonight." I felt a vein twitch in my neck; how many times did I have to tell this guy?!

"Kurosaki, if you're going to talk to me, I insist you start calling me by my title," I demanded in a low growl. Ichigo only smirked and set a large hand on my mane of hair; I scowled and looked up to his smiling chocolate brown eyes.

"To me, you're always going to be Toushirou."