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Gab sighed as she clicked her laptop closed, and pushed her chair away from the table. The stories that spun through her head were amazing—top sellers, no doubt—but the words always remained just out of her grasp. Leaning back in her chair, she ran her fingers through her blonde hair and closed her eyes against the dim lighting of the coffee shop. Maybe her sister was right. Writing must not be her calling, no matter how passionately she felt about it. Especially since she's never even experienced more than half the things she wrote about. Love being the most common.

Opening one eye, she stared down at the black square of technology, and contemplated whether or not it was worth to try and force an hour more of work out of her mind. The white logo glared back at her, and she slumped down in her seat. It wasn't even worth thinking about if it was worth it, and she knew it. Everyone seemed to know it. Groaning in defeat, Gabrielle lazily shrugged herself up into a sitting position and slowly began shoving her 'work partner', as she so lovingly called it, back into its case.

Deciding that it was secure enough despite unnatural bulging look, Gabrielle stood up and heaved the carrying bag over her shoulder. It was time to go home and face a nagging sister. Keeping her eyes glued to the ground, the blonde woman moved to exit the shop when…

"Hey! Watch where you're going!" An angry voice yelled at her, causing her head to snap up just in time to see the chest that she was going to crash into a moment before impact. Despite the soft cushion her head received, the rest of her body didn't fare to well as she went plummeting to the ground, her laptop falling out of its case and sliding across the floor with a sickening scratching sound. If she hadn't heard a voice before she ran face first into the person, she would've sworn that a wall had moved its way in front of her. A wall with very nice, soft cleavage.

Shaking her head quickly, Gabrielle scrambled to her feet and scooped up her work partner before turning to face the poor victim—or was she the victim? But her eyes were met with a very nicely shaped chest, clad in a very revealing brown tank top. She heard the owner of the mounds cough, and she blushed deeply before her eyes quickly trailed up to look at the woman's face. Her breath left her when green eyes met bright blue.

The woman had to be one of the most beautiful women that she had ever seen, if not the most. Her face was very nicely built, her dark black hair framing it nicely. Her eyebrows were perfectly shaped over stunning blue eyes. She had pale lips that pulled into a frown in the most stunning way. She was tall, almost a full foot taller than her shrimpy self, but it suit her. But it was the woman's eyes that caught Gabrielle's attention. The intensity shown in the blue depths sent chills down her spine, yet at the same time, spread a comfortable warmth through her body. It was as if they were old friends, as if Gab had known her all her life. But that was impossible. She would've remembered, since all and all, Gabrielle was more than certain that the woman was indeed, perfect.

"Well?" The woman asked impatiently, and the blonde couldn't help but note that she had a perfect voice too. Deep, yet very feminine.

"Oh!" Gab squeaked, her green eyes flying wide as she realized just how long she had been staring. "I-I'm so sorry! I just- I didn't see you there! I'm very sorry!" She gushed, her arms clutching her laptop to her chest.

The woman looked at her for a moment, her intense, beautiful eyes examining the smaller girl's form before giving a brief nod before pushing past her without a word. Gabrielle just turned to gap at her.


The next day found Gabrielle in the same coffee shop, staring at the door over the top of her laptop. She had already been there for an hour, her eyes trained on the door every moment, yet every time someone walked through the glass doors, she couldn't shake the feeling of disappointment when it turned out to not be the woman. It was pathetic. Oh, she knew how pathetic she looked to probably everyone in the shop as she perked up with every ding of the bells that hung over the doors, before huffing in anger as a man or a different woman walked in. Yet, strangely, she didn't care.

But as the minutes ticked by, and they turned to hours, and still no woman. The young writer was even starting to doubt her logic as to why she believed that the woman was going to come back here anyways. She even started to get angry at herself for not stealing something off her person so that she would have to come back. But she didn't, and the woman apparently wasn't. Groaning to herself, Gab rose to her feet once more, and shut her laptop a bit more forcefully. Shoving it back in it's case, she tossed it over her shoulder and turned---

"Hey! Watch it!" Gab's face met with a familiar softness, as her body was sent sprawling across the floor once again. And she couldn't have been happier to be lying on the cold tile. "Ah. You again. Didn't you learn you're lesson the first time? Watch where you're going." The woman said, her voice low and strained as she stared down at the younger woman. Despite the harshness of the other's words, Gabrielle couldn't help but notice the more… curious look in those blue eyes.

"I,uh, guess not." She tried to chuckle, but the laughter died on her lips as she felt a pain in her back. Apparently her landing wasn't as graceful as the previous day's. Wincing, she forced herself to her feet and quickly patted the dust off her butt. "I'm sorry. Again." She added, sheepishly, smiling up at the taller woman. The woman just shrugged at her, a hint of a smile on her lips. Gabrielle perked up at this. "My name's Gabrielle."

The woman smirked, and brushed past her. "Nice to meet you, Gabrielle." Heading to the counter, Gabrielle was left staring after her.

"Aren't you going to tell me you're name?" She called.

The woman paused, before flashing a brilliant smile over her shoulder. "Xena. My name's Xena."