Just a reminder people- I don't own Twilight.

Just a different take on Twilight- except Edward is a Greek god, and Bella (still.) the forbidden fruit. Changed from Greek mythology. A LOT.

Cast List (by order of appearance)-

Edward-Apollo-God of Light and Sun, etc. (It's a long list.)

Rosalie-Aphrodite- Goddess of Love

Emmett-Hephaestus-God of metal and fire (Not ugly- like in Greek mythology. Actually good-looking.)




Alice- Athena


Sometimes I just hate my sister. Her attitude stinks. Rosalie, the goddess of love, has a big issue with herself. It's called self-consciousness. I know what your thinking, Rosalie, the goddess of love, the one you heard about in your fifth grade history class, self conscious. I know. Who would've guessed? If anybody even relatively pretty walks by, she has to ask her husband Emmett, god of fire and metal, if he thinks she's prettier than her. So why am I- Edward supposed "god of light and sun," doing attempting to shoot an arrow at some poor innocent girl? Bella, I believe her name was.

Well, Rosalie had heard that the most beautiful girl in the world had been born, and she wanted her killed. Or at least unable to marry. Or something. She gave me her old bow and arrow, and told me to hit her with an arrow and then put a boar or something in front of her. You can see I'm really enjoying this… Anyways, she told me she would stop calling me a prude if I did. I swear I'm not one. I'm just saving myself, unlike Rosalie did for Emmett.

Of course, there are way more than just three gods. There are my parents, Esme, goddess of women and marriage, and Carlisle, god of the sky and heavens. Also Jasper and Alice. They are supposed mortal enemies in Greek mythology, but they are actually man and wife in real life. Who would've guessed the dolphins wouldn't be too opposed to olive trees. Just Kidding.

So here I am, November 2008, attempting to shoot some poor girl with an arrow. She was on the computer, typing an e-mail. All I could see was her silky brown hair, hanging across her back, but shining. Then, she turned around, and I was stunned silent and put the arrow down. Her eyes were deep brown, and you could see a century into them. Her nose was perfectly proportioned to fit her face, and her lips were plump and pure red. She was the most beautiful being I'd ever seen, including Rosalie. But don't tell her I said that.

I made a move to get a closer look, but my hand got tangled in the arrow.

I untangled it quickly, but I heard a deathly shot.

"Ouch," I whispered. I looked at my foot, and then looked up, to see a girl, the girl I was now in love with, thanks to Rosalie.

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