I shot straight up, drenched in sweat and my body feeling chilled. Another one, just like the dream before it. By the time I got myself to calm down somewhat, my chest was still heaving from the nightmare and my eyes felt as if they were dilated. I sighed and looked over to where Ichigo slept; he seemed to be sleeping peacefully, his chest rising up and down in a study beat and his hair already a tangle of orange blur. I turned my tired eyes toward the clock and sighed in discouragement; it was only two in the morning… another four or so hours until sunrise. That was too long to continue on another dream, and I didn't think I could take anymore.

As quietly as I could, I slipped out of my bed and tiptoed over to Ichigo's side. At first, I was afraid to wake him up out of fear of him getting mad at me for disturbing most needed sleep. But this was Ichigo we're talking about; why would he get upset at me when he knew about the nightmares?


With a low moan, Ichigo turned over on his side and muttered, "Neh? What's wrong?"

I looked down to my toes, feeling my face burn hot. "Would it be alright… if I slept with you tonight?"

At this, Ichigo sat up; I couldn't tell what emotion was hiding behind his face, but to me it looked like a mixture of confusion and tiredness. "Why?"

"The nightmares… they're getting worse and…" I replied. Before I could go on explaining, I choked up on tears of regret and collapsed against Ichigo's chest, sobbing as I again remembered the past. I haven't cried like this in a long while; I don't remember the last time I shed tears.

Ichigo drew me into his chest and moved his hand from my shoulder to resting on my head like a mother protecting her child. "It's okay, Toushirou. I've got you, breathe…" he whispered into my hair. My shaking fingers clung tightly to his night shirt as I sobbed into his chest; this could not be happening again. The same nightmare, playing over and over again in my mind like a movie on repeat. My dark past still haunted me, the problem to why I wouldn't give in… my father…

After a long while, Ichigo let me go and sat next to me on his bed. With gentle fingers, he stroked the side of my cheek and wiped away the tears that streamed down my face. "I won't ask what happened, but I can help make you feel better if you would like me to," he whispered.

"How? It's not like you can understand," I stated harshly. Ichigo sighed and looked down to the ground; I held my breath to see his reaction on whether I shattered his emotions or built his confidence by that one comment.

"No, you're right, I can't understand… not until you tell me what's wrong; I'm not a psychic, you know," he replied in a playful tone. I couldn't help but smile weakly; that idiot, always had a way to brighten up the darkest situations… and yet remained dark himself. "So won't you tell me?"

"… my Dad… after my mom got sick when I was still a toddler, he would force me to do things… so until he died in the Hiroshima bombing in World War II, he would molest me every night… without regret or hesitation even though he knew I was his own son."

"So… today, up at the beach with those guys… it brought back the most painful of memories, right?"

"You really are a psychic."

"… no… I just know others who were in the same situation as you."

"You're the only one who really understands that; those guys at the beach were just drunken punks… my Dad… he was a real bastard."

"He never really loved you, did he?"

I had to stop and think on that question. Of all the times I remembered spending alone with my Dad, none of them was without my pants ending up at my ankles. Now that I thought about it, never once did he ever say 'I love you' or 'My little man'. It was always 'You feel so damn good' and 'I could eat you up all night'. Was that love? Hell no, it wasn't!

"No… he only used me as a toy…"

"Toushirou… would it make you feel better to know that there is someone out there who truly loves you?" Ichigo asked with slight hesitation in his voice. I studied his eyes and saw that he was not trying to trick me into anything; besides, Kurosaki was too dumb to do something like that.

"What do you mean? Everyone thinks I'm an arrogant prodigy with nothing better to do than to shout out orders. What kind of idiot would love that?"

Without a response, Ichigo softly placed his thumb to my bottom lip, opening my lips slightly. I didn't draw back when he leaned forward and whispered into my mouth, "… I'm the idiot…" Nor did I tear away when his soft lips pressed onto mine and nimble fingers ran through my hair as I was pushed up against the pillows. I remained in a daze, not knowing what to do or how to react. This touch… was so much different from my dad's… Gentle… caressing… loving… amazing…

I wrapped both arms around his neck as I pulled him in closer, reaching out my tongue to meet and lock with his. My skin tingled as cold fingers slipped under my shirt and glided over my stomach and chest. My body jerked up when a thumb brushed over a nipple; it was more ticklish than anything. I gave a disgruntled moan in Ichigo's mouth when the hand pulled out from under my shirt, but was greatly pleased when he attempted to pull off my top with one hand… an epic fail. I pulled away from the kiss and smirked in Ichigo's ear.

"If you're going to do it, do it right, baka."

With both hands this time, the shirt was torn off and cast to the floor with no hesitation. Ichigo leaned back, gawking at my shirtless sweating form buried in submission beneath him. He couldn't help but smile to himself.

"I just realized… how beautiful you are…"

"… don't kiss ass…"

Ichigo drew back in some form of surprise. "Toushirou… I didn't know you could talk dirty."

I smirked in response as I pulled him closer. "Try me," I whispered before eating his lips and drinking his tongue. I moaned into Ichigo's godlike mouth as friction between our skin and pants brought only sheer pleasure down my spine. Once done with my lips, Ichigo began to move to my neck, sucking at the skin and leaving small bite marks along my collar bone. This was such a different touch… I couldn't describe it in one word and give it its full credit. My father had been all force and shove, but this… tenderness… I couldn't help but fall victim to its spell.

I gasped as cold fingers slipped into my shorts and tempted me, delicately massaging my inner thighs and base. My eyes seemed to roll in my head as I leaned back against the pillows, clutching Ichigo's mess of orange hair tightly with quivering fingers.

"neh… Kuro…"

"We have to be quiet now; we don't want to wake up our neighbors," Ichigo whispered as he leaned down and suckled the side of my neck.

"How the hell… can I stay quiet… with you doin' thaa…"

I didn't complete my sentence as Ichigo lightly squeezed me, making my hips jerk upwards for more. Was he trying to make me incomprehensible? If so, he sure as hell was doing a good job of it.

Fingers raked through my hair and lips suckled at my neck as I reached up and slid a hand under Ichigo's shirt, lightly stroking my fingertips over every defined muscle. When my fingers 'accidentally' brushed against a nipple, Ichigo gave a soft chuckle.

"No way… you ticklish?" I whispered. Ichigo buried his face into the curve of my neck, breathing hot air onto my skin.

"A little… are you?" he asked quietly.

With quick fingers, I unbuttoned the nightshirt and watched it with lustful eyes as Ichigo's shoulders and firm chest were exposed. Casting off the garment, the substitute shinigami went straight to work on removing my shorts, the front already slightly moist with precum. Large hands moved down my hips, with thumbs lightly massaging my inner thighs, pulling my boxer shorts with them. Now lying completely exposed and humbled under Ichigo's warm body, I watched as his glazed over eyes scanned down my body with approving satisfaction.

"Damn… I could fuck you all night…"

"Then get at it, baka," I ordered.

With no hesitation or regret, Ichigo pushed me farther into the pillows, lightly kissing my forehead before preceding his journey downwards. My skin tingled with excitement as he left a wet trail down my neck and along a collar bone; I gasped in pleasure as teeth lightly nipped at my chest. Hot breath ghosted against a nipple before being replaced by warm lips and sultry wet tongue. It took everything I had not to cry out as the same tongue that had tempted my own swirled around the sensitive skin; a soft groan escaped from my throat as the other male gently sucked before moving to the other.

"Why do you hide your body under those robes? It's exquisite," he whispered as he bent to teethe at my hip.

Gritting my teeth to keep myself from waking the neighbors, I replied, "It's required as a captain of the Gotei Thirteen."

Ichigo furrowed his brow as he muttered, "Shame…"

My face felt hot at the sight of Ichigo so close, his own body heat increasing mine. Beneath his p.j. bottoms, I could see something rising as he neared what he wanted the most. I almost hurt at the sight of it.

My member began to harden as Ichigo continued down on his little adventure of my body, racking all my senses and nerves with utter ecstasy. I wanted him to skip all of this and get to where I wanted to go in the story, but to me, he was getting nowhere fast. It was then that the sudden realization struck me:

"Kurosaki… don't tell me you're only toying with me?"

Ichigo looked up from his work as a smirk was painted across his face. "And if I am?"

"Baka… Get on with it…" I muttered.

"Why? You're enjoying this, right?"

"You don't understand…" I gasped. "I need you to hurry it up."

Taking a quick look down at me, his eyebrows lifted in understanding. "Oh…"

Cold fingers wrapped around my dick, sending shocks of ecstasy up and down my spine. I blushed at the sight of Ichigo hovering over me, lips parted slightly and eyes glazed over as his tongue daringly traced along the oh-so-sensitive vein underneath. My hips bucked as I fought to keep from screaming, but only strained groans escaped from deep in my throat. The tongue glided along the vein to the tip, lapping up precum as he gently enclosed his lips around me. I felt like I was going to explode at that moment in time, but I had to fight it, even if it killed me.

My breath hitched as he pulled me in, sucking lightly and tracing his godlike tongue along my hard length. My body trembled at the increasing force, and my pale fingers spasmed in the tangled mess of hair. I had to remind myself that I had to remain silent, but to hell with silence. As Ichigo pulled me in and out of his mouth, low gasps probably could be heard in the hallway.

"Ku… kuro…" I managed to gasp. "I'm…" But Ichigo went on ignoring me, only sucking harder as his head bobbed between my legs. My hips bucked as I felt myself fast approaching, and throwing my head back, I let out a cry as my seed spurted into my lover's mouth. Feeling completely emptied, I fell back against the pillows, my chest rising and falling as I fought to catch my breath.

A while passed as the room went silent; eventually, Ichigo uttered a small yelp as he tried to pull his head away. "Toushirou… you can let go of my hair now…"


A few strands of orange fell from my sweaty fingers as I released my death grip on his hair. I blushed slightly with embarrassment as he sat up and wiped off the remaining sticky liquid from his lips and chin. "You taste so good," he whispered into my ear as he climbed on me. To me, that sounded almost like a tone of possession, and I was not about to let some fifteen year old dumbass kid get the best of me.

"Now I only wonder… how you taste," I muttered back.


"You can't refuse."


"You make this too easy."

Without further warning, I slid under his body, running my hands along his back as he shivered at the touch. Upon reaching his hips, I pried off his pajama bottoms, grinning with slight embarrassment at what I had uncovered. "Ichigo… you're huge…"

"Really? I never had anything else to compare it to till now," my lover responded raspily.

"You're still a virgin, right?" I asked, trailing my fingertips along Ichigo's inner thighs.

"…yes," Ichigo's voice gasped above me.

His voice… it just sounded like a melody to my ears just then…

A moan forced its way from Ichigo's throat as I softly took the shaft in my fingers and kissed along its side; above me, Ichigo's muscular body trembled with pleasure. I slowly worked my lips along the stiff wand before lowering the tip into my mouth. "Oh God…" his voice muttered as I swirled my tongue around the largeness that would soon be inside me. To get more of a reaction, my hand began to move in rhythm with my head as I took in more of him and then slowly slipped back to the tip.

"Toushirou… oh, fuck…" Ichigo gasped as he buried his head into the pillows, his body shuddering as he was nearing his limit. "I can't… aah…"

Just to drive him mad, I gave one last final suck before I heard the teenager yell with desperation as he came. After one last shudder, his upper body fell limp as he gasped for breath. Once I milked him dry, I slid back up until our faces were nearly touching; his face glistened in the moonlight, with one chocolate eye open, and his mouth hanging slightly ajar.

"That wasn't too bad, now was it?" I whispered before taking his mouth again, letting him taste the salty goodness. As he regained strength, he pulled me into his arms, causing our shimmering bodies to collide with nerve racking sensations.

"I want you…" Ichigo whispered as his hot breath ghosting along my neck.

"You'll have to claim me, first."

"… Do I have your permission?"

"Oh, fuck permission."

"… How about I fuck you instead?"

My eyes blinked at the bluntness of Kurosaki's words. "That'll do," I replied after a short while of hesitation.

Eyes wide with excitement, Ichigo rose up to his knees and reached for a bottle on the night table; I nearly hacked when I saw what it contained. "Kurosaki! When the hell did you get a hold of lube?!" I blurted.

"Renji accidentally left it here; I'm sure he won't mind if we use it," Ichigo replied as he thickly coated himself.

I raised an eyebrow and stated, "I'm surprised you know what to do with it."

"Haven't you ever heard that men think with their dicks?"

"Yes… and it's true, too."

After casting the bottle to the side, Ichigo gently pried my legs apart, his face flushing a light pink. "I don't want to hurt you," he said.

"Don't worry about it," I replied. "Go on, and don't stop."

Ichigo moaned as he slowly pushed himself in, careful not to drive himself in me too hard. As the slight pain rose into my nerves, I leaned my head back and clenched my eyes shut. Momentarily, I felt Ichigo stop as he became worried.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Baka… I told you not to stop…"

Heeding my words, he slowly continued on until he was fully sheathed within me. He paused to let me catch my breath, and once I had, he pulled out halfway and firmly thrusted himself in again. "Ooooh shit…" I hissed through clenched teeth as the scraping pain began to fade away with each thrust. My eyes opened when I felt warm hands reach under my back and pull my entire body until I was sitting on my lover's lap, my face buried in his chest.

My fingers reached for the back of Ichigo's head, grasping his hair as each thrust became firmer and faster. At one point, stars exploded in my vision as my body was rocked senseless; obviously aware he had found my breaking point, that oh-so-sensitive gland inside every male (whether they like it or not), Ichigo continued to drive his cock into that spot. My mouth hung open as my eyes seemed to glaze over; so this is what heaven must feel like.

"Ichigo… I love you…" I gasped. "Take me… fuck me… do whatever, I'm yours…"

To respond, Ichigo covered my lips with his, locking our tongues together in a wet mesh as he grabbed my hips and thrusted me down. I nearly screamed as my head tore back, letting my release take me into the sky and beyond the sea of ecstasy. Only seconds later, Ichigo gave one final push before he himself came, making me feel the fullest I'd ever been. With tired gasps and moans, we fell back against the bed, too exhausted to move or speak.

Minutes later, Ichigo sat up on all fours and slowly pulled out before collapsing beside me, drawing my body into his chest. I let my small pale hand fall into his large one, and smiled to myself as his fingers enclosed softly around mine.

"I love you too, Toushirou. I always had…" Ichigo whispered into my hair before deep sleep took him.

"You'll always be my baka… you know that?" I sighed, half to myself, and half to my sleeping lover. "No matter how much you get on my nerves…"