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So Alice has just left after a short visit. I have nothing to do, and when that happens, my head fills with thoughts. What is my fiancée? I have never seen him in the flesh, there must be something wrong with him. Could he be the devil? No, I sleep in the same bed as him, and he holds me. I would've noticed. But, he is so discreet. Oh, how I wish I could know my fiancée before I go to marry him.

I go to the stables to visit Snow Stop. He whines in acknowledgment. Maybe I really am going crazy. I thought he could talk. Sunrise speaks from next to him.

"Don't pay him any attention today, he's in a foul mood."

"Oh, snow-stop. What is it that could ever put you in a bad mood?"

"Master Ed.. I mean Master won't let me speak to you," he replies.

"Ed? As in Edmund, or just Ed, or…."

"I've said too much already," he says. "I will be punished, I fear."

"He punishes you? Who does he think he is?"

"He has never done so before, but he is concerned for your safety, my lady."

I leave the stables, perturbed, and I go to bed early. Just as I hoped, when 'Ed' came in, I woke up. He came into the bed and moved to pull me closer to him. I pulled away and roll over.

"My name is Edward. I fear that that is all I can tell you. It is for your own safety. I promise you I'm not an evil person, I didn't mean to threaten Snow-Stop. He knows too much, and I fear if he tells you, then all is lost."

I turn back towards him.

"Edward," I whisper, pulling myself closer to him.

He kisses me very softly for a moment, and he pulls away for only a moment to place soft butterfly kisses along my neck.

"Will I ever know who you are?" I ask.

"In time, maybe. Maybe in time."

So I lean my head down to his chest, and as I feel myself drift off to sleep, he carefully slips his arm around me and pulls me closer to him yet again.

I sigh, and then drift off into a world of dreams, seeing a handsome man on top of a mountain. The man's face is blurry, but with every second it becomes clearer. The second I begin to see his face, I awake.